What People are Saying



Maggie says:

I quit the gym and bumped up a tier. I never felt motivated in the classes at the gym. I never would even break a sweat. After boot camp and piyo I’m sweating and feel like I really worked. Even better, my kids are with me seeing me work out instead of watching TV at the gym.

Kelly says:

Mini Me Boot Camp is so much cuteness! I can’t tell you how much this class has helped my son with a lot of his OT issues. A year ago he had a weak core, hand and leg muscles! Well not anymore! Thanks Amanda!kids

Kira says:

There’s nothing like a sweaty, powerful, and challenging PiYo class after a long, stressful day. PiYo has completely changed the way I view fitness. It makes me thankful for my body’s strength. It makes me push myself to new limits. It makes me dig deep to find that inner voice that says, “you can do this.” I leave every class feeling refreshed, strong, and confident- three things I used to not feel very often. My heart is full.

Leigha says:

I haven’t worked out regularly, prior to starting with you all, since I was in my 3rd trimester with my oldest child – I’ve done home dvds here and there but nothing super regular – b/c as you  know it can be so hard to find the time with kids.  I think the service you provide – a safe place to really work out with your kids around but occupied doing something fun with other kids – is so great.  And having other moms to workout with is great too!  I know there are gyms that offer childcare but I don’t think it’s the same.  I definitely need the social motivation and like to be able to see that my kids are okay – esp. the baby.

Sarah says:

Ever since I had Micah I have struggled with my post-baby body. I gained about 50 lbs. during pregnancy, and although I lost most of it, I didn’t lose all of it and my body was just different. Over the last year, thoughts about my body and my weight have consumed my thoughts. I hated the way my clothes fit, I hated to see myself in pictures, I hated that I had to buy new bigger size clothing, I dreaded being in my best friend’s wedding because of how I would look in my bridesmaid dress, and I hated how I felt about myself. Two months ago I decided that enough was enough and I was going to make some changes. On a bit of a whim, I signed up to do 3 weeks of classes with PowerFull Fitness. I didn’t know if I would stick with it after that, but I thought I could at least give it 3 weeks. Much to my surprise, I LOVED it. I looked forward to my classes. I started to enjoy working out and even started working out outside of class. I met new people and made new friends- and the support I gained motivated me to make more changes- I increased my water intake and started paying more attention to the food I was eating so I could make better nutritional choices. I still have a long way to go. I’ve honestly only lost a couple pounds. But as Laura always says, it is about #morethanthat. I am getting stronger. I have lost inches. I am more flexible and have a larger range of motion. My clothes fit so much better (and some are even getting too big!). My endurance has greatly increased. I have more energy. I sleep better at night. And most importantly, for the first time in a long time, I feel comfortable in my own skin. THANK YOU PowerFull Fitness, Laura, Stephanie, Amanda, & Tristan. Your support, encouragement, wisdom, and instruction has helped me soooo much! I never could have done it without you all! I am so thankful for this amazing community! #powerfullfitness #specialkindofcrazy

Crissy says:

I have lost a lot of weight before. It was when I was in college, I lost over 40lbs. Everyone told me how amazing I looked and how proud I should be. Well the truth is I did it in the unhealthiest way possible. Restricting calories, fad diets and excessive exercise. I remember hating my body and desperately wanting to look like “that other girl”. So when I gained weight during pregnancy I knew it would be harder to lose, because I have learned to love myself and have a wonderful and supportive family who loves me for me.

Pregnancy damn near destroyed my body; physically, medically and emotionally. A few months ago I realized I had to make a change because I was so unhealthy and couldn’t keep up with my son anymore. I had major mom guilt! I kept thinking wow all he ever sees is me sitting on the couch and we barely ever go outside I’m such a bad influence! So I started PowerFull Fitness and have been ever since.

I love all the classes but nothing compares to the connection I have to PIYO. I have never been athletic, I’m not a runner, I don’t have much coordination. But WOW does PIYO bring it all out in me! I’m actually really good at it! And I don’t feel bad bragging at all because it has brought out so much confidence in me and we should all be proud of ourselves and feel good about ourselves. I haven’t just lost weight, I am stronger, more confident and so much happier! Good mental health is part of my fitness journey as well and I am so grateful to have the support and resources Powerfull Fitness had given me to be a strong, happy mama! Isn’t it amazing what can happen when a group of women supports and encourages one another? Powerfull Fitness isn’t just a fitness group it’s a revolution! 😉 #strongisbeautiful #piyolove