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Welcome to PowerFull Fitness!

A few things you need to know when purchasing classes with us:

This is an auto-renew option only. IF you do not wish for your payments to auto-renew, please contact our site administrator here.

  1. Once you choose your package, it will ask you to complete a waiver as you sign up. The questions with the red asterisk are required (these will give me contact information for you while you are in class etc).  If you give your phone number it will be in the system so if there is class change or location change, you will automatically receive a text.  If you have other health/medical issues that you want to answer, feel free to give that information. It will help your instructors structure a successful class but only the RED ASTERISK ones are required.
  2. The grayed out boxes here on the page just help you filter out what you are looking for when purchasing – no need to worry about them!  Just find the pass YOU want and click away.
  3. You will be asked to choose a location when you purchase. If you know where you will mostly commonly take classes feel free to choose that location. If you are going to take a mixture of locations, feel free to choose PowerFull Fitness as your location. You are not committed to any particular location so if you choose one and change – no biggie!
  4. If you are signing up MORE than one child for the Mini Me class, please contact me here so I can help you ensure you are able to reserve two spaces for your little ones to have fun!
  5. If you have any questions at all about sign ups, check out the FAQs or this document that will walk you through sign ups step by step.


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