Welcome to PowerFull Fitness!

A few things you need to know when purchasing classes with us:

Our tiered memberships are auto-renewing. This means your credit card will be charged every month for continuing membership automatically. It makes it easier for you and easier for us! If you do not wish for your payments to auto-renew, please contact us.

Please note: Refunds are not given for memberships. Credits may be used, but unfortunately we are unable to refund a membership subscription. Please contact us for extenuating circumstances so accommodations can be made.

  1. Once you choose your package, it will ask you to complete a waiver as you sign up. The questions with the red asterisk are required (these will give us contact information for you while you are in class etc).  If you give your phone number it will be in the system so if there is class change or location change, you will automatically receive a text.  If you have other health/medical issues that you want to answer, feel free to give that information. It will help your instructors structure a successful class but only the RED ASTERISK ones are required.
  2. You will be asked to choose a location when you purchase. If you know where you will most commonly take classes feel free to choose that location. If you are going to take a mixture of locations, feel free to choose PowerFull Fitness as your location. You are not committed to any particular location so if you choose one and change – no biggie!
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