Here at PowerFull Fitness I really live by the motto: Realistic. Practical. Determined.  Am I 100% where I want to be? Absolutely not!  But I have a vision and am working towards it every day.  What does that mean?  Making the best decisions for my family and me when I can and enjoying life a little too! 🙂 I hope you can find these resources helpful and useful.  Enjoy some free resources to get a sneak peek at what the PowerFull Fitness community is all about!

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Free Resources

FileMeal Planner Template with Prep Work
FileRoasting Veggies Cheat Sheet
Filekid snack recipes
FileItems You Need in your Pantry

Free Resource Meal Plans

FileMeal Plan - Free Resource

Free Resource Work Outs

FileTabata Round One
YouTube VideoTabata Round One Demo
FileAbsolute Abs
YouTube VideoAbsolute Abs Demo
FileShort glute circuit
YouTube VideoShort Glute Circuit