Meet Our Instructors!

I was born and raised in Utah, graduated from the University of Notre Dame where I also ran track, and ultimately, I fell in love with a sailor, married him and landed in Springfield, Virginia. Together we have three beautiful daughters and a lifestyle that simply does not involve sitting still. I truly believe fitness is a lifelong pursuit that starts in childhood, takes many twists and turns and leads us to the best version of our self.  That is why I love PowerFull fitness.  We guide women and their children through that fitness journey by integrating kids into our workouts (monkey see monkey do!), provide classes for children (Mini ME!), and focus on women’s health from the inside out (a variety of classes and nutrition seminars). I am completely smitten with the littles I teach in Mini Me and I love to share the strength, flexibility and stamina of Barre with our #specialkindofcrazy community.  I love to work hard and have fun and my favorite classes to teach are filled with groans and laughter.  

Hi! My name is Amy Brinkman and I live in Fairfax with my two (very busy) sons and wonderful husband. We’ve been in NOVA for almost 10 years and I absolutely love living here.  I grew up in Metro Detroit and was a competitive figure skater for 10 years. Competitive skating not only kept me on my toes (no pun intended), but exposed me to a wide array of fitness including, ballet, pilates, yoga, plyometrics, and lots of running.  After I left the skating world to attend college and graduate school, I became less of an athlete and more of a desk jockey.  Fast forward a few more years and after two pregnancies, I needed an outlet to regain myself, my physique, and my confidence.  Enter PowerFull Fitness!  I first started with PowerFull Fitness as a client who was trying to exercise again post-baby.  I loved the classes, the camaraderie, and the energy. But it was so much more than that.  Getting active again with Laura inspired me to start lifting weights at my gym a few days a week.  A few days a week turned into lifting almost daily, and my love of all things fitness blossomed into taking the step to get certified.  I am so proud to say I am AFAA Group Fitness certified and am so excited to share my love of fitness with you!

My name is Catherine and I am 31 years old and have been working in the fitness industry for 7 years.  I’m from a small town where I played competitive soccer and volleyball and ran track. I have always had fitness as an important part of my identity.  I am also a counselor and have a strong desire and purpose in life to help people!

Fitness is something I feel strongly about for myself and for others!  I am a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor through AFAA.  I am also a certified health and wellness coach through ACE.  I have been a group fitness instructor for the past 6 years teaching classes such as body pump, barre, rpm and spin, cx works core class, hiit (high intensity interval training), trx, insanity, boot camp, tabata, and strength and conditioning classes.  I have also trained competitive athletes to help improve endurance, speed and agility to nourish their athletic needs.  

I am thrilled to begin helping to empower women with PowerFull Fitness and help make a difference in their lives based on whatever goals they have in mind.  Regardless of goals, when you workout and focus on eating healthy – you feel wonderful about yourself on the inside and it’ll shine through on the outside!

I am native of NoVa, growing up in nearby Annandale and finally settling in Burke over 17 years ago with my husband. Together we have 8 children ranging in age from preschool to college! I stay at home with my kids, run a little daycare, juggle my children’s activities, teach religious education and still find time for my fitness. Fitness is a priority in my life. It has always been a part of my life, from playing soccer through my teens, taking my first aerobics class in my 20’s to running my first mile at 29! I want to share my knowledge and my passion for fitness in a fun, high energy and motivating manner!



I am a mother to 3 boys and have been teaching group fitness since 2010. I am passionate about overall wellness and believe in teaching techniques that build both inner and outer strength. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy traveling, food and spending time with my family.





I am New Yorker at heart and after working as a Spanish teacher and traveling the world as a program integrator for satellite launches, I ultimately wound up in Springfield, VA with my husband and two kids!  I now have the pleasure of working with other little ones at my very own Home Daycare!  I played all different sports my whole life and loved to be healthy, but like many of us, my health and fitness took a back burner as marriage, working, and raising kids took up most of my time!  I finally had it with the bad habits and joined Powerfull Fitness back in 2015!  Powerfull Fitness allowed me to workout, set healthy goals for myself, and spend quality time with hubby and kids.  I really fell in love with the exciting, high intensity kickboxing workout that Laura introduced us to.  I finally decided that it was time to set a new goal for myself which led me to receive my Turbo Kick Live certification! I now have the honor of sharing my love for kickboxing with others!  I am proud to be a fit momma with Powerfull Fitness and I hope to have an opportunity to share that same feeling with you!

 I grew up in Pennsylvania, attended Penn State (We Are!), where I met and married my husband, and graduated in 2008 with a BS in Kinesiology. We were essentially nomads for the first few years of marriage, even living in Taiwan for a while, before settling in Laurel, Maryland in 2013. We have one delightful daughter with whom I get to spend my days at home! What started as dabbling in different sports as a kid has grown into a passion for fitness and helping others reach their goals! I enjoy doing triathlons and am excited to do another this summer! I’m a certified personal trainer through NASM, and have loved encouraging many individuals in various walks of life. As a mom, I know how tough it can be to squeeze in a workout, to have energy to exercise, and to make your health a priority amidst the busyness of taking care of littles. It is possible!!! And so much more valuable that you get to bring your children along on your journey, and to show them what it looks like to live an active, healthy life! I’m excited to motivate, guide, challenge, and encourage you to be a stronger, healthier you!

My name is Laura Waller and I am native of North Carolina.  My husband and I have lived in NOVA now for almost three years.  We have two kids ages 6 and 3 and to stay life is busy is an understatement.  We stay busy but being FIT together is really part of our life style. We find ways as a family to work fitness into almost everything from hikes together to taking walks (often to bakeries – balance right?!)  I’ve always been active and ran cross country and track in high school.  However after kids, running just wasn’t helping me get the results I needed or wanted.  Not to mention, after staying home alone with the kids all day, I craved community with others.  I started teaching group exercise almost 4 years ago and fell in love with the class environment. I love the idea of everyone laughing and working out at the same time – when there is community there is fun and accountability together.  I teach everything from boot camp to toning to kickboxing.  I absolutely love getting in an awesome workout with friends.  If you don’t see me in class you will probably find me somewhere outside with my kids but always with a coffee in hand.  I am so excited to be working with such a motivated group of women!

Growing up in Connecticut I loved dancing and music. I graduated from the University of Rochester with a BA in Music and then l lived in Vienna, Austria – a city that had been a home to many of the musicians I studied. After moving back to the States I came to DC to intern at the Kennedy Center. The plan was to stay here one year and then decide where to set up my “grown up life.” But the fates knew better, and I met my husband while conducting an orchestra and we are now married 14 years with three amazing daughters. As a musician I’ve worked with so many amazing people. Always learning and trying out new things – musical theater, piano lessons, classroom teaching, songleading. I love that my daughters see me try new things, both my successes and struggles. We all get to grow together.

I took my first yoga classes when I was pregnant and I was hooked. I love the mind-body connection, the importance of breath, and value of taking time to slow down and fully exhale. Powerfull Fitness has taught me so much about strength, power, endurance, being healthy, and friendship. I love that it allows us to marry our families, passions, challenges, and relationships all into one healthy foundation.

My name is Mandi Conrad and I was born and raised in Oregon. I went to Graduate School in Nebraska and moved to Northern Virginia in the summer of 2008 to be a Chemist for the Navy. Growing up I was always a very active kid playing sports all the way into my first 2 years of college. However, after I stopped playing sports, my activity level basically came to a Halt! After 7 years of college and 3 or 4 years of working, I realized something needed to change and was clearly missing from my life! So about 5.5 years ago I decided to make that change and get active again. It was very slow and lonely at first just trying to make myself run and workout alone. However, once I found an amazing group of ladies, that’s when I really started to make this a HUGE and IMPORTANT part of my life. Over the last few years fitness has become a big passion and I want to be able to share that passion with you ladies!! A current and very real passion for me, is helping people to stay active and not lose their motivation and momentum just because they have to travel. I travel a LOT for work so if you ever need help and tips on staying active or finding ways to take your workouts with you, just let me know! I do it EVERY month myself.

I have met some awesome instructors and friends over the last few years, and they have done some much to help me change my life! They encouraged and pushed me to find ways to spread my love and energy for fitness with others in the community. So I got my certification from AFAA and now I’m ready to start sharing my passion and energy with you ladies! I have become a morning workout person (even though I still hate mornings), and this #specialkindofcrazy community! Seeing everyone improve and push themselves on a daily basis is just amazing and it’s so rewarding to be a part of. So hopefully I’ll be able to come and share some of my CRAZY with you in a class, and help you get out of your comfort zone and continue to advance along your Fitness journey. We all have to start somewhere, but we are all ATHLETES and in this journey TOGETHER!!

I was born and raised in Springfield, Ohio, and moved to Springfield, Virginia in 2010.  Upon graduating from high school, I enlisted in the Ohio Air National Guard and attended The Ohio State University.  After graduating, I moved to the DC area and transferred into the Maryland Air National Guard serving as the base fitness monitor.  While my military career ended in 2008, I continued to work full time at the Pentagon for the Department of the Army.  As an Army civilian I was allowed to participate in the Fit-to-Win program and fell in love with the High Intensity Interval Training (HITT)/Tabata class offered by the Pentagon Athletic Center.  My instructor there was instrumental in encouraging me to pursue my AFAA group instructor certification.  I love the thought of helping people to exercise and realize the holistic benefits of fitness; added bonus is getting to do it with my two kids.  I hope they learn from me to always stay healthy and active.

I grew up in Northern, VA, with a passion for dance, affinity for baking, and a ripening curiosity for all things nutrition and wellness. JMU became my home away from home when I chose to pursue undergraduate degrees in Dietetics and Corporate Communications, and was able to perform as a member of their nationally ranked dance team. Through performances abroad, I discovered a previously untapped love for travel, and there you have it – me in a nutshell: dancer, baker, lover of travel, wellness enthusiast!  All of these interests melded with God’s divine intervention have swept me through a multitude of priceless life experiences to include graduate school in NY, a career as a registered dietitian practicing from Louisiana to Baltimore to Alexandria, as well as the amazing opportunity to continue my passion for dance as a member of the professional NBA Washington Wizard Girls dance team – performing locally and throughout several countries abroad.

Following retirement from professional dance, I knew I needed to continue exercising this passion somehow, and low and behold, God appeared again with an opportunity to gain certification as a barre instructor! I instantly fell in love with barre as I hobbled away from my first class on deliciously fatigued legs. I love that every barre class is unique, and each movement modifiable to accommodate all levels of fitness. My classes combine foundations of dance technique, Pilates, and fundamental cardio elements to sculpt, strengthen, and lengthen every muscle, while simultaneously keeping heart rates pumping.  As a registered dietitian and seasoned fitness instructor, I’m excited to share my passion for health and wellness with the Powerfull Fitness community. I always look forward to utilizing every minute of class to challenge you in confidently pursuing, achieving, and exceeding your goals.

I am a military spouse, former first grade teacher, and a Northern Virginia Native. After the birth of my two girls, life as a stay at home mom, and four military moves later, I am in back in NoVA and making health and fitness a priority. At our last duty station, I got excited to meet with another group of mamas to do a boot camp style workout in the early mornings as our base gym didn’t offer childcare. I have always had a passion for fitness, distance running, and group exercise, and after collaborating our bootcamp workouts for a year, I decided to pursue my group fitness certification through AAFA. Since then, I have earned my cycle certification as well, and currently teach cycle, body works, and boot camp style classes at a local gym. I love teaching at the gym, or running early in the morning, but I have lately come to realize that not only can exercise be an amazing outlet and my “me” time, but it can also serve as a positive example to my daughters! I now get excited to incorporate them into my workout time whenever possible. I can’t wait to work with other Moms and give their children the opportunity to see what strong Mamas they truly have!

I grew up as an Army Brat so I like to say I’m from everywhere (haha). I have always been a very adventurous, free spirited, always up for a challenge kind of person. In 2008, I graduated from JMU with a B.A. in Health Science . While at college, I found a strong interest for health and nutrition which started a ripple effect in my life. Eventually I became an avid runner, completing the Marine Corps Marathon, a triathlon and half marathon. All which led me to become a certified personal trainer. Around that time, I met the Love of my Life, and we now have 3 beautiful children together that are very close in age! At one point, we had 3 children under the age of 3! It was by far one of the most challenging but just as rewarding experiences of my life! Soon after our 3rd, I started working out at home/outside with my kids. At first it took a lot of patience but now they absolutely love working out with mommy ! I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past 3 years but I am just so passionate about helping others, that I decided to get back into work as a fitness instructor! I absolutely love that I get to incorporate my children into my classes and allow moms the opportunity to workout with their children! My mission is to motivate, encourage and provide guidance so that you can reach your goals and overcome anything that stands in your way! I look forward to helping you discover how truly powerful and unstoppable you are!

I am a NoVA native who was born and raised in Burke, VA.  After college, I moved back to the area and met my husband.  We settled in the Kingstowne area of Alexandria, where we are raising our two small, but active and energetic boys.  Before becoming a stay at home mom, I was teaching 5th grade locally, and have taught many grades from Pre-K to 5th! Running is and will always be my first fitness passion, followed closely by Pilates.  I think that they go hand in hand!   I am also passionate about helping new (and not so new ) moms find the valuable time to fit fitness into their busy schedules and I understand that sometimes (most times!) this means that the kiddos have to come along for the ride.  Fitness is important to my overall well being and has become part of my entire family’s lifestyle.   I can’t wait to be a part of your journey!