Kid friendly classes mean these are the times when the most children are in class. You can come to class with or without children.  Kid friendly indicates that the location is a safe place with toys provided for children. Kids are not a part of the workout or partnering with mom (although if you want them to they absolutely can!)  Kid friendly means moms are getting an intense workout and kids are welcome to be where they can see their moms as opposed to in a child care room. If you need to or would like to bring children to our other locations not listed as “kid friendly” it is most likely fine!  Please contact Laura just to ensure the location is safe for your kiddos!  

  • ALL FITness levels are welcomed.  Instructors are trained to give modifications and all levels are represented in each class. You come do you!  We will help you make the workout safe and effective for you no matter what type of workout it is. Don’t let the names of any workout scare you – YOU can do this and we promise to help you FEEL AND BE SUCCESSFUL.
  • Class location can change based on weather.  You can find more information about our inclement weather policy here.  The online schedule will reflect where the class will be held. Be sure to book your classes so you can get updates on weather accommodating locations. Also be sure you are a member of our private FB group for current updates and signed up for the email list so you receive any important information about class location.

I love PowerFull Fitness 🙂 I am so glad I found Laura Waller and the PFF crew almost 2 years ago. Tons of different classes, awesome instructors, and an amazing group of women. And of course, the best part of PowerFull Fitness for me is that classes are kid friendly!



This class has a strong focus on strengthening and toning using a ballet inspired movements.  Each move is designed to be isometric in nature – meaning that each move is held for a longer time to build muscular endurance through contraction.  Our PowerFull Barre Bell class will be high intensity and low impact – the workout will challenge the body but will not involve any plyometrics or jumping that can cause stress on the joints.  After 45 minutes you will leave feeling strong and empowered and ready to conquer the day! 


This class is a total body, equipment free workout that sculpts a rock solid core and a lean body like nothing else can.  This mat pilates inspired format combines low impact cardio, strength training and flexibility into one amazing music filled workout.  POP is a platform for every body and fitness level with options provided for those just starting their fitness journey to those looking for a new challenge.  Say goodbye to your preconceived notions of traditional pilates and join us for a party on the mat!

Yoga for Strength & Flexibility

This yoga practice will focus on marrying the breath to movement and movement to  breath through flowing sequences, deep stretches, and relaxing restorative poses. You will leave relaxed and ready to take on the challenges ahead of you!