As you begin, refine, and continue on your fitness journey, PFF wants to grow WITH you. Our hope is that you have found a true fitness home with our PFF community and that our classes and resources are meeting your needs.  However, we know that sometimes you want something more challenging or more specialized. We know that transition periods happen and you may be dealing with an injury or maybe you just had a kiddo. Maybe you just started working out or maybe you’ve been with us over three years and want to mix things up.  We want to support YOU.

With Small Group Training, you can now request very particular formats and times and we’ll get a six week small group going for you

For instance, if you love your PFF classes but you are postpartum and want a focused class on core redevelopment, you can set up your own core class with 2-4 other individuals in a similar situation and add on to your existing schedule so that it’s perfect for you. If you want to push your fitness goals to a new level and want more specialized strength training, you can establish your own advanced strength training class at a date and time that works for you and your group members and your class will be structured to meet YOUR goals.

How?  It’s simple! 

 Just decide what type of class you want and when you want to have it, grab a group of 3-4 friends and click the button below to contact us!  We’ll find an instructor that can meet your needs and give you exactly what you want.  Don’t have 3-4 friends? Post in our PowerFull Fitness Facebook group what you are looking for, you may be surprised that others are seeking the same thing. (OR simply contact us and we’ll help you find a group of friends 🙂 )

PowerFull Wellness Coaching is a month-by-month program (we do a offer payment plans too!) We will work together for four weeks at a time for as long as you want.

  • Each week include ONE LIVE session together (via phone, video conferencing, or an in person meeting – whatever works best for you). This is a chance to check in and see how things are going for you.
  • In between sessions you will be given the resources YOU need based on your program (whether that is at home workouts, nutrition tips to follow or both!) We will also check in with texts, emails, or FB to make sure you are staying on track in between the meetings.  

In between sessions you will be given the resources YOU need from at home workouts to family friendly dinner ideas. We will also check in with texts, emails, or FB between meetings to see what other resources you may need.

This personalized coaching is $200/month and covers it all. It also includes a FREE initial consult to get you all set up and running so you get 5 sessions for the price of 4! Boom! Excited to work with you!

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