Several great options here!

  1. Join our private Facebook group.  We talk about what real life looks like – haha! I love to keep it real!  Realistic.  Practical. Determined.  It truly is my life’s motto, folks! There are DAILY tips, challenges, and support.  So be sure you are a member of that group.  I also use that as a medium to post any information about upcoming classes. 
  2. The best way to keep up with new resources, workouts, and opportunities is to sign up directly for my weekly newsletter.  I promise you I don’t bombard you with useless junk.  Everything I put out comes directly from my heart and home!  Each week I send out an email with resources and tips and I also send out an email each week with information on what we have coming up each week as a group (Ladies’ Nights Out, Play Dates, Seminars etc)

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