Well you need to bring your determination to get in an awesome workout.  If you are attending a kid friendly class, then you’ll need your sense of humor and your flexibility because kiddos are present.  

No matter what class you are taking, be sure to wear a great pair of athletic shoes and bring a bottle of of water for yourself. For workout gear you will want a mat.  That is all that you have to bring.  You’ll get that notification in our Facebook group or via text.  Don’t worry – your instructor ALWAYS has extras.

If you are attending a class with the kiddos, I would bring snacks and drinks for the kiddo.  If they have a favorite toy feel free to bring that too.  So what is necessary?

  • water for you
  • mat for you
  • be sure you’ve booked your class so you have your waiver filled out!

Other things that are recommended?

  • favorite toy for kiddos who may be in a stroller during class
  • hat/sun block for you and kiddo if attending an outside class
  • possibly a light blanket (depending on season)

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