• ALL FITness levels are welcomed.  Instructors are trained to give modifications and all levels are represented in each class. You come do you!  We will help you make the workout safe and effective for you no matter what type of workout it is. Don’t let the names of any workout scare you – YOU can do this and we promise to help you FEEL AND BE SUCCESSFUL.
  • Class location can change based on weather.  You can find more information about our inclement weather policy here.  The online schedule will reflect where the class will be held. Be sure to book your classes so you can get updates on weather accommodating locations. Also be sure you are a member of our private FB group for current updates and signed up for the email list so you receive any important information about class location.

I have never really enjoyed exercise until I started taking classes with Powerfull Fitness. Now I look forward going to work out. Love the instructors, love how they show modifications that accommodate my needs, love the way they gently challenge and encourage me to push myself in a very positive way.


PowerFull Focus

PowerFull Focus is a 6 week intensive session in which each 60 minute class will focus on a particular body part and/or cardio component. If you have been curious about a particular format or want to really focus on a particular area, this session is for you. Classes include: Focus Cardio, Focus Seat and Abs, Focus Cardio and Strength, Focus Upper Body, Focus Lower Body, Focus Strength and Stretch. Classes will run once a week on Mondays for 6 weeks. This is not an add on or small group training and can be accessed through your regular membership.

Barre Fusion

Barre Fusion is designed to combine the best of barre, piyo, pilates, and low impact cardio to give you a total body workout while increasing cardiovascular endurance.  Class will focus on total body strength training with intermittent cardio for maximum results. Major attention will be given to powerhouse muscle groups including abdominals, glutes, quads, and lower back.  Barre Fusion will be high intensity, low impact – the workout will challenge the body but will not involve any plyometrics or jumping that can cause stress on the joints

PowerFull Mat and Movement

PowerFull Mat and Movement is a 45 minute cardio dance class focused on building cardio endurance.  Each class will incorporate dance based moves to raise the heart rate and keep it elevated.  The music for each class is energizing so you will never get bored! The workout will leave you feeling strong and empowered and you will see your endurance building each class.  The format will include a shorter mat based section at the end to encourage total body toning with a focus on abdominal work. A total body, cardio based workout that will have you smiling along!


PiYo combines muscle-sculpting and core-firming Pilates moves with the strength and flexibility of yoga.  The combination of strength training and non-stop fluid movement will increase strength and flexibility.

PowerFull Platform

PowerFull Platform is 45 minutes and a cardiovascular challenge taken to the next level – literally.  This workout will have you reaching new heights while building your cardiovascular endurance.  We will do our entire class moving up and down on an aerobic step.  The main focus here is pumping that heart rate; however, each section will challenge a varying muscle group from upper body to legs and core.  This is not the step class you saw in the 80’s y’all – this is a #specialkindofcrazy class.  All levels are welcome because you can control your intensity level by adjusting your step height.

Yoga for Strength & Flexibility

This yoga practice will focus on marrying the breath to movement and movement to  breath through flowing sequences, deep stretches, and relaxing restorative poses.  You will leave relaxed and ready to take on the day!