• ALL FITness levels are welcomed.  Instructors are trained to give modifications and all levels are represented in each class. You come do you!  We will help you make the workout safe and effective for you no matter what type of workout it is. Don’t let the names of any workout scare you – YOU can do this and we promise to help you FEEL AND BE SUCCESSFUL.
  • Class location can change based on weather.  You can find more information about our inclement weather policy here. The online schedule will reflect where the class will be held. Be sure to book your classes so you can get updates on weather accommodating locations. Also be sure you are a member of our private FB group for current updates and signed up for the email list so you receive any important information about class location.

I love my PowerFull Fitness ladies! This has been more than just exercising at crazy hours of the morning, I’ve made some great friends.


Boot Camp

This class is a total body workout consisting of plyometric, cardio, and strength training exercises.  The core of the workout will be circuit training with a combination of strength training and cardio for maximum results. Each class the workout will be different but will always work every major muscle group and increase the heart rate for awesome after class burn. Workouts may involve push ups, squat jumps, burpees and sprints. The workouts are designed so that each person sees their strength increase week after week.  


This class is an excellent way to work on cardiovascular endurance. We will be getting in a total body workout while keep the heart rate elevated. This workout will not disappoint and will leave you sweating and feeling strong. The workout will consist of plyometric (jumping) moves combined with high intensity kicking and punching. The music is upbeat, the environment is fun, and the workout is designed to increase cardio endurance.

PiYo Tone

This class is the perfect way to get an all over workout in a low impact environment.  We will combine PiYo sections with particular muscle groups to increase muscle endurance. We will focus on toning with an emphasis on large muscle groups.  Using bands, dumbbells, medicine balls, body barres and everything in between – we will work so that everyone leaves with a total body burn out. The addition of PiYo circuits works the muscle in a way that increases strength, power, and flexibility.

PowerFull Barre Bell

This class has a strong focus on strengthening and toning using a ballet bar to provide stability.  In this class, the postures are typically inspired by ballet. The moves are designed to be isometric in nature – meaning that each move is held for a longer time to build muscular endurance through contraction.  Our PowerFull Barre Bell class will be high intensity, low impact – the workout will challenge the body but will not involve any plyometrics or jumping that can cause stress on the joints. After 45 minutes you will leave feeling strong and empowered and ready to conquer the day!

Strength & Tone

This class is a muscle building and conditioning class using dumbbells and body weight.  Each class will target specific muscle groups such as chest and back, biceps and triceps, and always an abdominal component.  Each class ends with a slow stretch to elongate the muscles and calm the mind.  Strength and Tone is the perfect compliment to the cardio of Express Boot Camp for a total fitness package.