Safety Precautions for PowerFull Fitness

Click to read all that we are doing as a Business and what we ask you to do as a PowerFull Fitness Community Member to keep our community safe.


We cannot tell you how thankful we have been for your continued support and engagement during these last few months.  We have learned a lot about streaming and music and microphones (things we never thought we’d have to understand) and we have enjoyed our live workouts with you.  As we plan for NOVA’s restrictions to be lifted, we want you to know we are being VERY aware of your responses on our survey. We want you to know that we are trying to accommodate all the things that our community needs.  As always, PLEASE FEEL FREE to email us and give us your feedback so that we can continually evolve our roll out process.  We have several phases of roll out planned and these are based on survey results, your feedback, and the safety we want to provide for you and our instructors. 

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Here is our TENTATIVE (I cannot stress this enough) plan.

Phase One:  

We will start by hosting our T/TH/S 5:15 am classes outside AND via stream.

The following classes will move to an outdoor option (where instructors will also STREAM in the event you are not comfortable yet attending live classes).

  • Tuesday 5:15 am:  Boot Camp with Mandi at Calvary Baptist Church lot
  • Thursday 5:15 am:  Kickboxing with Laura at Calvary Baptist Church lot
  • Saturday 7:00 am:  Kickboxing with Laura in the Prince of Peace lot

Again if you are not comfortable with being in person, the classes will continue to be streamed so you can access them LIVE in home.

Phase Two:

Based on attendance and streaming success, we will then move all 5:15 am classes outside.

It is important that you let us know your thoughts on location, etc.  If you are thinking you’d attend but you don’t see a convenient location listed, please let me know (we are still working on mutual locations for MWF 5:15 am classes).  The current choices for T/TH/S were based on results of survey and who said they would attend.  If you think you’d attend and your location is not listed, please reach out.

Phase Three:

The next phase will be evaluated starting the week of June 15th (once FCPS is done with remote learning).  At this point we would consider (based on safety for participants) releasing outdoor 9:30 am classes.

Starting June 1st, we will move back to our membership based classes.

We have enjoyed offering PowerFull Fitness for free for the past 10 weeks.  We TRULY appreciate those of you who supported us via memberships and donations so that we were able to stay afloat.  Moving forward, our pricing structure will change slightly.

All classes (either in the ZOOM room or in person/outside) will be attendance based.  This means you need your membership back on and you will need to sign up.

As a way to thank all of our members for being members, once you turn your membership back on, you will continue to have access to the virtual PFF platform FOR FREE ($15 / month value). That means if you miss a class, you can always go in and check out some of our previously recorded content. Starting June 1st we will only be releasing ONE new pre-recorded workout per week in our virtual group.

If you are not interested in attending classes just yet (either in ZOOM room or in person/outside) but want access to the pre-recorded content we have curated, there will be an NEW option for a $15/month membership.  Again, this does not grant access to any real time classes but you’ll have access to everything that is currently in the Virtual PFF FB group as well as one new pre-recorded workout per week.  This special membership option is valid through August 31, 2020. Once our fall schedule resumes, regular tiered memberships will resume for all members.

All accounts were placed on hold. 

You must CONTACT US via email or PM (Amanda and Laura) so that we can RELEASE THE HOLD we have on your account in order to access the classes or virtual platform.  If you do not have an active membership we will be removing access to our free virtual platform.  

Unsure what membership you should pick back up?

Here’s a flow chart with some FAQs to help you decide.

Please Note:
LIVE outdoor classes will take safety precautions into account. All workouts will be written so that there is no shared equipment (ie bring your own weights). We will also be using the parking lot lines to help maintain appropriate spacing.