Our goal has always been to serve you and to be a fitness community that offers #reallife solutions.  In this time, I feel that integrity is key and understanding how to serve those around us is of utmost importance. In that respect, I have chosen to place all memberships on hold until the end of April. This gives all of us some time to see how this will play out and what it may mean for future classes. If you do not want/need your membership paused please let us know. If you choose to keep your membership fee going, it will be used to keep instructors paid and keep a variety of classes available. We understand this is unknown territory for all of us so know that we are here for you no matter what!

What makes PowerFull Fitness different from other gyms is our community – our ability to connect about life, no matter what stage we are in (and oh boy are we in a stage!). We want to keep that community going in the best and safest way we can so that when this is over, and it will be, we can jump right back in to our barre and coffee, our littles shennanigans during kid friendly classes, and our evening sparkles.

So yes – your membership is on hold and you will not be charged but we are still working for you.  We are going to be bringing you all of those LIVE classes and giving you access to our Virtual Content for free for this time.  This is our way of thanking you for being a part of our community. 

If you find that these resources are helpful or that you are logging in to the LIVE classes (during class or after), we’d ask that you consider donating to PowerFull Fitness.  These donations will go towards the monthly expenses we still incur (website fees, software fees etc) and also to pay instructors who are teaching the virtual classes.  Every donation helps and works to ensure that when this thing is over (and it will be I promise), PowerFull Fitness is still here and still ready to GET out there for an awesome workout.

During this time of social distancing, we are using ZOOM to bring the classes you’ve signed up for TO YOU! All the music, all the fitness, all the friends, all the fun! Thank you for your generosity and understanding as we get this figured out quickly. Here’s the specifics you need to know:


You can access Zoom on your computer at or you can download the App on your mobile device (iOS or Android)

Once you are there click “Join a Meeting”

Type in the following code in the box on your screen.

PowerFull Fitness Meeting ID: 880-656-9657

Zoom password: 138793

You can also join the ZOOM video from your computer / laptop with this link at your class time:

You may have to wait in the waiting room for the class to start, but rest assured you’re in the right place and once the instructor is on, the video will pop up! Once you’re in the class you will see some options for you as the participant. You will automatically be muted and you have the option to turn on your video or to leave it off. You can also see that you can chat in the chat box and the ability to leave the meeting. Once the class begins all participants will be muted so the instructor screen stays front and center on all participant screens.

Your instructor will remind you of this but we will be recording these for people so if you do not want to be recorded during the actual workout – you can hit “stop recording” for your personal device when the workout starts and then turn your camera back on to chat when its done. We LOVE to see you stay on video if you feel ok with it – makes it feel like “real” class but if you are uncomfortable with that – we TOTALLY get it!