Workout Wednesday – Week 19

Here are a couple of moves you can practice to start to gain balance. Do this circuit two to three times through, 10 reps each.  It will challenge your core as you work to stabilize your body.

Single leg dead lift

Single arm overhead press – add squat for more challenge but only press up one arm

Stability ball plank – grab a stability ball and place forearms on it for more practice balancing. Hold for 30-60 seconds

Lateral lunge – practice going side to side and only count one side!

Extra challenge: Try going into single leg squats. You can use a chair as you work to improve your balance

Workout Wednesday – Week 18

Today I wanna give you a strength training circuit that attacks arms with a bit of legs involved too!
Part One: Sitting in a plie squat (wide squat with toes turned out) do the following exercises:
15 bicep curls
15 hammer curls (turn weights so palms are facing each other)
15 upright rows (pull weights straight up like zipping a coat)
15 shoulder presses
Part Two: Legs shoulder width apart and lean at a 45 degree angle
15 back rows (pulling weights back, squeezing shoulder blades)
15 tricep kick backs
Part Three: on the edge of a couch or chair
15 tricep dips
Do this three times through. If you have tons of energy after the last rep – increase your weight!  Enjoy your strength training routine – it is sooo good for you!
Here are some pictures of the less common moves:
Upright Row
Hammer Curl
Tricep kick back
Back row

Workout Wednesday – Week #17

workout wednesdayHere is a tabata round for ya!
Each of these tabata rounds takes 4 minutes a piece!
Tabata #1
Do each exercise for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds before moving on to the next move.
Jump Rope
Plank jax/shoulder taps
Repeat from top one more time through
Tabata #2
Jump Squats
Repeat from top one more time through
Tabata #3
Mountain Climbers
Tricep dips
Pike to plank
3 Frog hops forward, high knees back
Repeat from top one more time through
That is a 12-15 minute workout that covers cardio, lower body, abs, and upper body too! So there you go 😉

Workout Wednesday – Week 16

Here is a great at home workout if you need to MOVE IT today!

workout wednesday

Run or jump rope for 2 to 4 minutes
10 Squats
10 Arm Circles, forward and backward
20 Lunges (10 on each leg)
5 to 10 Push-ups
Mummykicks (10 kicks with each leg)

Here is a workout designed to be done in a circuit; do each exercise consecutively without taking a break.

Circuit #1 – works legs, chest, abs and adds in plyometric cardio training!

10 Jump Squats
10 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups
10 Lunges
1 minute Plank
Rest for 30 seconds

Repeat the circuit 5 times

Circuit #2- works cardio, legs, and abs!

1 minute Jump Rope
10 Burpees
1 minute Jump Rope
10 Jump Squats
1 minute Jump Rope
10 Sit-ups
1 minute rest
Repeat the circuit 5 times

Walk 2 to 4 minutes
5 to 10 minutes of static stretching

Workout Wednesday: Ask a Question Forum

workout wednesdayI posted an “ask anything” forum for the ladies in our #SpecialKindofCrazy Facebook group and I wanted to share some of the GREAT discussions we had!

Join me over the next few Wednesdays as I share some of these conversations!

CLIENT QUESTION: I know any amount of exercise is better than none, but are short blasts, like 10 min here and there, say of bodyweight exercises, as effective as if done in one session?




Eileen Glass Patterson I would love your thoughts on this 🙂



Eileen-NEWWell, no. I don’t really think so. 10 minutes isn’t going to change anything. If you are a total beginner than 10 minutes is a great start. You need sustained that at minimum of 20 minutes of high intensity or 30 minutes of moderate intensity 3x a week plus 2x a week strength training if you can to make a difference. Keep in mind a pound = 3,500’re not going to burn that in 10 minutes of anything. On a positive note, mind what you eat, take the stairs, park farther away and if 10 is all you got, then do it! Next time make it 12…then 14…

Laura-NEWSo I think it is all about perspective. If 10 minute is all you have right now then that is better than nothing. If you can find a chunk of time and really dedicate it to working out – then making that a priority is awesome. I do advocate doing SOMETHING like you said but I also agree with Eileen Glass Patterson – we have to find a way to make something work that will give us a chunk of time – be it doing it early am or working out a PM time with hubby or doing Sat/Sun workouts b/c hubby is home and finding one day in the week to do it or something. But you did JUST have a baby so easing in at 10 minutes is good! As the dust settles – you will find more time and more ways to make it fit your schedule. Be aware though – that will even change. For 6 months morning classes might work and then your baby will teethe and you have to do evening b/c you can’t be up all night and rise at 4:30 am for boot camp. We have to be realistic with ourselves and what is going on at our particular life stage.

I think even for strength training – it is good to have a dedicated session where you can really fatigue the muscles.

CLIENT: Thanks, that’s a good reminder. I did make a calendar last month (working on this month’s) of days to workout and what I’d do and felt really excited about that, leaving some wiggle room, because you’re right, about what works now might not work later…good reminder.  Plus, I never really thought the 10 minutes 3x a day works in comparison to a steady session, like you ladies said above.



You can dedicate 5 minutes to a muscle burnout if strength is what you’re looking for. Pick 2 muscles for the 10 min and burn only those two. Later..burn 2 more!



Workout Wednesday – Week 15

workout wednesdaySo many of us are runners (I say “us” like I am one and not so much…) Ok many of YOU are runners. Or soccer players. Or just running after kids. So SPEED is something we want to increase.
I was recently reading an article on exercises to increase speed. We often do lifts and such for increasing strength but to increase speed, we need some movement horizontally. says “Speed equals stride frequency times stride length.” So how we can increase that stride frequency and length?
1. Tire pulls (my fave!)
When we pull that tire, we are making bigger movements of what we have to do when we sprint (pumping arms, and driving knees). Practicing that range of motion will help our stride and speed.
2. Frog jumps while throwing a medicine ball forward.
This helps with explosiveness off the line.
3. Kettlebell swing
This again will work on your explosion!
4. Power skipping
Think of working on length and explosion. When you are power skipping (think seriously ramped up version of what you did in elementary school), you can power off distance (stride), and explosion in the skip. Driving your arms will also practice that range of motion/movement for sprinting as well.
5. Hill sprints
Here again you are practicing the knee drive and the arm pump. It also forces you to practice accelerating up the hill.
Ok let’s put it together tabata style! If you have a tire you can use – add that in too – since most of us don’t, I’m writing the workout with moves 2-5.
Set One:
40 seconds work/20 seconds rest x 8 cycles
Alternate between frog jumps forward with medicine ball toss (if you have one) and 40 second hill sprints (if not hill sprints do our plyo lunges)
Set Two:
40 seconds work/20 seconds rest x 8 cycles
Alternate between power skipping and kettlebell swings
Hope this helps you on the track and running ladies!

Workout Wednesday – 5, 10, 15 sets!

workout wednesdayThis workout will work every major muscle group and is easy to keep track of – just think – 5, 10, 15!
5 jump squats
10 push ups
15 sit ups
Rest 10 seconds
5 plyometric lunges (count one leg)
10 balance push ups (do a push up and open to side plank, then another push up then alternate side plank side)
15 reverse crunches (lay down on back and push heels to ceiling)
Rest 10 seconds
5 burpees
10 in/out jumps in plank position (from plank jump feet in to chest and push back out)
15 lunge and front kicks per leg
Rest 10 seconds
5 star jumps (go down into a squat and explode up)
10 tricep push ups
15 plank jax
Enjoy it friends!

Workout Wednesday: Ask a Question Forum

workout wednesdayI posted an “ask anything” forum for the ladies in our #SpecialKindofCrazy Facebook group and I wanted to share some of the GREAT discussions we had!

Join me over the next few Wednesdays as I share some of these conversations!


CLIENT QUESTION: Okay, so how do you know when you are too sore to work out the next day? I’m not now (although my glutes and shoulders are pretty toasty today) but in the past if I was sore I’d take a rest day. Now I’m powering through but I’m not sure I should be. Are there any signs I should watch for that tell me I’m too sore? If I have a hard time sitting down and getting back up would a walk/light yoga etc help or make it worse?


A couple of our instructors chimed in so check out their responses!

Amanda says:  First, everyone is different. For me, when I am sore, I know I NEED to keep moving however small or slow. If I am stationary, it really only increases my soreness and prolongs it. That being said, I don’t go on a 10 mile run if I am super sore or go to a boot camp. I usually go on a very easy and slow 2 mile run/walk and stretch, stretch, stretch. If that even seems too much I will do a really gentle yoga routine to just slowly work the tension out of the muscle. I would say, listen to your body. If I cannot preform a workout properly and safely because I am too sore, I will not do that workout (for instance if your legs are too sore to squat properly, you are at risk of hurting your knees or back and then you absolutely will be sidelined and not working out, not worth it). Instead I will transition to something gentler but I do keep moving – a walk, light jog, yoga. I always feel better after.

Rachel added in:  Also you should be rotating muscle groups if you are sore from strength training- ex- I won’t do strength training on legs for two consecutive days (I will do some walking or easy running to loosen muscle like Amanda said), I’ll work a different muscle group like arms.

Another awesome instructor in VA Beach (and my FITness mentor) added:   Even if you’re not sore the next day alternate your workouts especially if you’re doing full body. By taking a day off doesn’t mean not do anything but more like active recovery which means light activity, Pilates, yoga, light run or walk and yes as previously stated… Stretch and hydrate.  I would not follow the information you read 100% because you have to listen to your body. You may need more recovery time for certain workouts and less for others. Measure your progress one at a time.. Improved run time, more push-ups or better form on those burpees, more flexibility, etc…