Glutes – Why They Matter (and it is more than just a pair of cute shorts!)

Glutes are an important muscle group to work and it isn’t just so that we can look good in our shorts (although that is a bonus right?!) Here are a couple of reasons why working the glutes this month is going to help us!

The gluteus maximus is the largest of the glute muscles so we will start there. The muscle fibers insert into your IT band which inserts into the tibia. So lacking strength in your glutes can impact your knees when working out. Who knew right? Sore knees? Maybe the booty is to blame!

The gluteus medius and minimus are the smaller muscle groups. These muscles help with the movement of the hip and thigh. So – problems in the hip joints? Who knew the booty could be at fault again!

So see ladies? It is more than an issue of a cute behind 😉 We have to work our glutes to stay strong and effective in our other work outs as well. If you have weak glutes, you can have a harder time stabilizing your hip joint and you may experience lower back or knee pain.

Stay tuned and I’ll get you a warm up sequence to do that will help increase strength in your glutes before tackling a work out!

Your Move it May Glute Work Out!

Here it is guys! Move it May Challenge!!!

I want your goal to be to complete this 2-3 times each week as part of your work out. This is going to burn those glutes up (and if you are like me – may lift them a few inches too!)

Please check the file tab for the printable work out. The YouTube link will also be posted there. It is a real time video and you can follow right along.

Here is the link for you as well! So excited to take a new challenge this month!