Fight for It Friday – Upper Body and Ab Attack – Week 9

fridayOk let’s FIGHT for it!  Ready to attack the upper body and abs?
10 push ups – roll over – 10 sit ups
9 push ups – roll over – 9 sit ups
8 push ups – roll over – 8 sit ups
Get it?
Couple of form things here:
1. Be sure to keep your head in alignment with your spine when doing a push up – remember to not let it hang down but look out about 6 inches ahead of you.
2.  Keep your core engaged – don’t let the belly hang.
Now bust out that routine and get FIT for Friday!

Fight for it Friday – Restaurant Guide

fridayI recently published a series on What Does Laura Eat?  It was intended to give you some real life contextual examples of how I try to find “balance” and how I plan for particular meals.

While researching restaurants, I stumbled upon the 2015 restaurant report card (click on that hyperlink and you should go right to it!)

If you look in the guide- the Cheesecake Factory survival tip made me laugh out loud!

I thought I would share this info with you – super interesting read. Use this to Fight for Your FIT if you are going out this weekend!

What is your restaurant pick? Anything you typically avoid?


Fight for it Friday – Week 9

Check out the image for a quick circuit workout you can do at home! All you need is a set of dumb bells. Do each circuit one – three times each. Fight for your FITness this weekend!  Even if you are slammed packed with sports practice, trips, and plans – you can do these circuits.  Maybe do it one time through in the morning and then again in the afternoon?  You don’t have to do it all at once -just keep moving.efficient ways to get around the city

Fight For It Friday – Week 8

It is about to get REAL up in here.  Yall.  A legit blizzard. We gotta stay focused right?  friday
Ok you know, it isn’t bad to enjoy a movie on the couch, drink a hot chocolate and let yourself relax. I plan on using this weekend as FORCED relaxation. Like we talked about on our webinar with Shiny Happy Human – finding some ways to work in some self care. 
However, I also want to stay FIT too. So I plan to keep moving as much as possible.  Think snow shoveling, sledding (up and down hills) walks in the snow, and more!
Stuck inside till the winds calm down? I’ll be posting more mini workouts all weekend. Today we have a stair workout so if you have stairs in your house – you are set to go!
10 Step Ups/Glute Squeeze per leg
Place your right foot on top of the stair. Without moving your foot, drive through the ball of your big toe to come all the way up to standing. Then lift the opposite leg for a glute squeeze. Lower/repeat
10 Plyo lunge jumps
One foot up and one foot back in lunge, explode up and switch legs landing in opposite position.  Right + left = 1
10 Plyo Push Ups
Do a push up and then as you lower down, prepare to explosively push up so that your hands lift off the step.  Lower back down to push up and repeat.
10 Jump Ups
Start in squat position, explode and jump up onto step, landing in squat position.  Jump back down and repeat.
10 Plank to Opposite Elbow
Get in plank position with hands on steps and then bring your knee in to touch opposite elbow.  10 reps/side
Finish with 3 up/down sprints on the stairs (up to top and back down = 1)
Repeat this circuit as many times as you’d like throughout the day!

Fight for it Friday – Week 7

fridayOk – today many of us are traveling after Thanksgiving or we are staying in a hotel or with in-laws. This is when FITness gets real. This is when we make the push to get active even though it may be slightly different than normal.  I don’t want you feeling left alone without resources or discouraged because you can’t do the norm.  USE this opportunity as a time to mix it up, challenge your body with a different workout, and FEEL GREAT that you are still pushing no matter what.

So here are a couple of great -on the go – workouts

One of my personal favorites here! 

Short on time? Four minute tabata here!

Lower body and cardio 20 minute workout here!

Do anywhere without equipment workout here!

And for my Boot Camp Mamas and website members – check the resources FULL of workout tabs – I added a Bear Crawl FITness workout for you there too!

Fight for it Friday – Week 6

Today is Fight for It Friday. I think it is a great time to sit back and remember WHY you are on this journey to begin with. So a couple of things I want you to do today.friday

1. Be your own coach. Remember WHY you are on this journey. Write it down. Put it on your phone screen pic. Do whatever you have to do to keep motivated. Whatever motivates you the most, find it, clarify it, hone it, and let it work for your advantage. SHARE it with us!

2. Monitor your progress. NOT JUST WITH THE SCALE. You cannot improve on what you can’t measure. Some ways to monitor progress: Body measurement—especially around the waist and other troubled areas, bodyweight, body fat percentage, your exercises and workout plans, your daily calorie intake, your energy levels.

3. Celebrate YOU. When you hit a major milestone on your FITness journey (whether it is I saved $300 by meal planning this month or I lost 5 pounds or I can now run a mile) celebrate! Ideas? Do something you enjoy. Go watch a movie, a new pair running shoes, a manicure, a massage, have a date, read a fiction book you enjoy, a hot bubble bath, or binging on a show you may like. And of course celebrate you by sharing with us here too!

Proud of you guys!

Fight For It Friday – Week 5

Today I’m struggling coming up with a specific idea for you guys. I keep thinking about all the MAJOR minor changes we are making. Does that make sense? We are making SMALL changes in our fridayhabits that lead to MAJOR results and MAJOR lifestyle changes.

But we get tired.
And it comes to the weekend.
And we stop.

Today – we fight!

I want you to tell me:
1. ONE fitness/active thing you are going to do today to keep your groove up and start the weekend strong.
2. ONE nutrition thing you are going to do to help you stay on track.

FIGHT for the results ladies.

Right here, when it gets tough and the weekend comes and you just want to let loose. FIGHT.


FITness ideas:

  • take a walk with kids
  • park further away
  • take stairs all day – avoid elevator
  • add in a tabata routine in middle of day to get heart rate pumping
  • try a new workout today
  • add in intervals to your run

Nutrition ideas:

  • track calories
  • track water intake
  • try one of the guilt free treats from the blog
  • add in an extra veggie at lunch
  • pick up fruit for snack this afternoon
  • cut out half of the creamer in your coffee
  • avoid a sugar laden drink and replace with hot tea or black coffee
  •  meal plan for next week


Fight for it Friday – Week 4

fridayAlright it is GET FIT Friday.

My challenge to you: a mini tabata workout! Each “pair” of moves gets progressively harder.

20 seconds work/10 seconds rest – 8 times

1: 20 seconds jumping jacks
10 seconds rest
2: 20 seconds star jacks (explode up like a star here)

Upper body
1: 20 seconds plank shoulder taps
10 seconds rest
2: 20 seconds push up, shoulder tap, push up, shoulder tap

Lower body
1: 20 seconds belt kicks (squat then kick alternating legs)
10 seconds rest
2: 20 seconds plyo kicks (squat then jump/kick, alternating legs)

1: 20 seconds high knees
10 seconds rest
2: 20 seconds standing mountain climbers

DONE in 4 minutes

Fight for it Friday – Week 3

fridayToday I want us to think about our FITness for the weekend. Many of us struggle to keep our routine over the weekend. We have everyone home, we have events planned, we have company, our routine is different – the list goes on.

Today I want you to FIGHT for the progress you’ve made all week.

Tell me what you are going to do to ensure you get in a good sweat session this weekend.

1. Keep your routine – if you workout early in the morning during the week, go ahead and keep that routine on Saturday. It will feel good to have it done so you can enjoy time with family later.
2. Talk to your spouse and see if you can work it in at a time that is convenient for everyone.
3. Remember you do need a rest day so if Saturday or Sunday is your rest day – take it!
4. It’s ok if the ‘workout’ looks different as long as you are moving. Make it your cardio day and take the kiddos for a hike, walk, jog in the stroller. Make it a strength training day and do one of these playground workouts. JUST BE SURE OT MOVE.

Ok – what are you going to do this weekend?

Stroller workout found here

Playground workout found here

Fight for it Friday – Week 2

fridayToday is Fight for It Friday. Today instead of focusing on the “workout” component, I want to challenge you to spend a few minutes fighting for your nutrition. Yes, I am asking you to sacrifice a few jumping jacks or burpees for the sake of getting your meals planned for the entire month.  I want you to focus on the monthly meal planning series we have been doing this week. Often I hear, I just keep going out to eat because we don’t have food in the house or I just need a plan. Well, this week we have gone over a step by step plan to plan every meal for the month AND cut down on grocery store trips. But it is going to take time to get it organized and get started.

Fight for it today.



Take time to sit down and go back through the series and PLAN YOUR MONTH. I AM PROMISING that by Sunday I am going to share with you every meal, list, and plan I made.

Can you share with me?

If you need to go back and start looking at the series again – click this link.