Confessions of Pregnant FITness Instructor

Confession: I love pushing myself to the max during workouts.

Fact: This is no longer something I can do while pregnant.

The arrival of the second trimester brought a huge sense of relief. While I never got that second trimester burst of energy I had so desperately hope for, I began to feel more like myself and less like a robot going through the motions of daily life. However, my workouts in the gym have started needing modifications to work around my growing belly and changes in balance. I stopped all abdominal work around 16 weeks. Many people have strong feelings on both sides of the Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) issue regarding any type of abdominal work during pregnancy and for how long it is appropriate —but this is an issue where I had to trust what my body was telling me. I started feeling extremely sore anytime I worked my abdominals so I decided to stop training them entirely. Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Pregnant Fitness Instructor


We are super excited to welcome Amy as a guest blogger. You can read more about Amy here! She is one of our awesome FITness instructors and has an amazing FITness background.  We couldn’t be more excited that she is expecting her third mini one!  Congrats!!!! I am even more excited that she is willing to share her pregnancy journey with us. I know she has tons of tips and #reallife moments for us to show us how to maintain realistic FITness during pregnancy.  Follow along with us as we hear the Confessions of a Pregnant Fitness Instructor.

Meet Amy!!!

Confession: I love drinking copious amounts of coffee, lifting heavy weights, and teaching bootcamp classes.  All of these loves had to be modified when I found out I was pregnant with our third baby in June.  That is not to say I was willing to give anything up (I was not), but I needed to find a way to make lifting weights and teaching a few bootcamp classes work with my changing (growing) body!

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