Move it Monday – Week 12 (Quiet Workout to Look Less Crazy!)

move it mondaySo I’ve been in the hospital for two days with my daughter.  I’ve had some time to sit still and think.  One thing that has been on my mind is how people must feel who are at desk jobs all the time. I can see how all the sitting can start to be hard on your body when you really just want to move.  So today, I tried to write a “move it routine” that could be done in the hospital or in your office or maybe in the hallway while trying to get your baby to take a nap? Something pretty quiet and yet effective.  I am going to do it today and because it is “quiet” hopefully it won’t bother anyone.  I added in some cardio but it is cardio that won’t shake the building! Ha!
Let’s move it together!
Circuit 1:
20 mini jump squats (squat and tiny pulse jumps)
10 reverse lunges/leg come up to front kick
45 second wall sit
15 push ups
Circuit 2:
20 mini jump squats (squat and tiny pulse jumps)
10 squat reach (squat down and then extend up to toes for calf raise)
60 second single leg wall sit (hold one leg up and switch legs every 10 seconds)
15 v push ups
Circuit 3:
20 mini jump squats (squat and tiny pulse jumps)
10 plie squats
45 seconds chair sit on toes (sit down in a chair sit, arms up, then roll up on toes to activate quads)
15 bicycle crunches (r+ l = 1)
Also -you can always just do one circuit in the morning, one at lunch, and one in afternoon just to keep you moving and blood flowing.  Set an alarm on your phone and do something every 2-3 hours.  Break it up if you need movement in your day!!

Stretch it Out

Our awesome new instructor Brynn leads us through a great yoga stretch. In this 10 minute video she will walk you through some great breathing techniques and stretches that will certainly help you if you have a soreness from one of our #specialkindofcrazy classes.

Check it out!!!

Day 4: Stuck at your Desk? MOVE IT 101

PrintIn our series on office FITness we’ve chatted about ways to sneak in cardiac and ways to sneak in some upper body toning. Today let’s bring it to the core!  It is super important to work the core so that your back is strong and your posture correct to ward off any lower back pain.  

  1. First and foremost make sure your posture is correct and strong.  Make sure your feet, hips, and arms are at 90 degree angles to the floor.  Keep your core engaged throughout the day – no slouching! Have you considered one of those desks that allow you to stand and work periodically throughout the day?
  2. Let’s start with fun wheely chairs!  If you have a chair with wheels go ahead and put it arms length away from your desk.  Lightly grab the desk with your hands and pick the feet up off the ground – your lower abs are holding your feet in a hover position.  Gently pull yourself in and out with the chair, keeping feet up at all times.  

We have finished off our series discussing upper, lower, cardio and ab ideas for workplace exercise. I would like to finish today with some challenges or mini workouts put together for you so you can pick and choose throughout the day.


Ok we do tabata a lot in boot camp but how can you do it in high heels.  Let’s try this out:

Do each move 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds – this will take 4 minutes total.

  • Wall sit x 2
  • Tricep dip x 2
  • Wheely chair ab pulls in and out x 2
  • Wall push ups x 2
  • Boom – you worked upper, lower, and abs.

Now hit the stairs.  If you can get a bit more cardio try this tabata (without high heels):

  • Toe taps on landing one x 2
  • Sprint to next landing.
  • Jump up on step and back down x 2
  • Sprint to next landing.
  • Plyo push ups x 2 (hands on the ground do a push up and explode up)
  • Sprint to next landing
  • Plyo lunges on the step x 2
  • Sprint to next landing
  • Toe taps to finish x 2

Another way to work it in during the day: Time of Day Workouts
Let’s say you work 8:30-5:30:

8:30 – wall sit 30 seconds

10:30 – tricep dips 15 reps

1:30 – calf raises 15 reps

3:30 – wall push ups 15 reps

5:30 sprint down stairs on way home – but do toe taps or plyo lunges at each landing!  

A  couple of other ideas: Get some challenges going on at work.  Have a FitBit Challenge to get everyone moving!  Ooooo- I have an idea! Have PowerFull Fitness come out and do a demo workout for you – I would love to get everyone moving with a Pilates or Boot Camp class! If you can’t make that happen – how about come to one of our 5:15 am workouts? You will NOT regret starting your day in a FIT way!

Hope these helps you stay active, staying moving, stay FIT!


Day 3: Stuck at your desk? MOVE IT 101!


Let’s talk ways to sneak in lower body work while at the office!  Always know you can use those stairs to work the legs, do toe taps, lunges up and down, jump squats up and down and more.

Check out this blog post for fun ways to work out on the steps.  But we can be more discreet too.  

  1. The wall sit. Need to read a document? Need to scroll some info on your phone?  Take a seat on the wall and burn the quads out while also checking off your to-do list.  #worksmarternotharder
  2. Let’s do some leg raises.  So yes, we don’t have the gym machine to work this but you can still work those quads without anyone knowing.  Simply place both feet flat on the floor under your desk, then slowly raise one leg up and hold for 5 seconds – lower back down but don’t touch- just hover. Repeat this 12 times on one leg and then do the other.
  3. Pass the Time Leg Raise- Perfect for just standing around at meetings or the copier.  While waiting in the office, do some leg raises to work those calf muscles.  Press up on the balls of your feet, hold, and release.  You can make this harder by only hovering instead of touching down with your reps OR you can try doing one leg at a time.
  4. Wanna Multi-Task the Thighs? Grab a pack of paper and place it between your knees and press your legs inward to hold it in.  This will work the inner thigh while you read your emails!

Day 2: Stuck at your desk? MOVE IT 101!


Yesterday we talked ways to sneak in some cardio at work. Today I want to talk some ways to sneak in some upper body strength training.


  1. Tricep dips – these can be done anywhere you have a chair (a non rolling chair that is!)  Using a sturdy desk or a non-rolling chair, sit at the very edge and place your hands on either side of your body while gripping the chair’s edge. With your feet planted on the floor a step or two away from the desk or chair, straighten up the arms to lift up the body. Next, bend the arms to reach a 90-degree angle so that your body dips down, hold, and re-straighten while keeping the body raised above the chair. Complete 8-10 reps. The further your feet are away from you, the harder this becomes.  
  2. Curls – yep curls.  Find the heaviest thing you have in your office, stand up and do 12 bicep curls per arm.  Ideas?  Water bottles, heavy purses, office equipment? I don’t care what it is – just curl it up!
  3. Make a Wish!  Well you may be dreaming of going home but right now we are going to pretend you are the genie in the lamp. Bring your feet into a crisscross applesauce position up in the chair. Then press your palms on the hand rest and push yourself up and hold hovering off the chair for 20 seconds.  Release back down and repeat.  If your chair spins – WATCH OUT – THIS WILL BE HARDER.
  4. Pound out the Push Ups – you don’t have to get on the floor.  Place both hands against a wall (not a cubicle wall!) and and pound out a few wall push ups.  Try to do 12-15 reps
  5. Learning and Burnin’ – back up against a sturdy wall and only touch it with your forearms. Then, slowly lean back until your upper arm is just about to touch and the push away.  You will feel this in the triceps.
  6. Bicep Burns – Grab your desk and push yourself away until your head is parallel to the floor then gradually roll yourself back in, pulling with the bicep.  


Day 1: Stuck at your desk? MOVE IT 101!

PrintI want to help you come up with some ways to keep moving at your desk while at work.  This little series of blog posts is designed to help you keep your body moving and feeling good all day long.

Today let’s talk quick cardio in your office!

I think a lot of what would help is having an alarm set.  I know I don’t work at a desk but when we had snow day this winter, I just set an alarm to go off on my phone every two hours.  If we were engaged in a series of movie watching – I knew that every two hours we had to move.  You can do the same thing at work.  Every 60 minutes have a 3 minute break. Think about that -if you work eight hours that is 24 minutes of working out each day.  That is pretty good!

So let’s talk some ideas for cardio moves during the day.

Ok easy ideas first:

  1. Park FURTHER AWAY or get off the metro one stop early.  These are super simple ways to get a few steps in just GETTING to work.
  2. Take the stairs – always.  The end.
  3. Ok while we are on the stairs – if you have landings between each flight.  Walk up (or better yet jog) up, and at each landing – do 20 toe taps on the bottom of the stairs.  REpeat all the way up stopping at each landing for your toe tap station (as fast as you can).  I wouldn’t recommend this one in heels.
  4. Ok so your shoes don’t allow the toe tap fun? Then work on taking steps two or three at a time for a real cardio burst and glute workout.

Today I challenge you to do ONE cardio thing for yourself at work.  Be it parking further away, walking to lunch, taking the stairs ALL.DAY.LONG., or doing some twinkle toes on the steps – move it!