Workout Wednesday – Week 19

Here are a couple of moves you can practice to start to gain balance. Do this circuit two to three times through, 10 reps each.  It will challenge your core as you work to stabilize your body.

Single leg dead lift

Single arm overhead press – add squat for more challenge but only press up one arm

Stability ball plank – grab a stability ball and place forearms on it for more practice balancing. Hold for 30-60 seconds

Lateral lunge – practice going side to side and only count one side!

Extra challenge: Try going into single leg squats. You can use a chair as you work to improve your balance

The Do Anywhere Scorch Calories, Tight & Tone Everything Plyo Workout: Guest Post!


Workout #2 in our mini series for losing lower belly pooch.  This time we’re using plyometrics!

The Do Anywhere Scorch Calories, Tight and Tone Everything Plyo workout!

by Ginny Bolling, Personal Trainer, Certified Life Coach

I am often having to write workout plan for clients who travel for work, spend several days in hotels with limited time to get to a gym.  So here is one of my favorite anytime anywhere plyo workouts that need no equipment but your own body and a clock or stopwatch.  This can be made shorter by decreasing sets or number of seconds for each exercise. It can also be ramped up by adding sets or seconds for each!  This is no joke so be warned, you will be challenged!

Plyo circuit:  

  1. Do each exercise back to back with the least possible amount of rest between and as fast as you can to get as many reps as possible for 20-45 seconds each
  2. Rest
  3. Repeat as many rounds as you can up to 8.

(I try to get in 8 rounds of 45 seconds for each, which takes around 40-45 minutes!)


  1.  Standing crunches: arms overhead, lift one knee up toward chest while bringing arms down elbows each side of knee squeezing abs, repeat opposite leg
  2.  Jump lunges:  jump into a lunge position, jump up and switch leg and land in opposite lunge
  3.  Mountain climbers:  plank straight arms, run in place bringing knees in to chest as far as possible
  4.  Line hops:  jump up and over an imaginary line on floor back and forth bringing feet up toward butt each jump
  5.  Burpees:  place hands on floor, jump into plank, jump back into squat, from bottom jump up as high as you can reaching arms overhead toward sky
  6.  Sit ups:  just basic sit ups as many as you can; can hold a weight to increase challenge

On-the-go Ab workout: Guest Post!

PrintFollow along with this mini series to find two workouts for losing lower belly pooch!

On-the-go abdominal workout

by Ginny Bolling, Personal Trainer


Abs are made in the kitchen is a true statement! You have to eat clean if you want to see results in your midsection especially! But along with the clean diet, there are exercises that can really help keep things tight and strong. Do this workout twice a week for great results along with your diet and cardio plan! No equipment needed, you can do this anywhere anytime!

 Circuit through 10 reps each 5 total rounds:

  1. Plank mountain climbers

  2. Plank on elbows hip rotation

  3. Plank cross mountain climbers

  4. Spiderman plank

  5. Reverse curls

  6. Starfish crunch

For more info on the moves check out these directions:
1. Straight arm plank: alternate bringing knee to chest  

2.  Plank on elbows: rotate lower body to touch right hip to floor, return to plank and rotate to touch left hip to floor, hold abs tight entire time

3.  Same as #1 but bring right knee to left side of chest or left elbow and left knee to right side of chest or elbow

4.  Spiderman plank: a straight arm plank, step right leg up beside right hand, return to plank, step left foot beside left hand and repeat

5.  Reverse curls: lie on back, arms at sides, bend knees and bring knees up to chest curling lower body lifting hips off floor

6.  Starfish crunch: lie on back with legs out straight and slightly to each side, arms above straight over head and out to side to look like a star shape, keeping arm and leg straight, lift left arm and right leg up to touch hand to foot, return and repeat with right arm to left leg

Diastasis Recti Workout: Part II


This is the second post in our series by Guest Blogger Jennifer.  

Make sure you caught the first post here!

In the first post in this series we talked about what is Diastasis Recti and how to diagnose yourself at home.  Today, we talk … well how do you fix it?  One of the things we discussed was doing different ab work.  Here it is!

Diastasis Recti Workout

Heel Drop – 2 rounds of 10-25 reps. 

Heel Slide – 2 rounds of 10 – 25 reps.

Bicycle – extend each foot 25 times.

Reverse Bicycle – not videoed, but an option if you so choose.

Lying down Weight Pull – 10-25 depending on your strength and weight you choose to lift

Side Slide – 5-15 reps each side.

Pelvic Tilt – 3 rounds of 10 reps

Heels to Heaven – 5 reps

Overhead Standing weight pull (triceps pull) – 10-25 reps.

Contractions (repeatedly pulling belly button to spine while holding in pelvic floor) – 4 rounds of 25.

Elevators (pulling belly button to spine while holding in pelvic floor ) – hold while counting out loud to 10 , 20, or 30.  3-5 rounds



Download your copy of the workout here: Diastasis Recti Workout

Follow along with me here to complete the workout together!

What is Diastasis Recti? Part I

Check out our 2 part series from Guest Blogger Jennifer on Diastasis Recti.  You can find the other post here.

What is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis (dye-uh-STAY-siss REK-tye) Recti is when the left side and the right side of the Rectus Abdominus (your six pack) separate.  This does not mean the two sides have been sliced apart from each other.  It means the connective tissue between the two sides has been stretched and thinned.

How does one get Diastasis Recti?

D.R. comes from excessive intra-abdominal pressure.  (pressure from the inside of the abdomen pressing outward)  Situations that can cause this level of pressure are pregnancy, weight gain in the abdomen, and doing ab exercises without proper form.  Sometimes even children can have it.

How do I know if I have Diastasis Recti?

You can go to a physician and get tested and have an ultrasound.  BUT, there is also a test you can do on yourself in the comfort of your own home.   

  1. Lie flat on your back.
  2. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor.
  3. Place your hand, palm down, on your abdomen with your middle finger over your belly button.
  4. Stand your hand so that your finger tips are the only thing touching your belly.
  5. Gently press down, just a little.

Now, that you are wondering about my sanity and directions (haha!), gently lift your head, just off the floor, while tightening your abs.

IF you have Diastasis Recti, you will feel your abs tightening around the outside of your fingers.

IF you do NOT have Diastasis Recti, you will feel your abs tightening under your fingers.

Now, if you felt your abs tightening around your fingers OR you could not feel them at all, it is now time to figure out how deep and how wide the separation is.

You will now repeat the steps above until you can figure out how many fingers will fit between your left side and right side.

Once you determine how wide the separation is you will do the above again to find if your separations depth.  The depth typically fits in the categories of shallow, medium, or deep.

NOW, for the next two items on the list.  You will AGAIN, do the above steps to find how many fingers you can fit 2-3 inches above your belly button and then 2-3 inches below your belly button.

For instance, my diastasis is a 1-4-2.  Deep at the 4.  I have been working on mine for a few weeks and have seen my top go from a 3 to a 1 and my bottom from a 3 to a 2.

Typically a 2 finger width or less is considered non-problematic.

What do I do now that I know I have Diastasis Recti?  How do I fix it?

Splint:  This is a special splint that is supposed to be worn 24/7.  It simply holds the separated abs closer together so the connective tissue has the opportunity to heal.

Rehabilitative Exercises:  (See the new D.R. AB workout video in the 3rd part of this series!)

Avoid traditional ab exercises and positions that require twisting and/or sitting up like crunches, V sits, etc.  When getting up from a horizontal position (like lying in bed) roll over onto your side and then use your arms to push into an upright position.  These types of exercises/positions require the 6-pack muscles to tighten and pull and if you have D.R. those muscles are unable to do that action.  As a result the position can cause the separation to worsen.  Nobody wants that!

Learn to use your TVA: (Transverse Abdominus) also known as your “internal girdle.”  This muscle should be engaged during your daily activities such as: sitting, standing, walking and especially when lifting, pulling, pushing.


Thank you for your amazing insight Jennifer!  We really appreciate this series!

The Core – It Isn’t Just Your Abs

thecoreAfter having Jackson, I got back into my ab routine. I was determined. I did my ab routine 3 times a week religiously. And it was starting to work. But I had a problem – my back was killing me. During the workout, my back was just aching.  I started doing some research and discovered that I was hurting because I wasn’t working my total core. I had neglected to strengthen my back and therefore it wasn’t strong enough to support the work I was doing on my rectus abdominis.

So I want to be sure that your ab routine incorporates some back strengthening exercises as well.

Here are a few you can use in your routine:

  1. Superman with row – on your stomach, lift your feet and arms up off the floor (as if you are flying). Pull your arms back, squeezing the shoulder blades together. Return to starting position and repeat. A modification is to only do the upper body and leave the legs down.
  2. Rocketman – on your stomach, place your arms own alongside your body with your palms up.  Bring your chest up off the floor and then back down.  To make it harder you can add in your legs going up as well.  The difference between this and the superman is that on superman your arms are out above your head and on rocketman they are alongside your body.

Both of these exercises can be added into your ab routine and will help you tone your entire core and protect your back!

If you need more routines, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I will get a program designed for you and the life stage you are in right now.

When do I do my Ab Workout?

whendoIdoabworkoutAbs are like any other muscle group, they need time to help in between each workout. When we work out, we tear the muscle fibers and they need time in between to heal before doing it again.  So aim to incorporate an ab routine 3-4 (at most) times a week.  I personally do my abs 3 times a week on my strength training days.  Repeat after me: I do not have to do abs

If you are doing strength training and abs on the same day, it is good to do the ab routine either at the end of the routine or in between sets. Doing the abs first may fatigue you too much and hinder good form when you are lifting. I like to do a set of chest/back moves (or whatever day it is) and then 3 ab exercises. Then go on to the next set and come back with more abs. This also keeps me from getting bored!

Did you just eat? Ok – wait a bit before working the abs.  Eating a large meal RIGHT before can make you sluggish and eating NOTHING at all can also hinder your work out because you are tired. So have a light snack about 30 minutes before you work out to give you the energy you need for an efficient, PowerFull workout.

Work it out!


Lose the MAT! Abs Can be Worked Without Being on the Floor

losethematI get bored. Quickly. With just about anything. My work outs are no different. If I’m not constantly switching it up and varying my routine, I start to begrudge the work out which leads to less effort which leads to less results.  I cannot just be on a mat all the time endlessly crunching, trying to get a six pack.

If you are like me – don’t worry! We can find TONS of fun ways to do abs without ever being on a mat.

  1. Kickboxing – I teach cardio kickboxing and I tell my girls all the time that it is an hour long ab class! Why?  When you are pulling your legs up – you are working your lower abdominals. The higher you pull, the more they work. So if you need to put some funk in your workout, try a kick boxing class. Or do some standing front kicks and roundhouse routines as part of your ab day.  (bonus – you are working glutes too!)
  2. Pilates – Try a pilates routine to strengthen the core. The total body routine requires your abs to stabilize the body.
  3. Add some balance into your weight training – do your bicep curls, overhead presses, tricep extensions on one leg.  Balancing on one leg requires the body to stabilize and uses the core to control the balance. Boom – arm workout and abs.  Multitasking at its finest.
  4. Cardio blast your ab routine – Try mountain climbers, standing high knees, power squats, power jacks, tuck jumps. Any ab routine that is fast, furious, and gets the heart rate pumping does two things – it not only activates and works the abs but also gets the heart rate up, burning more calories and therefore helping you lose excess body fat (which is covering up your beautiful abs!)

If you are getting bored – add something new into your ab routine.  Here is a 4 minute tabata style cardio ab routine that will you get sweat and results in no time!  If you want more work outs – message me!  I’m here and have tons of work outs on my site for my monthly members.  I can help you design a work out calendar, program, and routine. We will get you the results you want – together!

Abs are Made in the Kitchen

absinkitchenI know, I know – it sounds like a cliche but this time it does ring true. We can do crunches and sit ups and planks until we are blue in the face but to get a ripped core, we have to think about what we are feeding our bodies as well.  I have a list of some foods that you should be incorporating into your diet so that you can really whittle down the middle.  These foods help with shredding our core because they are:

  1. High in fiber so that helps control our hunger levels and banish bloat
  2. They are full of antioxidatns and vitamins that will power our work out
  3. They are full of protein to help keep our metabolism fueled and running effectively


So here is your list!

  1. Almonds – one serving is roughly 24 almonds. A great on the go snack because they can help control blood sugar which will prevent over eating and cravings later.
  2. Cruciferous veggies – broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, aspsaragus, peppers.  These all contain vitamins and fiber which are going to help you on your ab attack mission.  You can eat these raw, dipped in hummus, or on salads. Roast them for sandwiches, side dishes, and wraps.  Here is a roasting veggies cheat sheet for ya!
  3. Apples – hello fiber!  Apples are packed with fiber to really help you cut out cravings later.  A large one has 5 grams of fiber but is mostly water so you get your fiber, you feel fuller longer, and you aren’t out a ton of calories!
  4. Quinoa – again this is a protein packed grain. I love it beause it gives me my “carb” fix in a healthy way. One cup has 5 grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein!  You can put it in wraps, in salads, use it with roasted veggies for a side.  The options are endless.
  5. Salmon – this fish is full of healthy fats that will ultimately help you burn more fat by aiding your metabolism.  Here is a great easy weeknight meal to help you work this in your diet.  Want an even better way to pump up that meal? Replace the couscous with quinoa AND BOOM – you’ve just had two of the suggestion from our list in one night.


Pick a new food and add it to your list this week!  What’s it gonna be?!?!