Interval Run – Strength and Speed

Here’s a great workout you can do to bring in strength and work on speed as well!

To begin you’ll need to measure out a 1/4 mile track. If you are using your GPS or phone you can just watch for when you hit .25 then  do the strength section.

Run ¼ mile.  Do 50 walking lunges (count each leg)

Run ¼ mile.  50 push ups (complete in groups of 10!)

Run ¼ mile.   50 squats to calf raise.

Run ¼ mile.  50 v push ups

One mile done!

Run ¼ mile. Do walking lunges (count each leg)

Run ¼ mile. 50 tricep dips (off bench or on ground)

Run ¼ mile.  50 jump squats

Run ¼ mile. 50 jumping jax.

Two miles done! Great job!

Interval Run – Strength and Speed on the Hilltop

In continuation of our Interval Run Series…I bring you the hilltop workout!  Now for this, you’ll need to find a hill to and adjust the circuit repeats based on the size of your hill!  (ie shorten for longer hill!)

Circuit One: Total Body
5 super burpees
Down – back – plank jack – push up – in/out/ – up – tuck jump
15 standing climbers – count one leg
12-20 push ups
15 walking lunges (count each leg) – the sprint/explode to top/jog down

Circuit Two: Legs/Abs
Legs: 15 split squats/leg
Legs: 20 power jacks
Abs: 15 Pike to Plank
Sprint entire hill/walk or jog down
Repeat circuit 3 times

Circuit Three: Arms/Abs
15 v push ups
10 inchworms then sprint entire hill/walk or jog down
Repeat two times


And there you have it my friends. A way to work on speed, stamina, and total body strength.



Move it Monday – PowerHouse Abs

Welcome to 2017 and your Move It Monday.  
In our private Facebook group for members, we are spending January focusing on the PowerHouse. Our Move It Monday routines are all about the abs and lower back (your power core).  Here is a super fast way to get those abs fired up.
Circuit One: Warm Up
Regular plank x 30 seconds
Side plank right with leg lift x 30 seconds (lift and lower the top leg while holding side plank)
Side plank left with leg lift x 30 seconds
Low plank (on forearm) x 30 seconds
Circuit Two: Test your Endurance
Regular plank x 60 seconds
Side plank right with leg lift x 60 seconds
Side plank left with leg lift x 60 seconds
Low plank (on forearm) x 60 seconds

Interval Run – Alternating Sprints and Jogs

All of June, we are focusing on interval runs for our Monday workouts. Here is the second run I gave our PowerFull Fitness crew.

11 Minute Interval Run – Repeat for one round or as many as you’d like.

2:00 light jog
30 second sprint
30 second walk

1:30 light jog
30 second sprint

1:00 light jog
30 second sprint
30 second walk

1:00 light jog
30 second sprint

1:00 light jog
30 second walk

Its All About the Jump Rope!

Our instructor Eileen recently introduced jump ropes into her boot camp classes. There may have been some moaning and groaning but man what a great workout. Jumping rope burns a ton of calories during and post workout. It is a piece of equipment you can carry anywhere and really get your workout on!  And while giving you a great heart pumping workout (increasing cardiovascular endurance), it also forces you to focus on balance and coordination (which leads to a focus on the core!)

I’m excited to thank Henrik Nielsen, author of the website:  for developing a great infographic exclusively for our PowerFull Fitness members!!  These can be done at home, on the road, or with your kids!  Grab your jump rope, put on Mandi’s 80s playlist, and get your calves burning.

Download the workout here! You can print it out and use it anytime you need an awesome workout. Thanks Henrik for including a beginner and advanced version!

Family FITness Fun

As we round out February and our Ready to Be…Engaged focus – I thought it would be cool to figure out some ways to engage your family in your FITness journey.  And what better way than to pull in some outside guest bloggers to share their expertise?

Henrik Nielsen, author of the website: has also developed a great infograph exclusively for our Powerfull FITness families.  Take a peak, grab your families, and engage in BE-ing FIT together.

Check out this awesome document! I love the idea of picking a challenge for the week – that is something everyone can get excited about.

Download this document, hang it up, and lets engage in FITness together!

Thanks for the great ideas Henrik!

Move It Monday – Week 17

Need a quick body weight workout to get your day going? This is a great workout you can do anywhere, anytime.  This is an AMRAP workout meaning you do as may reps as you can in the time allotted. For this circuit there are three rounds.  

See how many sets you can get in during the time allotted.

Take a 30-45 sec rest between rounds

Round 1 – 5 mins

Round 2 – 4 mins

Round 3 – 3 mins


Rnd1: 6 pushups, 8 Burpees, 12 lunges (L/R is 1, can jump for more cardio), 16 sit ups

Rnd2: 5 pushups, 6 Burpees, 10 lunges (L/R is 1, can jump for more cardio), 14 sit ups

Rnd3: 4 pushups, 4 Burpees, 8 lunges (L/R is 1, can jump for more cardio), 12 sit ups

Move it Friends! You won’t regret this workout!

PowerFull Playlists – Music that Motivates from TODAY!

Ok let’s not just stay all in the past!  Check out this playlist from today’s top hits!

Today’s Pop Bootcamp Playlist

  1. That’s My Girl – 5th Harmony
  2. Me Too – Meghan Trainor
  3. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars
  4. Black Widow – Iggy Azalea
  5. Turn Down for What – DJ Snake and Lil Jon
  6. Anaconda – Nicki Minaj
  7. Fireball – Pitbull
  8. 1941 – Klaypex
  9. Worth It – 5th Harmony
  10. Play hard – David Guetta
  11. I love it – Icona Pop
  12. Can’t Hold Us – Mackelmore
  13. What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction
  14. Shut up and Dance – Walk the Moon
  15. Till The World Ends – Britney Spears
  16. I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you – Black kids
  17. HandClap – Fitz and the Tantrums
  18. Victorious – Panic! At the Disco

And Mandi was so awesome – check out how you can make this playlist YOUR uber fast…

Follow this link.  If you have an amazon prime account, you can click the links and then “add to my music”, “+” or “follow”, which will put them in your amazon prime music folder. This will make it easier for you to open and use the playlists directly through amazon prime.

Today’s Bootcamp Playlist