Myth Busting with Hannah – Muscle HAVE to be Sore

Myth: The more sore you are, the better the workout you got.

Muscle soreness is more an indication of using your muscles in a different way than usual. Everyone’s different: some people feel sore very easily, and others never feel sore. Just because you’re not really sore doesn’t mean you didn’t get in a great, effective workout.  The most important questions to ask yourself are:  did you use good form with the appropriate weight for the exercise?  Did you allow yourself time to recover between sets and between workouts?  Did you enjoy the exercise?



Tips for Exercising in the Heat

Ok lets start this post right.  If you have conditions (ie asthma) that make exercising in the heat dangerous – DON’T DO IT.   If you are finding that exercising in the heat is making you miserable – DON’T DO IT.  Listen to your body, it knows what it needs.  But if getting out and getting your sweat on sounds fun to you today, you still need to be cautious.  Here are a few tips you may want to consider:

  1. Adjust the expectations of your workout.  Working out in the heat will take more energy so your “level” may drop from your normal. That is ok!  You haven’t lost “ability” your body is accommodating the conditions.
  2. Opt for a visor that doesn’t trap heat, instead of a hat.  If you need the full hat for sun coverage go for it – but if a visor is a viable option, try it out.
  3. Avoid working out in the hottest part of the day. Summer is the perfect time to try an early am or an evening class.
  4. Hydrate before, during and after.
  5. Wear loose, light clothing that doesn’t trap heat.
  6. Sunscreen!  So much sunscreen!

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Stretches for Mobility

My new favorite thing is to work on mobility stretches. Mobility can improve the range of motion in our movement and improve our posture. It can also aid in taking away everyday aches and pains. Over time, if done consistently, it  can improve stiffness in class and improve the range of motion in your movements.  The goal may be to add in 3-5 days this week of short 3-5 minute mobility training. Here are three great mobility exercises you can try now! Continue Reading →

Yoga Flows for Recovery


You know now that I’ve sustained a fairly sizable back injury – the idea of restoration is even more important to me. What can you do each week to make sure you are getting in the rest, stretching, and restoration that you need?

Here is one of Leah’s awesome full body stretch yoga videos!

I love the PiYo Flow section from our PiYo class too. It does build some heat but it also provides an excellent opportunity for stretching and holding.  Here is one you can try!

Restore friends. Take it from me – it is super important!  Don’t forget you can check out our Saturday Yoga class or our Monday Yoga Flow Express too.  Adding these into your routine will increase your strength, core, stability, and give you that restore that you need!  You can check out our schedule here!

Sticking to Your Workout Routine

Ever notice how your mood can sway you? Your workload? Your energy levels? Your to-do list? Your schedule? All of these (and more!) can derail even your best intentions for the day. While you will feel energized, motivated, and less stressed after your workout, sometimes it’s hard to truly understand that until after the fact.

Rather than letting yourself be swayed by these roadblocks, help yourself stick to your plan by actually making a plan! Pull out your calendar and plot your workouts for the week or month. Write them down and keep them like you would any other appointment. Writing them out will help you, too, to look ahead and plan realistically. If you have a crazy busy day, make that your rest day or contingency workout day. Be honest with yourself and what you can put in your schedule so that you can be successFULL in meeting your goals. Continue Reading →

Keep Progressing – How to Track Your Workouts

One of the best aids for writing goals that are challenging, reachable and effect change is to keep a workout journal. This will help you know where you’ve been so that you know where you want to go next. It will also serve as an encouragement to you to see how you’re progressed.

What you record from your workouts is up to you, and will depend on the type of workout that you’re doing. Here are some suggestions:   Continue Reading →

Workout Wednesday – Traveling Tabata Part Four

Our final in the series on traveling tabatas by Hannah!  If you want to check out the others check out part one, part two, and part three.  Each one of those focuses on specific muscle groups. Today’s workout is a full body workout.

Full Body Tabata Workout:  Do each exercise for 20 seconds then take a 10 second rest.   Complete each pair 2-4 times before moving on to the next pair of exercises.  If you do each pair 4 times you’ll have a solid 20 minute workout!

  • Plank up downs AND burpees
  • Tricep dip to Russian kick AND mountain climbers
  • Squats AND tuck jumps
  • Single-leg Romanian deadlifts to a knee raise AND vertical jumps
  • Plank with alternating leg raises AND fast feet to plank or push up (think football drill)

(For deadlifts, start standing. One foot stays planted on the ground while you hinge at the hip; the other leg lifts off the ground as you bend forward, staying in line with your body all the way from head to heel. Come all the way back up to standing straight. Here’s the best tutorial video I’ve found of it; he uses a kettle bell, but even just using body weight, this is a very effective exercise.