Think Twice Thursday – Starbucks Edition

Each Thursday in October our PowerFull Fitness group “thought twice” about those yummy drinks we love to have for Fall. Do I think you should go get yourself a pumpkin spice latte and live it up? YES. Do I think you need to do it everyday…well….no.

So for those days you wanna fight the urge with something a bit more FIT – Think Twice with me! Continue Reading →

Think Twice Thursday – Week 10

think twice thursdayThink Twice – Are you Working Out Too Much?

Wait what? Dd Laura just say that? Yep. Yep I did because I want balance. I read this article in Women’s Health Magazine and I really liked some of what they had to say. I wanted to pull out my faves.

So a couple of signs you might be overdoing it:

1. You don’t remember the last time you enjoyed a workout – friends. If you are DREADING every single one – we need to evaluate or mix it up. I know getting up and moving isn’t easy but if it is something you dread all day, maybe it is time to try a new class, move the schedule a bit, give your body a break from the routine.

2. You’re always exhausted and dragging. Exercise (although tough) should also give you a bit of a boost. If you are always feeling lethargic – you may be in burnout mode. Take a day off (take a week off if you have to) but give yourself time to heal. Then ease back in and you’re workouts later will actually improve because you let your body recover. (PS YOU SHOULD NOT BE WORKING OUT 7 DAYS A WEEK – ALWAYS TAKE A TRUE REST DAY)

3. You don’t see results. If you are pushing sooo hard and not seeing any changes in strength or the way you feel, you may have plateaued because your workouts are too repetitive. (This is why boot camp instructors always mix up the workout). Be sure to change your routine up if you need to – add in barre and sub out a boot camp. Try piyo instead of an early morning jog. Whatever you need to do to challenge the body.

What is the key? Balance. We can overdo it and we have to be in tune with our body and willing to recognize when change OR recovery is needed. Honor that body – it is the only one you get!

Watch Out for Misleading Recipes!

Yesterday a fellow boot camper and I were chatting about making our own snacks. One thing that can get me in trouble is finding recipes labeled “healthy” or “protein packed” only to find some pretty high calorie counts. So here I am thinking I’m eating a healthy snack and really I’m inhaling a ton of unnecessary calories.
NOW – do I want you to feel like your snacks have to be teeny tiny little flaky things? NO! The exactly opposite. Your snacks need to filling, clean, and full of protein and other good “energy boosts.” If you just eat lettuce for snack, YOU WILL BE HUNGRY later and will find that you take in much more later during the day. BUT we have to wary of people saying something is “healthy” when it is packed with high calorie, low nutrient ingredients.
One tool I use when trying out a new muffin, bread, granola bar, or snack recipe is this.  Being able to plug in the recipe gives me some pretty good info.   Once I enter the recipe, I can play with the serving size to make it fit my calorie needs. I also play around the substitutions (ie swapping honey for sugar, bananas for oil etc)
Today – think twice on what you are believing from Pinterest. I’ve been fooled a couple of times!

Think Twice Thursday – Week 9

think twice thursdayWell….Elli has two little issues going on. Our asthma. And a serious belly ache. And we are working through helping her really be “healthy” in the belly. This means focusing on our diet and making sure that what we are eating is helping her stay as healthy and regular as possible.
So – I’m learning all about fiber and healthy gut diet. If you are looking for a healthy snack that helps your gut as well – THINK TWICE about reaching for something processed and try some of these new snacks we are incorporating into our diet.
whole wheat – avoid white!!!
bran flakes
Fruits and veggies – UP THE INTAKE IN ALL CASES but these are some great ones:
(keeping skin on is great!)
sweet potato
Foods to avoid:
refined sugar
white flour
So today if you are thinking – what is a good healthy snack for me? Pick something from the list above to help you feel full (with the fiber) and help heal your gut!

Think Twice Thursday – Week 8

think twice thursdaySince I just had a terrible 12 hour virus, it seemed like a good time to think about working out + being sick. I get asked this a lot – when to workout through a sickness and when to take it easy. Before I start *disclaimer* I am NOT AN MD so please just take this as a suggestion and always consult a physician if you have concerns!
Ok – that’s out of the way.
Let’s think twice about working out while sick.
1. Fever? Call it quits. Raising your core temperature while already have a raised temp is no good. It can make you even sicker. If you have a fever – sit it out. For real. Give your body a chance to recover. I actually sit it out on fever day AND THE FOLLOWING day. If I couldn’t eat or move on Tuesday, I don’t have the energy for working out the following day either – even if fever is gone.
2. Another rule of thumb I’ve discovered after chatting with my general MD is that If your symptoms are ABOVE the neck (ie sore throat, nasal congestion, sneezing, and tearing eyes) then trying a workout is probably ok. If your symptoms are below the neck, such as coughing, body aches, fever, and fatigue, then it’s time to call it quits until these symptoms subside. I use this same rule of thumb with my kids in terms of playing outside, running around etc.
My best advice – LISTEN to your body. This is when the idea of MARATHON not sprint comes into play. If you are sick – take it easy. If you can’t go full out but wanna move – go for a walk. Seriously – this is a lifestyle. Taking one day off from #specialkindofcrazy boot camp doesn’t mean you are quitting, it means you are giving your body what it needs so you can come back again stronger.
But let’s be proactive friends! Exercise in general can help boost your body’s natural defenses against illness and infection. According to WebMD, “Thirty minutes of regular exercise three to four times a week has been shown to raise immunity by raising levels of T cells, which are one of the body’s first defenses against infection.”
Hope this helps!
Think twice friends and carry on!

Think Twice Thursday – Week 7

think twice thursdayToday is Think Twice Thursday and I’m so happy to share it with you on Thanksgiving.  So many things that we need to Think Twice about today right?  In church last Sunday our preacher shared about the 10 lepers that Christ healed and how only one of the ten came back and said thank you.  Wow.  Here they received such an amazing gift and didn’t have the time just to say thank you.  I do not want to be that person.  I do not want to be soo busy that I don’t have the time to even say thanks.  So before I start with my FITness think twice – I want to stop and think twice and tell you THANK YOU. Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey. Thank you for letting me share with you. Thank you for sharing with me and teaching me so much.

We have been in our #fittofeast campaign prepping for Thanksgiving and now we are ready. We are ready to enjoy our day with family and friends because we have been proactive in getting FIT both physically and mentally this holiday season. We’ve worked on 30 days of healthy habits.   We have talked about ways to stay active even when we are busy. We’ve talked about tricks and tips for sneaking healthy foods into our daily habits.  So today – what can we think twice about?

  1. Think twice about this day and how you can change your perspective by truly focusing on what you are thankful for.  STOP and really take time to say thank you.
  2. Make sure you are celebrating this day and not the food. This isn’t a day for gorging, it is a day for celebrating so many blessings that we have.  Change your perspective.
  3. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your holiday food.  Enjoy and DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. It is a day.  As my friend Leslie said, “one ‘unhealthy meal’ doesn’t make you unhealthy anymore than eating ONE salad makes you healthy.”  Seriously – this is where the ideas of moderation, balance, REALISTIC, AND sustainable lifestyle really come into play.  Enjoy the meal, savor it, and move on.  Ok? Promise?
  4. Think twice about how you can set an example of healthy living for your family and your kiddos.
  5. If you need anything else -refer back to this awesome little guide for a FIT Thanksgiving!  Just click here –  5Tipsfor-Thanksgiving

You guys are awesome.  Stop today. Think twice about all we are learning. And Happy Thanksgiving!

Think Twice Thursday – Week 6

think twice thursdayTotally laughed out loud today because our early AM workout is by a BBQ place. So…yep. While we are working out, all I smell is bacon. I made a comment and one mama​ said “how much protein is in that bacon 😉 ” Bahahaha!

Got me thinking though – we did that lower sugar challenge, have yall been paying attention still?

Have you been thinking about the amount of protein vs sugar in your day?

Today – is Think Twice Thursday. I want you to THINK about your meals and decide if it is helping you hit YOUR protein goals.

I have REALLY been trying to pay attention. Recently I discovered a new protein bar I like (found at Giant). I was eating the Nature Valley protein bar but it only 11 grams protein + 9 grams sugar. I recently discovered the Think Thin bar.

Two kinds: The full on one has 240 calories and I eat that on CRAZY days in the afternoon or days I know dinner will be later (ie have to do pick up, then piano, then errands etc). On days of earlier dinner I get the LEAN protein one that is 150 calories.
240 calories – TWENTY GRAMS of protein 5 sugar
150 calories one – 10 grams of protein 5 grams sugar

So it REALLY holds me over WAY better than the other one I was eating. I’m going to head to Giant today to compare the price to this amazon price. But I am definitely stocking up on these.

Here’s another blog post on protein

How are you gonna hit your protein goal today?

Think Twice Thursday – Week 5

think twice thursdaySo today I want to talk more about sugar. Why? Because I’m learning SO MUCH myself and seeing how my body is responding to my lower sugar diet.

Consider the glycemic index. Foods that are ranked high on the glycemic index are higher in sugar. What does this mean? It means it spikes your insulin which can lead to crashes, hunger, and binges. Foods ranking high on the glycemic index—over 70—are usually loaded with sugars and starch—think rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, flour-based food, and most processed foods.

So today – THINK TWICE. Avoid any food that ranks 70 or higher on the glycemic index. It would be cool if you could report in – do a search and see what one of your ‘STAPLE’ foods ranks. Do you need to cut it out?

Go here and type in your food and see the GI score. I just did a banana and an apple. Banana = 47 Apple = 41

Then I searched pop tart 😉 70. That is a no go!

Try it – type in a food and let me know the score! A great way to keep those sugars and blood sugars in check.

Think Twice Thursday – Week 5

think twice thursdayYesterday I realized – man- I did a lot of “mindless nibbling.” Anyone else? I licked the spoon from the cookies we made. I had to “sample” the bread before serving. Jackson wanted to share his snack with me. These things add up. Today I want you to think about it before you eat it. We’ve done this before but we are zoning back in on it today. You guys are working TOO HARD with me to mindless eat away your calories. Let’s be intentional about what is going in our mouth.

So – are you mindless eating? Here are some tips:

– make yourself record EVERYTHING that goes in your mouth
– at least keep precut veggies around and use those if you feel “snack-y”
– get out of the house and go for a walk!
– work out!
– eat at the SAME TIME as your kids this way you aren’t eating their food – you have your own plate. I think this is a huge mistake we often make! Fix everyone’s food and everyone sit down together.
– if you know you like to sample all the ‘mixes’ while baking (hello Laura…) then sip on hot tea or chew gum while cooking!

Ok today I want you to comment below when you “win.” When you turn away from the goldfish crackers or fruit chews. Share with us your THINK TWICE moment!

Think Twice Thursday – Week 4

think twice thursdayOk – that Tip on Tuesday about working out with a little bit in your tummy made me think we should cover post workout noshing too!!!

To replenish lost energy while also helping worked muscles repair, eat a 150-calorie post-workout snack within 30 minutes after your workout. Aim for a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein.

Ideas :
-One extra small apple (53 calories) with one tablespoon peanut butter (94 calories): 147 calories
-Trail mix made with 18 peanuts (97 calories) and a mini box of raisins (45 calories): 142 calories
-Greek yogurt with fruit and add a bit of fruit on top for that carb as well
-Nut butter with banana on whole wheat toast/pita
-Banana with pb
(I think I like peanut butter)
-Four ounces low-fat cottage cheese (82 calories) mixed with three-quarters cup fresh blueberries (63 calories): 145 calories
-One organic mozzarella cheese stick (80 calories) and 20 grapes (68 calories): 148 calories
And this sounds amazing

Half a medium apple smeared with a mixture of two ounces of vanilla Greek yogurt, half a tablespoon of peanut butter, and a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon and topped with sliced grapes: 151 calories

What is your go to post workout snack?

REFUEL your muscles guys! We have to take care of our bodies nutritionally if we want to see the results from our #specialkindofcrazy workouts!

(some ideas for snacks taken from