Emotional Hunger vs Biological Hunger

I saw this little info in a magazine and thought I would share:

Emotional Hunger:

  • Your desire to eat comes on quickly.
  • You want something specific (french fries).
  • Hunger increases as you get more stressed.
  • The hunger/craving is hard to reason with.
  • Eating is mindless and automatic.
  • It is hard to feel satisfied.
  • You have guilt before/after eating.

Biological Hunger:

  • Hunger grows gradually.
  • You are open to a variety of foods.
  • You have hunger cues (grumbling, grouchy, headache).
  • You quit eating when you’re full.
  • You do not experience guilt.
  • You can wait a bit to eat because it isn’t urgent.


I thought this would be helpful when evaluating your own eating patterns. If you want more info check out this post, and here and here.


Info from June 2015 FITNESSrx

Emotional Eating and Quick Fixes!

Ok so far we have talked about how to identify the difference between emotional eating and physical hunger (you can read that here).  Then we went on to talk about some proactive tips for fighting the urge to emotionally eat.  Today I want to talk about some quick fixes – things to do in the moment if your emotions are getting the best of ya! Continue Reading →

Emotional Eating – Overcoming the Temptations

Ok yesterday we talked about just identifying the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger.  You can check that article out here.  Today I want to dive a bit deeper and just look at some suggestions that may help when the desire to emotional eat becomes strong.

The suggestions I’m going to list today are more “proactive” meaning we have thought about and planned for the incident and have taken steps to lessen the intensity when the desire comes around.

  1. The most important thing I think we should do is figure out the trigger. So if you find you are reaching for a candy bar or bag of chips – ask yourself if you are hungry? If not – why does this seem appealing? Are you stressed, bored, angry, frustrated, tired?  Maybe keep a log so you write down what you ate and how you felt at the time. I think knowing that we have a particular pattern helps. For me – it is stress and actually happiness.  If I am super excited about something I want to celebrate with food!  So I have to watch it and make sure that I also find other ways to celebrate and don’t have an ice cream every time I’m smiling.
  2. Find an alternative! This is the hard part but once we’ve identified the trigger, we have to find some alternatives. For me, I may celebrate by getting a baby sitter and going out with my hubby. If I’m stressed I find that a good work out or brisk walk helps me get myself back together.  But pick something you LIKE – if it isn’t something you like you won’t stick to it.  If I’m feeling snacky out of boredom then I drink peppermint tea to get my mind off of snacking.  So experiment with some good replacements. (some days I drink a lot of tea!)
  3. Set up for success. If you KNOW you have a problem with a particular food – GET IT OUT OF THE HOUSE. I had to remove those little chocolate teddy grahams. Sorry kids! Those things were seriously sooo hard for me to resist and I would eat them by the handful. So I just got rid of them and don’t buy them anymore.  Don’t tempt yourself with something – set your home up for success.  That being said – too much denial can also lead to over eating later so if you have to have it, measure out the portion and ask someone to take the rest away. Enlisting help is always…well…helpful.

Ok I know these are kinda “base ground” tips but I think they can really help if you apply them.  Start by figuring out what emotion you need to “watch out” for and then have a list of things you can do instead.  Being proactive and having a plan will put us miles ahead we are battling the emotional eating.




Are You an Emotional Eater

I’ve been having a lot of discussions with some of you guys about emotional eating or maybe eating because of stress or boredom or (fill in the blank). It seems like something that might warrant a few blog posts so here we go!

I want to start tonight with a disclaimer. I am not a therapist or licensed in something like that – this is just base level stress eating.  If you feel like you have a true issue with binge eating then I would HIGHLY recommend talking with someone professional about it.  There is no shame in getting an outside opinion and support!!

Ok, so let’s start with figuring out the difference between emotional hunger vs. physical hunger.

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