Setting Routines – 5 Day Challenge – Day FIVE!

5DayRoutines5Ok, now you have your calendar written out, your meals planned, and your workouts on the calendar. What do you do now? YOU DO IT!  Embrace your new calendar and try it out next week. See how it goes. Is it going to be perfect? Probably not. You will find things you need to do differently. WRite it down and tweak it for the following week. But be so proud of yourself that you are organized, you have a realistic plan, and you are sticking with it!


Couple of thoughts I want to leave you with:

  1. Know that schedules change. As your schedule changes, get this step by step system back out and write yourself a new calendar.
  2. Be willing to accept that some days aren’t going to go as planned but also fight the snowball effect. Meaning – it is ok if things get off track but don’t say “oh well – today is was terrible, “ll just start again next week.” No! Pick yourself up and get back on track!!!
  3. Find places you can continue to improve. So once you have your meal plans for dinner all written down and going along well – start to think about adding in a plan for snacks or breakfast or lunch so you are continually getting more and more organized.
  4. Keep changing the workouts. Stick with your workout calendar for 4 NO MORE THAN 6 weeks. Then it is time to change. You can keep the “skeleton” of the workout the same (ie you do cardio on Mondays etc) but mix out the actual workouts themselves. Instead of running, it is an interval run or lap swimming or tabata.
  5. Remember I am here for you no matter what. If you need more detailed help on planning your meals, workouts, or general calendar – send me a message and we’ll pick a time to chat!


Setting Routines – 5 Day Challenge – Day FOUR!

5DayRoutines4Ok so far we have planned your weekly calendar, planned your meals based on it, and written in your workouts.

Now let’s figure out WHAT you are going to do when you work out.  

Couple of tips no matter if you are working out 1 day or 6 days.

  1. ALWAYS TAKE A REST DAY.  So if you are committed to a full workout calendar, it is  only 6 days.
  2. Never work the same muscle groups back to back (abs only every other day, separate lower body workouts etc)
  3. Include a mix of cardio and strength training. If you don’t have time in the week to separate these, consider HIIT training where circuits include both bursts of cardio and strength training moves as well.
  4. Always do some interval training. If you are running, be sure to mix in some sprint work occasionally to keep the muscles guessing and the heart rate up.


DON’T FORGET, I have over 50 workouts on the PowerFull Fitness website for monthly subscribers to use. I have also created the 10 minute workout calendar, the 7 day virtual boot camp calendar, and others that you can access.  If you need me to put together a calendar for you according to how many days you have to work out – message me! That is what I’m here for!  If you attend some of my local boot camp classes, I can put together a calendar for you based on the classes you attend and what you should do on the days we are not together!!

Ok – I wanna see your workout plans!


Setting Routines – 5 Day Challenge – Day THREE!

5DayRoutines3Ok yesterday you wrote in what days you needed to eat out and eat at home.  Today – we make the meal plan based on that. Now you KNOW THERE ARE TONS OF MEAL PLANS ONLINE FOR YOU.  So you do not have to write out a plan or a list. BUT if you want to make your own, here is how.

  1. Look at your calendar and choose meals wisely (soccer practice at 5?  have a crockpot meal planned for that day)
  2. Write in your meal and simultaneously plan your grocery list

Here is a meal planning template!


Here is a grocery list template!

blank grocery guide

Be wise about what you choose. if you know a certain dinner makes a ton -make it at the beginning of the week so your left overs can be lunches all week.  

Make breakfast for dinner on Sunday and double so you have breakfast ready all week.

  1. Put this  thing on your fridge and FOLLOW!!!


BONUS TIP:  One of my quick tips is to always have a trusty standby in the freezer / fridge that you can pull out — or have a quick, family-friendly go-to meal for the nights that just end up crazy! Even with the best made plans, some nights are just that – CRAZY!  

In the freezer, bulk cooking taco meat is a time saver for us – It’s something my family loves and we can pull it out and use it in quesadillas, tacos, salads, enchiladas – you get the idea!  Pick a day that you don’t have a ton to do, and brown as much ground beef (we use ground turkey) as you have time and can afford at once.  Typically one pound feeds my family of 4 for dinner and lunch for hubby the next day.  You can extend it by adding in diced onion and small diced veggies or beans while you cook. (The key to adding hidden veggies for your reluctant eaters is to sautee the onion and veggies FIRST before you add in the meat.  So you throw in a little EVOO and then cook your veggies until they are nice and tender then add in your meat and continue to cook until the meat is cooked through.).  Add in some cumin and chili powder for taco flavors without all the extra sodium and you’re good to go!  Let it cool completely, then stick in gallon freezer ziploc bags and label with the date.  Freeze flat.  Then whenever you need a quick meal, pull that out and it will mostly thaw by the time you get the rest of the ingredients together.  Pop it in the microwave to heat up and dinner is ready in a snap!

For nights that just don’t even make it to the freezer stage, we swing through a grocery store and pick up a rotisserie chicken, some spinach, salad carrots, ranch dressing and some whole wheat wraps.  In and out of the grocery store in 10 minutes! Pair with some washed, raw veggies and some hummus and cut up some fruit and you’ve got dinner in less than 30 minutes!


Setting Routines – 5 Day Challenge – Day TWO!

5DayRoutines2Get that calendar back out. (If you haven’t already, you can download the blankcalendar here!)  Today we add in goals. Ok – we are going to be realistic. I want you to do two things today.

  1. Write down your goals (ie I want to exercise 4 times each week, I want to be sure we eat at home 5 times, I want to…)
  2. Write those in the calendar REALISTICALLY. If you know you have a late meeting on Wednesday nights – don’t put down that you will get up at 5 am on Thursday to work out – it won’t’ work.  So…I teach late classes on Tuesday night. I accommodate for that in my schedule by knowing that Tuesday night the kids eat something they like (fish sticks, mac and cheese etc) and Jacob and I eat sandwiches when I get home. So we still eat at home but I know it isn’t a normal meal.
  3. Go through your calendar and write in the days you will eat at home, the days you may need a crockpot meal, the days you have to eat out, the days you can exercise and your scheduled rest days.  Don’t worry about writing WHAT you will do – just write in that it is your exercise day. We’ll get to that part later.

Setting Routines – 5 Day Challenge – Day ONE!

5DayRoutines1Today I just want us to start by writing out our weekly schedule. (Download your blankcalendar here!) So go ahead and put in the things that don’t really change (soccer practice, late night at work, church).  Put in those things that consistently impact your weekly schedule.  These are things we can’t change. These are things we work around.  So go ahead and write them in. This  will be our foundation as we move through the rest of the week. 

Side note: Is your week  ALREADY PACKED just from that? Maybe it is time to prioritize and say “no” to a few committees or volunteer opportunities. Pick the obligations that mean the most to you and your family – the things that are really setting the tone for the way you want to raise your family and your kiddos. The other things – the clutter? The time suckers? Get rid of them.