Traveling Workouts? Mix it UP!

When you travel consider a couple  of things:

  1. You do not HAVE to workout.  Take some extra rest days (your body probably needs them).  Get in what feels good – do not stress. Missing a day or two is not going to ruin any progress you’ve made towards your FITness goals.
  2. If you want to move – it is ok if it looks different than what you do at home. In fact, it is probably BETTER if it does.  MIXING it up while on vacation may bring you some unexpected results. Your body is GREAT at adapting so if you do something a little different from your normal routine, the change up will challenge your body.

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Lunch Box Packing for the Week – PLAN AHEAD!

Check it out!  PowerFull Instructor and #specialkindofcrazy mom Leah shares with you her time (and sanity) saving strategy for packing lunches for the WHOLE week.

Packing lunches in advance is a great time saver and helps you make health conscious decisions rather than grabbing something as you rush out the door. Below are a few pointers for packing a week’s worth of kid lunches – plus examples of what I packed my kids this week. The pointers are good for packing a family-worth of meals, or one for yourself. Packing a week’s worth at one time saves time, effort, clean up, and perhaps your sanity! Enjoy!

  1.  Have lots of containers on hand. If you are ok with plastic, these are my top choice.   Plastic is ok here because we’re not putting hot things in it or warming up food in it. If you’d like to stay away from plastic I also like this box (it’s just too costly to have as many as I have)
  2. Plan. Plan. Plan. Don’t be scared! It’s easy – and repetition helps! But think it through…if your kid has a field trip on Wednesday and won’t be eating lunch at their regular time. Or you are packing lunches for you and you’ve got a meeting early afternoon Tuesday – maybe you want a heartier lunch that day. Don’t be afraid to repeat meals. Especially week after week. Wednesdays are pasta for lunch day (I plan lunches at the same time I plan dinners…so no pasta for dinner on Wednesday).
  3. Think about what will last. Strawberries need to be earlier in the week. Grapes and oranges are ok later.
  4. Pack while things cook. I spread out all of my containers and then get prepping anything
    that needs to be cooked. For the examples below I first put the pasta water on to come to a
    boil and got the muffins in the oven. While those two things were cooking I got the rest done.

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Goal Setting for a FULL Life

We were so fortunate to have Tracy from Slingshot Health Coaching join us for a chat on Goal Setting for  FULL Life. I absolutely jived with everything she had to say. If you missed this super informative, uplifting, and applicable chat – you must watch now!

And don’t forget – check out this blog post for more information on Tracy, contacting her, or even checking out her latest book!


Workout Wednesday – Traveling Tabata Part Four

Our final in the series on traveling tabatas by Hannah!  If you want to check out the others check out part one, part two, and part three.  Each one of those focuses on specific muscle groups. Today’s workout is a full body workout.

Full Body Tabata Workout:  Do each exercise for 20 seconds then take a 10 second rest.   Complete each pair 2-4 times before moving on to the next pair of exercises.  If you do each pair 4 times you’ll have a solid 20 minute workout!

  • Plank up downs AND burpees
  • Tricep dip to Russian kick AND mountain climbers
  • Squats AND tuck jumps
  • Single-leg Romanian deadlifts to a knee raise AND vertical jumps
  • Plank with alternating leg raises AND fast feet to plank or push up (think football drill)

(For deadlifts, start standing. One foot stays planted on the ground while you hinge at the hip; the other leg lifts off the ground as you bend forward, staying in line with your body all the way from head to heel. Come all the way back up to standing straight. Here’s the best tutorial video I’ve found of it; he uses a kettle bell, but even just using body weight, this is a very effective exercise.

Workout Wednesday – Traveling Tabata Part Three

For the rest of our awesome Traveling Tabata series check here for lower body and here for upper body.

Today Hannah goes for the core!

Core Tabata Workout:

Do 20 seconds of work and take 10 seconds of rest for each exercise.

Complete the pairs 2-4 times before moving on to the next pair of exercises.  If you go through each pair four times you will have a 20 minute workout. 

  1. In and out v-sits AND mountain climbers
  2. Single-leg glute bridges AND donkey kick jumps
  3. Lateral plank walk AND plank jacks (Plank walk can be done back and forth, with limited space)
  4. Donkey kicks AND plank to squat
  5. Bicycles AND Russian twist

Here’s the traveling and still getting it done!

Workout Wednesday – Traveling Tabata Part Two

This is our second post in our Traveling Tabata series by Hannah. You can see the first post here and read more about how to complete these and WHY it is great to have them on hand!

Upper Body Tabata Workout:

Do each move for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds.

Complete the pairs 2-4 times before moving on to the next pair of exercises.  If you do each pair four times, you’ll have a 20 minute workout done. But you can also just go through each pair once for a quick “pick me up!”

Push ups AND plyo push ups (elevate or do on knees as needed)

Superman holds with squeeze AND inchworms (Inchworms can be done in a small space if you alternate between doing a forwards and a backwards inchworm.)

Jab cross switch AND burpees (Jab cross switch: do your jab and cross punches, then jump your feet to switch your stance to the other side. Jab cross with hand will switch with your feet.)

V push ups AND dive bomber push ups

Tricep dips AND tricep push ups to 2-second side plank


Happy travels,


Workout Wednesday – Traveling Tabata

The holiday season is full of wonderful things like parties, seeing family, buying presents, making cookies, Christmas plays, and more. While all of these festivities are super fun, they also add in a lot of extra to-do’s to our schedules! I find myself getting stressed out and exhausted from all the busyness. Make sure you take time to find PEACE this season with a little self-care! Below is a body weight Tabata workout that you can do anywhere. It can be fast if you need to squeeze a workout in, or you can do a few more rounds if you can take more time for some self-care. This is designed to be done in a small space, so that, whether you’re waiting 15 minutes for your cookies to bake in the kitchen, or you’re visiting your grandparents and have only 6 sq ft of floor space in the bedroom you’re sharing with your whole family (can you tell I know this situation well??) you can make time for yourself.

No matter where you are, or how long you have to do your workout, take an extra minute at the end to breathe, restore, and refocus yourself for the rest of the day.

Lower Body Tabata Workout: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, for each exercise

  • Complete the pairs 2-4 times before moving on to the next pair of exercises.
  • If you do each pair four times, it will be a 20-minute workout.

Set One:  Sumo squat to releve AND pop squats

Set Two:  Reverse lunges to front kick AND jumping lunges

Lateral lunge to single leg balance AND lateral jumping (Lateral lunges to balance: do a lateral lunge, push off the floor with your lunging leg to center, bringing your knee up past your waist. Catch your balance for a second before setting your foot back down.)

Set Three:  Calf raises AND power skips

(Calf raises can be done on the floor, elevated, or single-leg for an added challenge. Power skips are skips where you focus on getting as high as you can–they can be done in place.)

Set Four:  Bench squats AND jump squats

(Bench squats can be single-leg for extra challenge)

Think Twice Thursday – Starbucks Edition

Each Thursday in October our PowerFull Fitness group “thought twice” about those yummy drinks we love to have for Fall. Do I think you should go get yourself a pumpkin spice latte and live it up? YES. Do I think you need to do it everyday…well….no.

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Fit at Disney – No Equipment Needed Hotel Workout

disney-day-4Today’s Fit Tips start with: accountability. I love my group of#specialkindofcrazy ladies. We support each other – we hold each other accountable. If someone doesn’t show up to workout in class, we message them, we tag them we find out WHY. So even on vacation – I am getting all kinds of awesome tags and notices about workouts being done. That motivates me to keep going. And then my #specialkindofcrazy girl Mandi posted a workout she did while traveling so it inspired me to try it. I’m going to share with you! Find a friend or join us – DO SOMETHING to build some community around your FITness Journey.

Love my ladies!!!

Referring back to yesterdays tip – I had to change it up a bit to make it work for my time constraints and lack of equipment so here is what I did.

Set timer for 5 minutes. Do each exercise 10 reps continuously. When you get to the 2:00 minute mark STOP and do cardio indicated. Then after 30 seconds go RIGHT back where you were in circuit and continue. At 4:00 minute mark do 30 seconds of cardio again Then finish out last 30 seconds of routine.disney-day-4-me

Set One: Arms
Cardio: high knees and mt climbers (15 seconds of each)

10 push ups
10 tricep dips
10 v push ups
10 tricep push ups

Set Two: Legs
Cardio: burpee down, plank walk right and left with push up at each end

10 in/out squats
10 running lunges
10 squat front kicks jumping the kicks if possible
10 vertical jumps

Set Three: Core
Cardio: high knees

10 in/out in v sit
10 squat to plank
10 plank jax
10 in/out in plank

Set Four: Cardio
Cardio: Running up down curb (high knees would work)

10 mt climbers standing
10 burpees with tuck
10 jumping jax
10 hop hop squat

Set Five: Recovery/glutes
Isometric Hold: v sit then second time chair sit
10 rainbow arches each leg
10 fire hydrants each leg
10 donkey kicks each leg in plank
10 squat side kicks each leg

Behind the Scenes at Costco – What to Buy!!!

One thing I love about PowerFull Fitness is our private Facebook group. Every member who works out with us is added. We post daily challenges and tips to keep your mind thinking FITness.  We post about class and how class went.  It is a great place to connect with community.  What I really love though is when someone asks a FITness question and together we learn about REAL life FITness.  Recently one of our PowerFull Fitness ladies and loyal am workout #specialkindofcrazy posted a question that got close to 50 responses.  What was it about? Costco!  The responses were so helpful I thought I’d share with you here!

Here was her question, “Finally breaking down for Costco membership. I have avoided it because I don’t want to go on a weekend but I just think it’s time… I would love some recommendations from you who go and stock up on healthy items such as grains, proteins. So far I am thinking, salmon, quinoa, egg whites, etc. If you have some recommendations for me, please send! Thanks”

And lets get started on ALL of the answers.

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