#morethanthat – Battling Myths Together

MorethanthatI’m Mad About Myths

The lies can be well..deceiving.

There are some myths that I want to take on this week – lies that I have definitely given in to and maybe you have to. But today – we are going to knock them out one at a time!

Myth 1:  Do any of these symptoms describe you?  I want to battle the myth that we have to work out 4 hours a day to see results.  

  • decreased performance
  • decreased appetite
  • insomnia
  • disinterest in exercise
  • fatigue
  • fat gain
  • mood change

If so – you may be going a bit overboard in the exercise.  Things to consider? Be sure you take a rest day or two each week. If you give it your all in our boot camps, you are getting an intense workout so you have to recover.  Get 8 hours of sleep each night when you can. Fuel your body.  Consider your workout schedule and make sure it is balanced with cardio and strength and REST.  If you aren’t sure – contact me and I can help!

Myth #2:  LESS IS MORE.  I want to battle the myth that we have to starve ourselves.  

I am sure we have all given in to this lie right? If I just eat LESS then I will lose weight. And you know? To start with – you will. But we are not created to be walking around starving zombies. So when your body (as amazing as it is) figures out it is hungry – it goes in to starvation mode or “adaptive thermogenesis.”  This means your body is fighting to protect itself.  Your metabolism slows in order to conserve energy and what happens when your metabolism slows? You stop burning.  So when you work HARDER to lose weight (ie cut MORE calories) your metabolism pulls back harder too and shuts down even more.  Other symptoms of this include:

  • headaches
  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • obsession with food (you can’t stop thinking about it because your body is craving it all the time)
  • weight regain

So if this sounds like you a bit – it is something we can work on together and try to make sure you are fueling yourself properly for the efforts you are putting in.

Today I just want to battle these myths that I have even succumbed to at some points.  I want to be a light of shining hope for you as we work through this together.  I am seriously on a quest for me, for you, for daughters, for women – everywhere. I am on a search to help us figure out TOGETHER what FITness looks like for #reallife.  How are we going to make this a lifestyle, a marathon, a sustainable journey?

Well #1 – we get MAD about what we are seeing

#2 – we get SMART about the lies we are being told

I want you to spend time reflecting on your diet, your workouts, your results. Are they lining up in a holistic way?  Are you giving your body time to heal and recover?  If you need help- just message me! That is what I’m here for!  We will figure this thing out TOGETHER.  

Lunch Box Packing for the Week – PLAN AHEAD!

Check it out!  PowerFull Instructor and #specialkindofcrazy mom Leah shares with you her time (and sanity) saving strategy for packing lunches for the WHOLE week.

Packing lunches in advance is a great time saver and helps you make health conscious decisions rather than grabbing something as you rush out the door. Below are a few pointers for packing a week’s worth of kid lunches – plus examples of what I packed my kids this week. The pointers are good for packing a family-worth of meals, or one for yourself. Packing a week’s worth at one time saves time, effort, clean up, and perhaps your sanity! Enjoy!

  1.  Have lots of containers on hand. If you are ok with plastic, these are my top choice.   Plastic is ok here because we’re not putting hot things in it or warming up food in it. If you’d like to stay away from plastic I also like this box (it’s just too costly to have as many as I have)
  2. Plan. Plan. Plan. Don’t be scared! It’s easy – and repetition helps! But think it through…if your kid has a field trip on Wednesday and won’t be eating lunch at their regular time. Or you are packing lunches for you and you’ve got a meeting early afternoon Tuesday – maybe you want a heartier lunch that day. Don’t be afraid to repeat meals. Especially week after week. Wednesdays are pasta for lunch day (I plan lunches at the same time I plan dinners…so no pasta for dinner on Wednesday).
  3. Think about what will last. Strawberries need to be earlier in the week. Grapes and oranges are ok later.
  4. Pack while things cook. I spread out all of my containers and then get prepping anything
    that needs to be cooked. For the examples below I first put the pasta water on to come to a
    boil and got the muffins in the oven. While those two things were cooking I got the rest done.

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Goal Setting for a FULL Life

We were so fortunate to have Tracy from Slingshot Health Coaching join us for a chat on Goal Setting for  FULL Life. I absolutely jived with everything she had to say. If you missed this super informative, uplifting, and applicable chat – you must watch now!

And don’t forget – check out this blog post for more information on Tracy, contacting her, or even checking out her latest book!


Behind the Scenes at Costco – What to Buy!!!

One thing I love about PowerFull Fitness is our private Facebook group. Every member who works out with us is added. We post daily challenges and tips to keep your mind thinking FITness.  We post about class and how class went.  It is a great place to connect with community.  What I really love though is when someone asks a FITness question and together we learn about REAL life FITness.  Recently one of our PowerFull Fitness ladies and loyal am workout #specialkindofcrazy posted a question that got close to 50 responses.  What was it about? Costco!  The responses were so helpful I thought I’d share with you here!

Here was her question, “Finally breaking down for Costco membership. I have avoided it because I don’t want to go on a weekend but I just think it’s time… I would love some recommendations from you who go and stock up on healthy items such as grains, proteins. So far I am thinking, salmon, quinoa, egg whites, etc. If you have some recommendations for me, please send! Thanks”

And lets get started on ALL of the answers.

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PowerFull Mental Messages – Amy’s Tips

powerfull-mental-messagesAs part of our series on PowerFull Mental Messages, I’d like for you to meet Amy. I love having this lady as part of our community and I love the tips she shares about her own journey and how she created PowerFull Mental Messages.  Make sure you take time to read this blog about why what we think is just as important as any other part of our FITness journey.

Today, Amy shares with us.

First off, what “challenge” were you facing? Was it more of a nutritional thing you needed to change or a physical/fitness thing?

I had lost weight but still wasn’t feeling particularly healthy. And my mom, who is only 75, is really deteriorating mobility-wise. I became determined to be healthier and stronger than I’d EVER been and also to NOT age the way my mom has.

What do you think you were most “scared” of?

I was scared of looking stupid. Being the one in the worst shape. I was afraid of not being able to do it.

Why did you have that mental block about your newest goal?

Not sure why I was scared of those things and not really sure how I overcame them except that I just kept going to class and started seeing a difference in my body.

How did you keep going?

There’s always a bit of a negative voice – saying “give up. You aren’t an athlete and never have been. This is too hard for you.” But then other voices – yours, Stephanie’s, Eileen’s and Amanda’s drown the negativity out!!!  I keep going because of the people there and because of the improvements I’ve seen in my strength and health.  I really find that I am most successful at Piyo and doing that class helps calm negative voices best. I am SO cranky if I can’t do a full Piyo class at least once a week.

What is your major piece of advice you’d give another woman who may be struggling with the mental road block of her FITness journey?

My advice is to not say “I can’t…” Can’t get up that early? You’d be surprised. Can’t exercise?   You can ease in at your own pace.

Thanks Amy for sharing with us.  Guys – you can do this!  Find the class YOU LOVE like Amy did with PiYo whether it is barre, boot camp, piyo, toning or speed and make it happen.  

Fit Tips from REAL Moms – Relaxation Style

fitness tips logoThis week for our Think Twice Thursday challenge, we chatted in our boot camp group about mental relaxation.  I wanted to share the original challenge and the ladies’ awesome tips with you!

First off, I asked the girls to “think twice about their mental health” – it isn’t all about what we eat or how much we exercise. We have to consider our mental state as well. Here are a couple of tips you can try today to cut back on that anxiety build up!

    • Are you stressed? Think about signs that may show you you are stressed even when you don’t realize it. Anger, exhaustion, inability to sleep, short temper, loss of appetite….experiencing any of these things?
    • Don’t say yes to everything! Think twice before saying yes (I have to work on this) to make sure that what you are saying yes to fits into your life stage right now. Don’t over commit so that you can give quality attention to the priorities you have right now.
  • Organize – sometimes we are stressed because we feel out of control. Take some time to go sit and organize yourself – work out the calendar, plan meals, cancel things that don’t matter! Maybe you just need an afternoon to organize the pantry or put away clothes. When we get our environment settled, it can help our mental state.

I think asked the ladies what tips they had to share on how to “bring it down a notch?” and I got some awesome responses.

Sarahbeth said:  Awesome tips! I have been working so hard this year on saying no to extra curricular things… it’s hard but you can’t do it all! I have learned many lessons!

Eileen followed up with:  This is important. You don’t have to say yes to every birthday invite, to every party, every outing, every school event, every sports practice .We want to make our families happy do “fun” things but in the end if mama ain’t happy ain’t no one happy.

Laura said:  The dry erase wall calendar lets me see our major commitments (visitors, trips, out of the house plans) so that I can see when a week or month is just getting too full. I find it helps me stagger our plans and say no to things that put us into crazy territory. My Google calendar merely shows that I’m “free” which can lead to over commitment.

Eileen also said:   I also do the “10 second tidy”..this comes from Molly and the Comfy Couch, a kid show from long ago (dating myself here). In a nutshell, I “take a few minutes” to tidy each bedroom upstairs, bathroom every single day. Sounds crazy, but it really keeps it from building up. I clorox wipe the bathrooms, make sure beds are tidy, clothes put away (for the most part I have taught my kids to do all this) but there is always something. If I keep up every day, its never overwhelming and my house can always welcome visitors without being a nightmare.

Tricia asked Eileen: How do you get the toys cleaned up? Do the kids actually do it and if so how did you convince them to get it done every day?

Eileen responded:  From the time my kids are super little we sing the BARNEY clean up song!!! Google it! I’ve just always had this rule (its my OCD really) but we don’t move from one thing to another until the toys are cleaned up. Meaning, if we want to go outside and play then the family room gets cleaned up. Make as much mess as you can, but it gets cleaned up. Do I help?? Absolutely. I also have a basement that is very kid friendly…it does not get cleaned daily. More like weekly. Sometimes I pay a child to clean it. Sometimes I go on the warpath and everyone chips in..but if I left my whole house this way I’d be the angriest, meanest most yelling mom ever. Everyone helps clean. Everyone. Its never a choice.

I love the way Jamie is taking this lower stress thing literally!  She says:  In the last few days I decided to stop worrying about selling this huge bag of maternity pants that weren’t my size, and just donate them so I can have my bedroom floor back. It’s not worth another 6 months of stress.

Hillary adds some awesome advice too:  Self care. Do it. Do something indulgent for you every day. Even if it’s only 15 minutes. You won’t be your best for everyone else if you aren’t taking care of you too and sometimes, that means taking a bubble bath or reading by yourself.

Laura has her time slots down for self care:  Yes! I aim for the 15 minutes right before the bus comes or the first 15 minutes after bed time. These seem the most consistently doable.

Tristan has some practical strategies for doing this:   I was in a training once where I heard that you should really only have 5-6 “roles” in order to avoid feeling over stretched. It’s hard! I know we all want to volunteer for every thing for every kid & for our churches, our neighborhoods, etc. Also, “mom” does not also mean, “cook, housekeeper, household manager” etc. Those are all separate roles. If you are the sole housekeeper, how is your partner helping out with household stuff? So if you feel overstretched, start saying no to some things and don’t feel bad…or ask for help! I legit asked my mom to help me clean my house for my birthday. I didn’t want a present. HAH!   I will always be a friend, a sister, etc. but sometimes those aren’t your every day roles. If a friend needed me, I would drop something and maybe “cook” would drop out of my roles that day. An example would be, When my sister was planning her wedding and I was her MOH, that for sure put “sister/MOH” in the forefront of my roles for a few months, but something else had to give.

I hope these tips help you find ways to handle it all, say no to some things, and live life to the FULLest!! And isn’t it awesome that this community of women at PowerFull Fitness just shares and helps like this? I love seeing these notifications pop up throughout the day – giving me motivation and accountability all day long!

From Real Moms!


If you look back, I shared a post here about some awesome hunger-pain smashing snacks. These are snacks that are packed with protein and vitamins and fiber and really get the job done. Because – let’s face it – as moms…we don’t have the luxury of sitting around all day and picking away at snacks here and there. We need power packed food that will fuel ALL the things we have to do.

When I shared the list with my boot camp mamas, they had some awesome ideas for snacks that I thought I would share here too. They are just too good to keep secret.

  • ok sweet potatoes weren’t on the official list but they should have been. And what about sweet potatoe w/greek yogurt and black pepper? Thanks Jennifer and Rachel!!
  • I bake eggs, egg whites, red pepper, mushrooms, spinach (and a little feta) in the pampered chef brownie pan (so they come out in little squares). Yum Jennifer!!
  • Ideas for oatmeal:
    Adding some vanilla extract helps to not add so much sugar too – perfect tip Naomi!
  • You can also add cocoa powder, vanilla and raspberries! I use a small amt of real maple syrup to sweeten. – Genius Rachel and totally happening for me tomorrow!
  • I add almond butter to my plain oatmeal! Extra protein! Double bonus!! Thanks Tristan!
  • Now here is one I haven’t thought of…ever.
    I like instant Irish oatmeal, I’ve been eating cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with cream cheese & hot sauce ! (Pickappeppa) Suzie and Janis are creating some serious flavors over here!
  • I have discovered my new favorite breakfast after seeing the idea in a magazine…scrambled eggs with cottage cheese on top…it is SO yummy!!! Thanks for the tip Laura!
  • Genius way to make popcorn:
    Trick for microwave “Air Pop” brown lunch bag, 1/4 kernels (maybe more been a while since I did this), folder or twist or secure the top with a microwave safe material. Not sure how long, but do it by ear. – Thanks Kristin!
  • You guys are soo great for sharing. Do you have some good hunger-smashing snacks/meals up your sleeve? Share them with us!

#SpecialKindofCrazy Superstars: Sara


Let’s meet Sara!

  1.       Tell me about how you got “into” fitness.

I played soccer through high school, and then starting taking a wide variety of fitness classes in college and began distance running in college as well. I’ve always felt so much better and stronger- inside and out, when I get a good workout and no I love helping others achieve their fitness goals and feel the same way!

  1.       What is your typical routine like now?

I typically cycle twice a week, run 2-3 early mornings a week, and weight train or boot camp 3x a week. Variety keeps things interesting and cross training also helps to prevent injuries!

  1.       What is your favorite type of exercise?

I love using Kettlebells in my weight training and home HIIT workouts. They can really be used for a full body workout that really targets the core.

  1.       What is your least favorite type of exercise?

It’s not a “type”, but PUSH-UPS! I will do anything to avoid them, ha! I have some arthritis  in my wrists and every time I feel like the wrists are better, I always feel so weak when I’m starting to build up my push up stamina again up-down planks are my favorite way to hit those same target muscles with out having to do a push-up!

  1.       How do you find time to exercise with kids?

Wake up at 5 am ( or sometimes at 430 am to make it to a 5 am workout). Get it done before the kids get up and then everything else in the day is a bonus!

  1.       Let’s chat nutrition: what is your FAVORITE splurge?

I LOVE the dark chocolate sea salt kind bars! Surprisingly low in sugar…

  1.     What tips do you have for staying on track with your nutrition?

Use My Fitness Pal or another app to track your nutrition, and be honest and consistent in  your food logs even when you overindulge! Seeing it in print seems to make it less likely to happen again.