Set YOUR Intentions

Take a second and think about an intention that you can set for yourself for the day.  This can be anything. This can be something really small based on an event you have coming up.  It can be specific like “I’m going to be calm in my meeting with this person.”  Or it can be broad “I’m going to try to be more grateful today”.  Whatever it is think about what kind of emotion, what kind of feeling, you want this day to have. What feeling will get you towards that goal? Maybe brainstorm it out. It might come up easily, it might take some time and thought.  Give yourself some time to think about it. Then implement it so every action today has an undertone of this intention.

Just GO Already – Kid Hacks


Getting kids out the door is SO HARD! Here are a few tricks to try:

  1. Give kids an extra 15 minutes (or, in my case, 45 minutes) to get ready before heading out the door.
  2. Wear a t-shirt over your work clothes until you’re walking out the door to keep kiddos from spilling chocolate milk (or worse) all over you.
  3. Use a timer to help kids move along from one thing to the next.


carefull relationship advice – by amanda

This past month, we focused on being CareFULL and Amanda has some awesome insight into what that means to her.

I would like to propose an alternate perspective on the term.  Instead of simply insinuating caution, lets take to a place of opportunity and growth. How are you filling your relationships with care?  In other words, how are you (or are you) taking care of your relationships? Its quite easy with the rush of sports, work and school to neglect your relationship with your spouse, partner, girl friends or others.  

Filling a relationship with care does not have to be a grand endeavor.  The little things mean a lot. When a friend’s husband travels for work, I will often head to her house and watch reality TV with her after the kids go to bed.  Its one of my favorite things to do with her – no cost, low key, no bra. Winning. But maybe you want to kick it up a notch, or you want to do something special, or if you’re going to pay the sitter – lets make it worth it – or maybe you have just run out of ideas and dinner and a movie are just blah.  Here are some creative and unique activities to help you fill your relationships with care. Continue Reading →

Why KID Friendly Workouts Work For One REAL Mom

Check out why our kid friendly classes fit best for Laura M.  and how she went from kid friendly class participant to kid friendly class instructor!


When I started with PF back in 2016, I was going to the early am boot camp classes because I wanted to get my workouts done before everyone else was even awake. As time went on, that proved to be harder as 2 pm would hit everyday and I would be exhausted…not good for a mom of 4! (I prefer to be a night owl and not to go sleep at a reasonable time for a 5 am class!) I hesitantly switched to Mommy and Me classes and took my then almost 2 year old who made it very difficult to get a workout in. I stayed with it and my now 4 year old happily asks if we are going to workout everyday! I made it part of our routine and it couldn’t work better! Now as an instructor for mommy and me classes who doesn’t have to bring any kids (she’s in preschool!), the class time still works because I’m getting the sleep I need, my workout in before 11:00 am and errands done before preschool pickup at 12:30!

Halloween Costumes and Fun

Ok, I admit it.  I am not a fan of Halloween.  It involves people, dressing up, going to strangers houses, kids hyped up on candy for days, weeks, years…ok, maybe it just feels like years.  In any event, I am the minority in my family on my All Hallows sentiment and as they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

So my littles are now 5, 7, and 9 and if I am being honest the biggest kid in the group is 38.  Each year they pick what they want to wear, we either buy or make it and everyone has a grand time at the various events around town.  We have seen the likes of Hermoine, a police officer, a bat, fairy twin princess sisters (my fingers bled sewing that one. NEVER again.), and a puppy.  This year, realizing that the days of family trick or treating are becoming fewer and fewer with the 9 year old, I decided to jump in with both feet and…drumroll…dress up as a family.  I roll my eyes at myself. They have to have something to complain about as adults right?

So, I went searching and realized this is a whole THING.  Like pinterest explosion thing, and not just for families but also for couples, babies, and dogs (OMG the dogs are amazing!).  So, if you want to blow up Facebook with your Halloween festivus but don’t trust yourself down the pinterest hole, here are some ideas.  As for us, after several family meetings, tears and stomping tantrums we have decided that the force will be with us, and we shall be the Star Wars family.  Have you done the family/couples costume route before? If so, post your pictures! We’d love to see them in action.


The Incredibles.  With the release of the much anticipated sequel this summer, this will be a hot ticket this year.  

Inside Out.  Some friends did this for a Trunk or Treat a few years ago and it was amazing

Continue Reading →

Myth Busting with Hannah – Target Toning

Hannah (our Maryland trainer and manager) drops a truth bomb:

You cannot change fat into muscle for a particular part of your body–

And a little more soap box from Laura (PF trainer in VA)…Stop beating that body up!

Eat the foods you need to get through your day (and that includes sweets that help you not lose your mind!) Find movement that keeps you satisfied and happy. When we stop killing ourselves in the gym over something we hate on our body, we mind find that spot doesn’t bother us so much anymore. Focus on what your BODY can do for you and be grateful for that! I know easier said that done but ladies #lifegoals

GraceFULL – With Older Kiddos

What does grace look like as your kids get older? It looks like real tough, real honest, real life. Check out what this awesome PowerFull Fitness mom shares about life with teenagers and how to find grace.

Being graceFULL. This is something I have strived to be with others my whole life. But I am rarely if ever graceFULL with myself. Powerfull Fitness is one of the most grace-filled gifts I have ever given myself and I am GRATEful for it every day. Because so many days lately are filled with tears about how I have failed as a parent (nothing brings you to your knees faster than the scorn of a teenage girl. While I strive to be a fairly cool, or at least not an embarrassing mom, teenage girls will let you know just how cool you are NOT.) And tears about my oldest leaving for college in a hot second. Or tears about how my life isn’t really how I thought it would be before I realized just how dang hard life is. Continue Reading →

To My Kid’s Teacher: Let’s Get Real Ladies

Our PF Instructor Amanda breaks it down for us.  The good, the bad, the ugly of the first week of school.

“One week down, 30+ to go.  I won’t lie, I was super excited to send the kids off to school this year.  #3 started Kindergarten and was more than ready to join her sisters as a full time student.  #2 is super social and was craving interaction with friends other than her siblings and #1 likes the structure and routine of school and had had enough of her littlest sister.  The first day drop off went well, pick up for #2 and #3 was great. #1 got off the bus in tears. A first. That pattern continued for the week.

On day 3 her teacher sent parents a “homework” sheet asking us more about our kids.  One of the question was “What do you think I should know about your child?” Intellectually, I understand that she was simply asking for some basic info on my child that would make her life easier. However, after a week of silent tears at drop off and death grip hugs at pick up, emotionally I just wanted to lay it all out for her.  What do I want you to know? I want you to know she is amazing. She is the best thing I have ever done in my life. She is strange and beautiful. She likes her hair parted down the middle, and her pants pulled up to her belly button. She hates ankle socks, and loves macaroni. She is the oldest 9 year old I know and has never met a cardigan she doesn’t like.  She is quiet and brave. Her real laugh is spectacular and saved for things that are truly funny. She is cautious but adventurous. She worries about random things and hates to be critiqued. She loves to be by herself and finds social situations draining. She is creative and bossy. She loves to dance when no one is watching and has recently perfected the eye roll.  She is a quiet leader not the steamroller her younger sister is. She is stronger than her skin and bone frame suggests and cannot say no to ice-cream. She changed my life and is one of the most precious things in my world. And every day this week I have dried her tears and sent her off to be with you and 23 other kids in a trailer at the back of the school because that is what I am suppose to do: to tell her she is brave, and that things are going to work out, and remind her that she does actually love school and her friends when all I really want to do is take her home or somehow miraculously absorb all her fears and anxiety and carry the weight for her.   Continue Reading →

GraceFULL – A Military Perspective

We’ve had so many strong moms come through classes at PowerFull Fitness. So many of our ladies have personal stories and hardships that they share with our community that inspire us, encourarage and motivate us.  Their stories help us know what real life looks like and what giving ourselves grace can be.  The more we share Grace, the more we can receive it.  Let’s get real together ladies.  Let’s share what is really happening.   This blog is from a PowerFull Fitness mom who shares with us what “GraceFULL” looks like on a daily basis during a year long deployment.

The news that my husband was deploying for a year was devastating. After two years of unrelenting TDYs, we had been looking forward to a quiet job. I had envisioned family dinners every night, no missed birthdays, and sitting side by side at the kids’ school performances…basically, living the DREAM! I mourned the loss of that imaginary life HARD. I had barely been treading water with his crazy travel schedule, and deployment felt as though someone had
thrown me a rock instead of a life preserver. Continue Reading →