Why Can’t I Restrict Food?

Wow. I’m going to take something that is SOOOO deep and SOOO multifaceted and just keep it short and sweet. And if you want to talk more about it or learn more about it I have 1,279 resources for you. Consider this blog post a “preface” or a way to “pique” your interest.

In a VERY BASIC nutshell…we crave what we can’t have. When we “restrict” certain foods we set up our bodies to kick out intense cravings for those particular foods. When we do finally “give in” to those natural cravings for forbidden things – they will be taken in WITH SO MUCH intensity it can lead to over eating and then a good dose of guilt. Who wants to have any of that? Continue Reading →

Dairy and Egg Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi Friends! It has been a while.  SORRY! But I’m back! I just made these cookies, and had to get it to y’all ASAP.  I have been making this recipe for years, and never thought about how it was dairy free.  It is delicious. Tonight, I tried making it using flax eggs and it was delicious! The batter was great, and you could enjoy it without worrying.   Continue Reading →

Pork Chop – Weeknight Idea

I’ll start with a disclaimer. My kids don’t like pork chops. But every so often I would like to enjoy them so I just save the left overs for lunches and throw a pb&j down on the table for them. There I said it.  The truth is out there.

But maybe your kids like pork chops. If so – try this out. If not – give them a sandwich and enjoy this one on your own with left over lunches! Continue Reading →

PodCast and Work

Need a little me time?  Just a little multi-tasking idea for inspiration.  Turn your work time into your me time with podcasts and audiobooks! I spend a ton of time in the kitchen, and really enjoy listening to audiobooks while I cook. I used to feel frustrated that I had to spend my kids’ naptime slaving away in the kitchen, but now I look forward to it because I get to listen to great stories; it makes it fun and relaxing for me, even while I cook. I even look forward to that time now! Continue Reading →

Traveling Workouts? Mix it UP!

When you travel consider a couple  of things:

  1. You do not HAVE to workout.  Take some extra rest days (your body probably needs them).  Get in what feels good – do not stress. Missing a day or two is not going to ruin any progress you’ve made towards your FITness goals.
  2. If you want to move – it is ok if it looks different than what you do at home. In fact, it is probably BETTER if it does.  MIXING it up while on vacation may bring you some unexpected results. Your body is GREAT at adapting so if you do something a little different from your normal routine, the change up will challenge your body.

Continue Reading →

Hydration Goals

The benefits of good hydration are many! Water is what helps your kidneys to function well in flushing out your system of waste products. Drinking plenty helps you feel full, and also prevents you from confusing thirst for hunger (which leads to overeating). Water helps with digestion. It can even help improve your mood, as even slight dehydration can lead to a negative state of mind! Water can help you think more clearly. Good hydration helps prevent headaches, gives us energy, and keeps our muscles and joints supple and lubricated. Did you know that water can do all of that????

So the next question is how much to drink? The standard guideline of 8 glasses (64 oz) of water a day is somewhat arbitrary. It’s a good starting off point, so if you’re not there, maybe make this a goal. The key do good hydration is mostly to listen to your body! Drink plenty when you are thirsty.  Drink before and after exercise to replace fluids. (For standard workouts, water is sufficient. Endurance workouts may require some additional electrolytes.)

So, for the sake of health, good moods, and energy, drink up, ladies! What’s your hydration goal this week?

PurposeFull with Spouse

Being FIT isn’t just about what you eat or how you  move your body!  It  is about all around wellness, it is about being FULL in life and PurposeFULL in the things you choose to do (whether that is what you eat or how you move or who you hang out with).

Here are a few awesome tips on how to be purposeFULL with your spouse! Continue Reading →

Reboot the Fiber Intake

Don’t forget about fiber. In a society that tells us WHAT NOT to eat..lets chat about what TO eat!  While the general recommendation is for women to get 25 grams of fiber, (and men 38,) most women only take in about 15! So what’s the big deal about fiber, you ask? There are tons of benefits! Fiber:

  • Helps keep you regular. (Always a good thing)
  • Lowers cholesterol, particularly helpful with this is soluble fiber from foods like oats, flaxseed, and beans.
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight. Fiber fills you up and takes a long time to digest, leaving you feeling more full for longer. High fiber foods also tend to be those that are lower in calories, like fruits and vegetables.
  • Aids in controlling blood sugar levels by slowing absorption of sugar.
  • Keeps your colon healthy.
  • Potentially reduces cancer risk. Current research shows this as a likely possibility, but has yet to be thoroughly researched.
  • Improves skin health. It does this by helping to flush out toxins that would otherwise be excreted through the skin, causing irritation and breakouts.

The best sources of fiber are fruits, veggies, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. All of which should make up a significant part of any diet!

Eat Carbs. Today.

In March we are being MindFULL of nutrition. And friends – it ain’t gonna be what the magazines tell you.  Let’s get that straight. First tip – eat carbs.

Lets just get real basic about why you need carbs and crave carbs. You crave sugary sweet stuff in the afternoon lull? Is it because you are weak? Crazy? Uncontrollable around food? Nope. None of the above. Is it because your body is biologically engineered to support you and keep you safe? Yep.

On a very basic, non scientific level, lets chat.

Our bodies are programmed to keep our blood sugar stable. When you’ve missed a meal or a snack or maybe you’ve expended a lot of energy that day and your blood sugar starts to drop, your body will instantly kick out cravings for a quick simple sugar. That is when the intense craving for candy, muffins, or half of your kids already chewed up fruit snacks kicks in.  No, you are not crazy! Your body is making you want and crave those things because they are easy to break down (simple sugars) into blood stream to jet your energy back up.  No – you would not kick out a craving for a sweet potato. Why not? Your body knows it takes too long to break those down for fuel because they are complex carbs. It needs a boost and it needs it fast…enter: candy bowl at work.

So a thought might be to worry less about “good and bad”carbs and worry more about hitting consistent balanced food times. When you are fueling all along and you don’t crash – I bet you’ll find you aren’t craving simple sugar as much (you still will because we are human and its yummy but not in a I MUST HAVE IT NOW kinda way).

I spoke with a friend the other day who said for breakfast she was craving a sugar waffle (which by the way is fine!) But I pointed out to her that maybe she was craving it after after being up for a while and dealing the kids (you know getting them up, dressed, fed and to school and realizing you haven’t eaten anything?) Her body knew it needed something quick to get blood sugar up. A good challenge for her would have been to eat IMMEDIATELY upon getting up and see if the craving would have been as strong?

Moral of the story?

Eat carbs. You are not crazy to want them – YOU NEED them. All day. If you want to stay more stable as you enjoy them consider things like whole grains, sweet potatoes, quinoa, whole wheat toast, beans and lentils.

Stay balanced by not missing meals or restricting.

Enjoy sugar. You are not crazy.

The end.