Poolside Yum – Salad Combo Ideas

Looking for a delicious cool salad for the summer? Check out this combo.  It was a direct result of scavenging through the fridge and grabbing what sounded good.  Ironically – every bit of it came from Costco.

Spinach topped with:

  • Costco pre-shredded chicken
  • Apple chips
  • Walnuts
  • Feta
  • Blueberries

Honey mustard dressing (that’s my fave and I use it on everything but poppy seed would have been good too).

It was delicious and I’m definitely adding it to my rotation to break out of my lunch time rut.

I posted about this on my Facebook page and some PowerFull ladies shared their favorite salad combos too.  For a bonus recipe try Paige’s combo.  The beauty of her combo is that the quinoa can be made ahead of time and used throughout the week. This is a great time saving tip!

Quinoa topped with:

  • Feta cheese
  • Olives
  • Balsamic glaze

Hope these ideas help you come up with something equally delicious and satisfying for your summer meals.

Myth Busting with Hannah – Muscle HAVE to be Sore

Myth: The more sore you are, the better the workout you got.

Muscle soreness is more an indication of using your muscles in a different way than usual. Everyone’s different: some people feel sore very easily, and others never feel sore. Just because you’re not really sore doesn’t mean you didn’t get in a great, effective workout.  The most important questions to ask yourself are:  did you use good form with the appropriate weight for the exercise?  Did you allow yourself time to recover between sets and between workouts?  Did you enjoy the exercise?



Tips for Exercising in the Heat

Ok lets start this post right.  If you have conditions (ie asthma) that make exercising in the heat dangerous – DON’T DO IT.   If you are finding that exercising in the heat is making you miserable – DON’T DO IT.  Listen to your body, it knows what it needs.  But if getting out and getting your sweat on sounds fun to you today, you still need to be cautious.  Here are a few tips you may want to consider:

  1. Adjust the expectations of your workout.  Working out in the heat will take more energy so your “level” may drop from your normal. That is ok!  You haven’t lost “ability” your body is accommodating the conditions.
  2. Opt for a visor that doesn’t trap heat, instead of a hat.  If you need the full hat for sun coverage go for it – but if a visor is a viable option, try it out.
  3. Avoid working out in the hottest part of the day. Summer is the perfect time to try an early am or an evening class.
  4. Hydrate before, during and after.
  5. Wear loose, light clothing that doesn’t trap heat.
  6. Sunscreen!  So much sunscreen!

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GraceFULL – A Military Perspective

We’ve had so many strong moms come through classes at PowerFull Fitness. So many of our ladies have personal stories and hardships that they share with our community that inspire us, encourarage and motivate us.  Their stories help us know what real life looks like and what giving ourselves grace can be.  The more we share Grace, the more we can receive it.  Let’s get real together ladies.  Let’s share what is really happening.   This blog is from a PowerFull Fitness mom who shares with us what “GraceFULL” looks like on a daily basis during a year long deployment.

The news that my husband was deploying for a year was devastating. After two years of unrelenting TDYs, we had been looking forward to a quiet job. I had envisioned family dinners every night, no missed birthdays, and sitting side by side at the kids’ school performances…basically, living the DREAM! I mourned the loss of that imaginary life HARD. I had barely been treading water with his crazy travel schedule, and deployment felt as though someone had
thrown me a rock instead of a life preserver. Continue Reading →

ResourceFULL – Summer Staycation

One of our awesome PowerFull Fitness moms gets pretty ResourceFULL during her summer break with kiddos. I thought this was too good  to keep secret so here are some tips she shared with our PF members.

Summer Staycation- Fun for Procrastinators
-Janis Reyes

I am a full-time attorney with two kids, and I am also procrastinator. While I have friends who plan their summer in February, I always plan my summers late because I’m really busy and it is so daunting to schedule it all.  I normally schedule a week in California to be with my family, and then try to take it easy and have a Summer Staycation. The DMV area is full of fun free festivals and events, take advantage of it all!

1) Camps- There are still lots of camps available at this late date:

  • Vacation Bible Camps  – Here is a link to look up some if you area!
  • Fairfax Recreation has a ton of great and available camps at nearby schools:  Rec Pac- Only $120 a week! 8:30am-3:30 pm.  Check out the sessions here!
  • Parktakes- Fairfax County still has openings for camps of all types, half day and full day.  They have before care (start at 7am or 8am) and after care (4-6pm).  The cost ranges around $200-$400 a week.  My kids have taken Junior Rocs, Basketball Camp, Girls Games Camp, Circus Camp, Puppet Camp, etc. My friend even offers Ninja Warrior Camp through Parktakes.  Check out some options here!

2)  My husband subscribes to e-mails of events, and adds them to the calendar on weekends as options for fun. I also check these out to go on my days off. We have gone to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, strawberry festivals, food truck events, outdoor movie nights, etc.

Some of the ones you can check out:

3) We often bring our kids to places we want to go- a brewery or a winery. I bring a picnic basket full of snacks, and enjoy an afternoon while the kids run around.

  • Fair Winds has food trucks!
  • Vanish Beer has flavored beers + great for relaxing!
  • Paradise Springs Winery has great space for running around.
  • Other options to check out Potomac Winery with a kids room with toys, Barrel Oak is dog friendly, and Stone Tower Winery has a space outside for kids to run around.

4) Finally, check out some local food markets and food factory tours.

Self Care for Care Givers

Today I am honored to have a guest writer for our blog, Christina Schultz, MA. Christina worked with our group a while back as we focused on relationships and offered an awesome marriage seminar. I reached back out to her for her advice on being “restored” since that is our focus this month.

When I mentioned to her our theme, she specifically said that when she thinks of “restoration” for women, she thinks of self-care and creating boundaries. The article she has provided for us today encourages us to dig deep as we think about our roles as care givers.

Christina says, ‘For any women attempting to balance role demands of parenting, work, care giving, marriage, and relationships with family-of-origin – self-care and boundaries are your key to balanced living. A whole self-care plan needs to integrate the four aspects of you – which includes physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health.”

She didn’t stop there though! She has provided us with a 7 Step Process for creating that self-care plan. Get ready to reflect and be restored as you work through this plan with her.

Check it out here.

If you have more questions or want more information from Christina, she is an awesome resource.

Click here to contact her directly.

As always, thanks to Christina for spending time providing us with awesome resources.

Rest easy my friends.


This is a real challenge for moms but it gives us a chance to ENJOY our food.  Food is more than fuel -it is for pleasure, satisfaction and fun.  Try to sit down and eat every meal and snack without (major) distractions for 3 entire day this week.  I know we may have kids running around so completely zen meals are out of the question. But try and notice how you feel. Did you like what you ate? Do you wish you’d had a different flavor? Do you feel satisfied?  Asking yourself these questions can help you eat the right amount for YOUR body THAT day (some days more, some days less). It will ensure you don’t undereat.  It will also help make your food more enjoyable, and improve your food choices!

Summer Bucket List

I thought I’d share one quick thought on something we do each  summer. It isn’t fancy or elaborate but it helps me kinda “plan” our summer break.  Usually the last week of school or first few days of break, we start creating a summer bucket list, just things we wanna be sure we do while we are out of school. That way, on a Tuesday when everyone is fighting, I can look at the list and plan our day.  Again, this isn’t fancy. It is a piece of notebook paper hanging in our kitchen.  We may add to it as the summer goes on but it is typically 5-10 things they want to do.   Continue Reading →

A Runner’s Highs…and Lows

One thing I love about our diverse team of instructors is the expertise each one brings to the table. We have running coaches, piyo pros, nutrition and health specialists, and even senior fitness experts. We have it all.  Today, I wanted to bring you some more insight from my own personal running coach, Tristan.  Tristan is not only a group exercise instructor for us but she also is a Certified Running Coach and she actually just coached me to prep me for a 10 mile race.  I really didn’t think I could run 10 miles but she got me there.  However…this article she writes…well she MAY be writing about me (ok she is). As much as I loved training, there were definitely some self – realizations during the journey.  I shared them with Tristan as I was prepping and she wrote this article.  I’ll be doing my own reflections on the blog too but I wanted to share her thoughts on keeping your FITness Routine FESTIVE.

Check out Tristan’s thoughts that may or may have not been triggered by my personal grumbling…

‘Tis the season for fall races and many of the ladies that I’ve been coaching are SO close to reaching that race day goal. Whether it’s a 5K, 10 miles, a half marathon or even a full 26.2, these ladies have been working hard on their plan for the past few months. It’s an exciting time! Some of these ladies are pushing to reach a distance goal that’s new to them. They are aiming to run the furthest that they’ve ever gone. Amazing, right? They have changed their fitness routines over the past few months to ensure that they can be successful on race day. For many, that means carving out time, sometimes a couple hours or more, to get a long run in once a week in addition to other runs and cross training. It’s a lot of time and dedication!

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