Laura Waller
PowerFull Fitness, LLC

PowerFull Fitness was started with one simple purpose: to empower all women to live life to the FULLest with wellness strategies that are realistic and practical for every stage and phase of life.  Whether you work full time, stay at home with littles, or are enjoying retiree status – PowerFull fitness has something for you. If you are looking for more than a gym, if you are looking for a community of supportive women, for classes where you are greeted by name by your instructor and with warm smiles from your friends – this is the place for you.  

This community was born out of my own struggles as a wife and mom – trying to figure out how to live a balanced healthy life and I could see the same struggle in so many of my friends.  Big box gyms seemed to offer a one size fits all approach to fitness and that one size didn’t seem to fit me or my friends. Some of them worked long hours, others had small children home with them all day and lacked adult interaction, others had never been active and had no idea where to start.  I found we struggled with three things: time, support, and resources.

Our first problem: time.

We couldn’t find time to work out.  Some of us need classes EARLY in the morning (like super early) or we need classes late at night after bedtime OR we need classes where our kids can be by us. For some moms, the idea of putting our kids in the gym child care wasn’t working – they were crying or unhappy when we left.  We needed to be able to bring them to class and let them play while we worked out. Other ladies, (not just moms!) needed a class that was quick, effective, and at a time that didn’t interrupt evening or afternoon plans. So that is why you see a calendar with a variety of times that work for you no matter what your current schedule or life stage may be.  

Next, support.  

PowerFull Fitness started as a group for moms with littles and that is why you see so many Kid Friendly classes.  I noticed that many of my friends with small children simply could not find the time or “magic recipe” for working out with little ones.  Big Box gym child care was not only expensive but often the children didn’t care for it resulting in even more stress for mom and little. So I thought, why can’t they be with us?  Wouldn’t it be great if they could see their moms working so hard? Thus Kid Friendly classes were born. These are classes where you can work out with your kiddo right next to you. You workout, kiddos get to play, have fun, practice social skills, and you get to see them the entire time.  These groups specifically, but all our classes generally, provide a beautiful community of support for women as they get to interact with others in their same life stages – no one understands teething, travel sports, business trips, college applications, and teething like another who is going through the exact same thing.   What you get when you come to a class is a group of instant friends. Why? Because we are all in the same boat. We are all trying to do the best we can for our families and ourselves. We are in this together for the long haul and THAT is the support we all need in this journey.

Finally, resources.  

Many of us are determined to find out how to lead a healthy life. However, we don’t necessarily have the resources we need to achieve our goals.  That is why I am determined to give every member of PowerFull Fitness classes and abundance of resources. We strive to provide valuable information through our blogs, private Facebook group and newsletters about healthy lifestyle habits, practical tips on fitness (our travel workouts are amazing!), and a realistic approach to building a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, not just a diet or fad.  If you have a special circumstance, schedule, or goal, we are more than happy to help individually guide you along the way. You are not alone and we are ready to help.

Thank you for taking time to check out PowerFull Fitness. I hope you choose to join this amazing community of professionals, mothers, wives, warriors, athletes and friends.  We are excited to meet you!