Supplemental Skin Care – Love the Skin You’re In

Thank you for joining us for a 4 part series as we love the skin we’re in. A special thank you to Angela, a PFF Community member for leading us through this series! Today, in our final installment, we chat about Angela’s supplemental skin care tips and she shares how you can find what’s right for you. Check out the other posts in our series.

Now that we’ve built our perfect morning and evening routines, let’s add in an intermediate skin care level and talk a little bit about supplemental skin care tools and routines we can sprinkle in on a less regular basis!

At Home Face Masks/Peels

I like to aim for about once a week for a little extra pampering in the form of a face mask. These can range from hydrating gels, to oil sucking clay masks, to brightening creams, to liquid peels. I will often put one on in the morning while I’m making the beds/folding laundry. If I’m feeling indulgent, I’ll do one while sipping wine and watching a movie (and glaring at my husband when he makes fun of me).  I have a Skyn Iceland two part Fresh Start Mask (with Ice Age mud?!?!?) that I’ll be repurchasing. Sephora has a really cool Glam Glow trial size variety pack. I’ve loved all of their face masks.

Sheet Masks

I probably do these the least often, and while trendy, their efficacy has been questioned. However, they do feel lovely and cooling on your face. If you’ve had a long day and want to give yourself a treat, they are a nice little pick me up. The added moisture can’t hurt!

Under Eye Masks

These are a must do before a night out for me. I also like them when I just haven’t been sleeping well and have trouble finding my eyes amidst the puffiness. My favorites have been Wander Beauty Baggage Claim and Milk Makeup Cooling Water Eye Patches.

Jade Rollers/Gua Sha stones

These are LEGIT! They seemed super gimmicky to me. As a gal without a cheekbone or jawline in sight, I figured rolling some rocks on my face couldn’t hurt and maybe I’d see a little more definition.  They definitely help with bloating and puffiness in the mornings. Even if they did nothing, they feel absolutely incredible, like a mini face massage!

Professional Facials and Treatments

Admittedly, since COVID entered our lives, this hasn’t been something I’ve been able to keep up with.  But in the before times, I would try to get in for a professional facial every month or two. Yes, this is a huge splurge and absolutely not necessary, but it really did have a huge effect on my skin.  They have tools and treatments at their disposal that I just don’t have access to in my home, or wouldn’t feel safe using. I find that laying there having someone else massage my face is one of the highlights of my life. If you are interested in trying something right now, many estheticians are shipping out at home facials with instructions.  A couple of months ago, I did an at home Retinol peel that had me looking like a snake losing its skin for a few days. But when better to do a peel than when we aren’t seeing anyone for days at a time!


I have mixed feelings on this.  Some people absolutely swear by it, some say it’s nothing but a gimmick.  I am skeptical that ingesting collagen or putting it on as a cream is actually going to do anything to produce more collagen in my own body. However, I will say that I do actually see a positive effect on my digestion.  So, I have a giant tub of collagen, and when I remember I drink it in a warm cup of water. Some people put it in their coffee, but I could definitely taste it, and what a way to ruin a good part of my day!

Questions about any other supplemental skin care products? Contact us and let us know! If I haven’t mentioned it here, I’ve possibly tried it at some point and just didn’t vibe with it! I hope this series has shed some light on a massively complicated topic.  I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I have learned a lot from other experts. My goal here was simply to give you a jumping off point with a general idea of where to get started. 

I want to end by saying…

You do not owe anyone your beauty, you do not owe the world a perfect complexion, and aging is a beautiful process that we are lucky to experience.

I look at skin care as a way to love the skin I’m in, and to protect it from damage and danger, not to change it fundamentally. Everyday, I am learning to love me, and I hope that you love you too!

We’d love to hear from you if you have questions or even recommendations about something that may have worked well for you. We hope this helps simplify what can be a very overwhelming topic and helps you love your skin better!