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Join us for a 4 part series as we love the skin we’re in. A special thank you to Angela, a PFF Community member for leading us through this series! Today we chat about Angela’s evening skin care routine and she shares how you can find one that’s right for you. Check out the other posts in our series.

So, now that we’ve covered developing a skincare philosophy, and an example of a morning routine, let’s talk about taking care of our skin at night. 

As mentioned previously, I am a major night owl. 

I am also very lazy.  So, every single night, it is an internal battle as I force myself into the bathroom to take care of my skin.  I may not decide to go to bed until midnight, but when I do decide, I’m ready to be there right that second!  Still, every night, almost without fail, I’m grumbling my way into that bathroom because I know that if I don’t show my skin some love, I will majorly regret it down the road. We come into contact with so much grime, bacteria, environmental pollution and sun damage during the day.  It is absolutely vital to your evening routine to scrub it all away at the end of the day and replenish your skin.

So, my evening routine is where the magic happens, here’s a little peek into my ritual.

Step 1: Cleanse

Yup, you’ve got to do it.  And I’m not talking about a swipe with a face wipe. 

In addition to being terrible for the planet, face wipes are maybe the worst thing to happen in the skincare world—they mostly just smear all the crud around on your face, leave a strange film of chemicals, and then go to a landfill. Find yourself a gentle cleanser that will remove dirt, oil and makeup and be sure to really give yourself a minute of massaging your skin to get it all off and start with a clean palette for the rest of your routine.  If you do wear a lot of makeup, many people swear by a double cleanse, which starts with an oil cleanse and is followed up with a gentle cleanser.

Step 2: Tone

This is a great step to make sure you’re getting all of your makeup off. 

If you double cleanse, you can skip this step. I like to use the Garnier Micellar water for this, it’s very gentle and doesn’t interfere with the actives and serums I’ll follow up with.

Step 3: Actives/Acids

Here’s where I pull out the big guns. 

My recommendations here are incredibly specific to your skin type.  I have large pores, am fairly oily with some dry spots, and am prone to acne, though I don’t consider my skin sensitive otherwise.  So I can throw a lot at it and not be faced with damage. 

If you have never used an acid before (chemical exfoliant), START VERY SLOWLY!!  I’m talking a test patch on the first night, give it a couple of days, then only apply once a week for the first week, then slowly work up to two nights a week and so on. 

Also, even my skin can’t handle two acid serums at a time.  So at this step in my routine

If I’m noticing more redness, I give my skin a night off from the acids.  They are beautiful for reducing fine lines, scarring, sun damage, and general brightening and smoothing, but they can also do a lot of damage, so do your research and tread carefully here.

Step 4: Serums

Again, these are going to be very skin specific, and can target a number of skin care concerns. 

I rotate through lots of different serums, mainly because I love trying new things and am constantly in pursuit of the holy grail. Currently, I’m really liking Versed On the Rise Firming Serum (can find a lot of Versed products at Target, and I really like what I’ve tried), and I just got the Sweet Chef Kale + Vitamin B serum to try. 

Step 5: Eye Cream

During the day time I like my eye cream to containing brightening, depuffing properties. But for night time, I want something with a lot of moisture that focuses on smoothing fine lines. Right now I have the Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm, and a teensy bit goes a really long way.

Step 6: Moisturize

I prefer a heavier moisturizer for nighttime, I like to let my skin soak up as much moisture as it can handle overnight so that I look less like a California Raisin when I arise from my slumber.

Step 7: Oils

For my ladies with the dry skin, oils are probably going to be where it’s at for you!

Lock in all of that delicious moisture you’ve been rubbing into your face with something like a squalane or maracuja oil, and wake up softer and smoother.  For my oily comrades, this is harder.  I’m actually all ears if you’ve found an oil that works for you.  I’ve tried high and low price points, and a variety of types and so far, have been met with nothing but breakouts, but still I try! I currently have my eye on the Herbivore Lapis Blue Tansy Oil as it’s evidently a game changer for acne, but I’m waiting to win the lottery first.

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of a basic structure for your evening routine.

Again, the most important thing is finding something that will work for your life, and if that isn’t 7-10 steps, that is okay. Focus on cleansing and moisturizing at night, and the same in the morning with the added step of sunscreen. 

I also recommend hitting up a Sephora due to their incredible return policy if something isn’t working for you. 

I cannot even begin to fathom how much I have bought and returned there—just yesterday I returned almost $400 in foundation because in pandemic times you can’t test at the counter, and they didn’t even bat an eye. Target is great for the drugstore brands I like (Versed, Cerave, LaRoche Posay, Pixi), but I have definitely gotten the stink eye or been denied when trying to return open products.

Online stores like Dermstore and SkinStore are also reputable storefronts with great sales, but returns just won’t be as easy. I tend to stay away from Amazon for skincare and makeup because unfortunately fraudulent sellers have gotten out of control and it can be very hard to tell if you are getting an authorized product or not. 

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my evening skin care routine. My next and final post, I will talk about supplemental skin care and my weekly/monthly routines.

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We’d love to hear from you if you have questions or even recommendations about something that may have worked well for you. We hope this helps simplify what can be a very overwhelming topic and helps you love your skin better!