No Equipment Needed Workout

Let’s celebrate another week under our belts as we #flattenthecurve and see our efforts working here in the U.S. with this creative, no equipment needed workout! This workout was originally created by one of our awesome PowerFull Fitness instructors who travels often for work. While staying in hotels she still maintains a strict workout routine. She can’t always get to the gym, so she has to get creative! Now this is #specialkindofcrazy!

Also, can we say a big hello to May? It is so good to see you. We made it through a rough March and April, folks. Thank you for doing your part to #stayhome so workers on the front lines can continue their important work. We see you, workers, and we thank you SO MUCH for your courageous spirits and allowing our society to function on a skeleton crew. We could not have done this without you!

Since we have gone through most of our workout equipment at home, let’s get creative for this last of our 3 part workout from home series. Here is a fun workout where no equipment is needed. Let’s go!

This is a quick workout you can do multiple times or just to get in a quick “move” before tackling your day.  For this workout – try doing 3 sets of 10 of every move.

no equipment needed workout

Click here for a printer friendly version of this No Equipment Needed Workout.

Work it out friends! Happy Friday! Virtual high five for making it through another week.

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