A Fun Workout that Grows

Are you ready for a fun workout that grows?! This week’s bonus workout installments focus on our FUN theme. What do I mean by “it grows”? Well, if you have 5 minutes, complete one round. If you have 10 minutes, complete two rounds. And if you have 15 minutes, complete all 3 rounds. This workout style makes you think because it incorporates an “every minute on the minute” challenge and an “as many reps as possible” circuit. Let’s get started on this #specialkindofcrazy fun!

Time to get your heart pumping and beat the week -who knows what number now- quarantine slump. Have a few minutes or 15? Let your crazy out with a timer and some jams!

To complete this fun workout that grows:

  1. Set your timer for 5 minutes.
  2. Do as many of the circuit as you can in five minutes BUT every minute on the minute, you stop whatever you are doing and do the EMOM listed.
  3. THEN jump back in and keep going until the next minute.

As many reps as possible of the circuit (AMRAP), with an every minute on the minute challenge (EMOM). Doesn’t that sound FUN?! Let’s get going!

Fun workout that grows

Click here for a printer friendly version of this Fun Growing Workout.

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