Fun Ways to get the Wiggles OUT!

Are you looking for fun ways to get the wiggles out?! This is the place for you. Make sure you check out the other fun workouts in this series. I don’t know about you, but I can probably guess you’re just like my family. We’re getting tired of the same faces and same places. And we’ve been looking for fun ways to get the wiggles out, so I’ve compiled a list of a few things that you and your family can do too!

We’d love to know what your family is doing to pass the time of quarantine. We hope you are well and are full of hope and optimism for some semblance of “normal” soon. Although we feel that it’s going to be a new normal for sure, we will be excited to workout IN PERSON and see your sweet families one day again soon! If you haven’t already, please fill out the survey in your email about how re-opening may look in the future. Thank you!!

Fun ways to get the wiggles out

Fitness as a Family

  • Take a jog while your kids practice biking and scootering (a true test of your patience, right?)
  • Play a game of basketball or soccer together in your yard
  • For young kiddos, go on a family “hike” and do a scavenger hunt. Look for things that all start with B or all the red things you can find, for example. Give them a “job” and they will walk longer!
  • Get out a pair of dice. Have your kids roll and add the two numbers together and alternate between burpees, sit ups, squats (or any other exercise you choose).
  • Alternate idea: Create a bucket of notecards with exercises on them – have kids roll dice, add the number together for reps, and PULL an exercise for you!
  • Check out this Mommy + Me summer series we did a few years ago. It is a week’s worth of THEMATIC lesson plans for little guys (probably up to Kindergarten….) Science, math, reading, crafts, snack with all the printables you need as well as a Mommy + Me themed workout! I designed these back in 2015 (I was a kindergarten teacher in my previous life) for when my kids were little and we were home all summer. Grab your free download here! Message me if you’d like all 12 weeks of the series.

Toys for kiddos

  • Rody ponies – we have two and honestly my 5 (almost 6) year old STILL plays with hers. They LOVE them. Great for imagination and great for getting the wiggles out.  
  • Bilibo seats – we don’t have one of these but we’ve tried them. I even like to play on them. Super fun! 
  • If you have enough room – what about a tumbling mat? Just to let them explore different gymnastic moves?  
  • I thought this yoga cards with yoga activities would be really fun for kids and moms. I think I may get this for us this year! 

My personal fav!

Have a dance party!! Find a family favorite jam and crank it up! Get your heart rate pumping. Bonus, pick up 5 or 10 things while you dance it out. You’ll get a cleaner space and happier attitudes. How many people have every frowned at Shake It Off?!

Speaking of music, PowerFull Fitness has our own Spotify account. Let’s be friends!

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