Run and Strength Workout

Looking for a run and strength workout you can actually complete while everyone is at home? Quarantine and social distancing makes us all feel… off. It can be difficult to find a routine that works for you and your family when life looks differently than it did just a month or two ago. Kids are home. School is out for the foreseeable future. Partners are working from home. Meanwhile, you’re trying to navigate online learning with online working. Everyone is suddenly home… all together… all the time. It sounds like we all need a breather.

I’m sure you know by now, taking a moment to sweat it out will help your mood and ease feelings of anxiety you may be feeling. It’s okay to feel those feelings. It is normal, natural, and understandable while life feels upended to this virus. Take a look at this PowerFull Fitness Instructor’s simple and effective workout you can do with a partner while the kids play.

run and strength workout

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