Plyometric + Isometric Workout

Ready for a fast-paced, quick, plyometric and isometric workout? How did you enjoy our last Run and Strength -at home- workout? We’re bringing another family friendly one your way that you can complete by yourself or with a partner. Have fun and burn off some steam!

Still can’t find a routine that works for you and your family when life looks differently than it did just a month or two ago? Don’t worry. No one is doing this perfectly. What’s right and works for one family is different for another. No one has been through a pandemic before, so no one can tell you how to. Just do what you can. Your good enough is good enough.

We hope you enjoy this quick workout for you that combines plyometric, isometric, and strength training moves. This is a customizable workout that you can do it one time through. Feel like you need more sweat for your sanity? No problem. You can complete several rounds for a longer workout.

plyometric & isometric workout

Click here for a printer friendly version of this plyometric & isometric workout.

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