Jump Rope HIIT Workout

Welcome to our 2nd installment in our Workout From Home series! Did you miss our previous Tabata Style Workout? Hope over and check it out, then join us back here for today’s workout!

Today we have a fun and fast Jump Rope HIIT Workout you can complete at home! Jumping rope burns a ton of calories during and post workout. It is a piece of equipment you can carry anywhere and really get your workout on!  And while giving you a great heart pumping workout (increasing cardiovascular endurance), it also forces you to focus on balance and coordination (which leads to a focus on the core!)

Do you find yourself needing a little motivation in the schooling-from-home department? Me too. Can I share this with you? Last Friday I didn’t want to do virtual school. I didn’t want to sit with my son at a screen (because he’d had countless time with a screen well before 11:00 am when we started school because I slept late). So we didn’t. We did just a little bit that day – little outside work – sorting/creating our own “what doesn’t belong” games. And then we were done. Yep. Done. And that is ok. We will play the rest of the day. And that is ok. Better than ok – it is just right.

Breathe mom – there is no guide for this – no normal to use as a parameter to measure our progress.

Just one day, one moment at a time. Slow. Steady. And with TONS of self-compassion.

Take a look at this PowerFull Fitness Instructor’s heart-pumping Jump Rope HIIT workout. Mark this on your to-take-with-you list when things start opening up and we can travel again! But for now, this workout can be done at home with our without your kids!  Grab your jump rope, put on our 80’s playlist, and get your calves burning.

Jump rope HIIT workout

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