Core Workout

The final installment in this week’s At Home with Kids series is our Core Workout. In addition to our previous two workouts: Run and Strength & Plyometric and Isometric Strength, we hope you enjoy this workout that works your core. Let’s feel the burn on this quick and effective at-home workout. Need ideas for how to manage kids while you complete the workout? Have your younger kids count to 15 each time you do a set. Get your older kids involved with you!

In addition to the workout, let’s chat quickly. How are you holding up, friends? It seems like my emotions swing from either “We are doing this!” to “We’re all doomed!” all within the course of an hour somedays. I keep telling myself:  Your good enough is good enough and piling on lots of grace for myself and my family. Too much screen time for you or your kids is okay. Hear me? It’s okay. Virtual hugs!

Alright, let’s top off this week’s workout series with some core strengthening moves! Let’s go!

core workout

Click here for a printer friendly version of this core workout.

Here are some examples if you need help with moves or modifications.

weighted 3This is a v sit – arms and legs are extended out.
weightd 4This is a modified v sit – arms and legs out. You can also put the hands back and down if you want a bit more support.
weighted 2This is a weighted one leg plank.  Again, a modification is just remove the weight and try the form first.
weighted 5This is a side plank. You can modify this one by simply dropping the bottom knee. Be sure your shoulders are stacked and your hips are up!
weightedThis is a weighted plank. Be sure your shoulders are over your wrists.  A great modification is just to just remove the weight.
Please note:
This workout is a revamp from a few years ago. These pictures were taken in a gym well before the Covid-19 shut down.

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