Boot Camp – demystified!

Boot Camp may seem intimidating.

I mean it’s called “Boot Camp”! 

However, this is a perfect workout for those new to fitness, new to the format and for those experienced in fitness. 

Every workout can be modified to accommodate different fitness levels, even those recovering from injury! From one of our boot camp participants as she rehabs an injury: 

Awesome workout, Eileen! Thank you so much for helping me find a good modification today to help push my limits with what I CAN do during my recovery!❤️ Not being able to keep up is frustrating, but you still helped me find a way to push and get a great workout.

Boot camp is fun 1

Boot Camp – no one thing defines it! 

The beauty of a boot camp workout is that the workout changes every time and so do the “toys”!  Our biggest toy is the trampoline!

‘When you are doing something fun, the enjoyment factor overrides the fact that you’re working hard’ (Time Magazine on Trampoline Fitness). 

And it is work: trampolining has “about the same physical effects as running six miles per hour” but without the stress on the joints. So if you are looking for cardio, but not the high impact, give trampoline fitness a try.  It also strengthens your core, lower body, and overall muscular endurance.  

Whether you like the pavement or trampolines, the strength building or cardio, the best part about boot camp workouts are the community of supporters you develop: 

“Loved the class, love you ladies! What an amazing community! ❤️❤️❤️”

Boot camp is fun 2

“A great time of exercise and cheering each other on!”

“Thanks all! Thanks for the laughs and support from this awesome group.”

Another great benefit of boot camp style workouts is how portable they are. 

If you can’t make it to a class because of travel or schedule, here is a sample workout you can do anywhere

This workout style is versatile, challenging and customizable, on the go or with a group in a class. 

Give yourself the gift of fitness and join us!

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