Getting back into a routine

We did a mini challenge in our group a few years back about getting back into a routine. Although I thought I was sharing information – the awesome ladies in our PFF group had way more to share than I did about getting organized. I wanted to share what they said because their “real life” tips may help you too.

Getting back into a routine and a pass to say no

You can try this too – Follow along with us!

  • Write your our weekly schedule (what is happening, timing, etc.) for the fall.
  • Go ahead and put in the things that don’t really change (soccer practice, late night at work, church).
  • Put in those things that consistently impact your weekly schedule. These are things we can’t change and things we work around. So go ahead and write them in.

Take a look:

  • Is your week already packed just from this simple step?
  • Maybe it is time to prioritize and say “no” to a few committees or volunteer opportunities.
  • Pick the obligations that mean the most to you and your family – the things that are really setting the tone for the way you want to raise your family and your kiddos.
  • The other things – the clutter? The time suckers? Get rid of them. #noguilt #noshame

Sometimes as we are getting back into a routine, we just need a little permission to say NO, guilt free. :: Clears throat :: Here’s your pass. Use it as often as needed!

You can say no and the world will keep moving. You have the right to do what’s best for you and your family. Feel no guilt or shame. Instead, feel free and full… in the best way!

PowerFull Fitness women share some of their favorite tips for getting back into a routine!

Eileen – mom of 8 – shares:

With a large family it’s easy to get bogged down in what has to be done every day. I have a very large wall calendar that is like home base. Everyone in the house knows to PUT IT ON THE CALENDAR! In addition I love my weekly calendar that sits on my kitchen sink!! It’s just the current week at a glance. This way the whole family knows exactly whats going. It helps with all the sports we have going on AND I note my workouts! This lets the husband and kids know mom’s not available in that hour of the day for their needs?and it holds me accountable for getting them done.


Laura B shares:

Got my Google calendar all set up. Hubby is one color and the kid has an account too, so she has her own color. Makes it so easy to see reoccurring as well as one-off obligations. But I’m with Eileen on the week at a glance. I transfer to the weekly white board on the fridge for meal planning, etc. on a rolling basis.

laura routine digital

Amy shares that it doesn’t have to be tech savy:

An example of one week (yes I am a dinosaur and still use an old fashioned planner). Girls dance on right. My work out on left. Sub jobs in middle. Yikes.

amy routine handwritten

Kelly keeps one calendar for herself and one for the family to keep it organized:

This is our family calendar for the month and my weekly calendar to keep me sane. This week I am working on pushing bed time back for my boys! We will see how it goes. I am working on my monthly meal plan this week too!

kelly routine calendars

Hopefully some of these ideas get you up and inspired as you plan out for the school year.  

The main thing I take away now is:

  • Planning time for your own workout and WRITING IT DOWN – making it a planned part of everyone’s day
  • Getting everyone on track so they can all see what is going on
  • Writing out those meals so you know what you are eating – to prevent quick stops at fast food restaurants.

What are your biggest ah-ha’s? Share with us! We’d love to know.

Thanks for sharing your experience for getting back into a routine, ladies.  I love our community and the support we get!