Building Routine

Building routine often gets a bad wrap.  Some call it “getting in a rut” or “same old, same old”.   Routines aren’t sexy, but that’s the point!  Routines are suppose to be predictable and stable and the right routine can help us accomplish our goals amidst life’s general chaos.

All that being said, routines come in all shapes and sizes and can be set to meet any goal.  Larger goals require larger more set routines, smaller goals, smaller ones.  I have three young children and husband who is hardly ever home. 

To meet my goals, routines run my life. 

I have big goals like keep the kiddos thriving.  That requires a pretty monstrous routine of getting up for school on time, breakfast, packing lunches, drop off, pick ups, dinners, child hygiene and bedtime.  Most of us are familiar with those kind of big routines, but those are not the only kind of routines nor are they the only kind of routines that matter.

I have some lofty fitness goals and I have set a pretty solid big routine to hopefully meet those goals. 

That being said, my most important routine right now is my smallest. 

I sustained a back injury several years ago and through exercise I have managed the condition very well.  However, I have noticed recently the soreness and pain in my back gradually increasing.  I know that to counteract this I need to work my core and increase flexibility in my hamstrings.  I do work those muscles in my regular workout routine, but I need more to combat the back issue. 

Well, when do I add in yet another workout?!  I can’t.  Honestly, there is no time.  But I need it.  So, I looked at my overall routine and tried to see where I could sneak in a small new routine.  You know that time after kids go to bed and you sit down on the couch to watch tv?  I have found that is a great time to also do core work and stretch. 

That is my new small routine. 

Each night I sit on the floor near the couch with my husband and crunch and stretch and watch TV. 

Glamorous?  No.  Sexy?  Not a chance.  Effective? You betcha. 

This is my new small routine for a few minutes every night (15-20 minutes max).  It has also become one of the most important routines.  If I don’t do it, I feel it immediately the next morning and throughout the day.  That small change has made my workouts more productive, my every day activities more manageable and my overall health much better.

Routines take the thinking out of the equation so we can simply get the work done. 

Big routines are important, but never forget how important the small ones can be as well.  Often they are less overwhelming and can provide a good starting point for building a larger routine to reach your larger goals.  “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.  The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.”

How do you manage to live your one, big, beautiful, FULL life? Do you have special tricks to building routine into your life? We’d love to hear from you! Ready to take some time for YOU? Join our growing community of women from all walks of life. We are doing life together – one that’s realistic, practical, and determined.

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