Pool side workouts for every stage

I’ve had several of you ask for this so I thought I would put together a list of pool side workouts! Many of us will be at the pool all summer. Some of us are stuck in the baby pool, some of us in the shallow entry end, some of us get to roam because our kids are older.

Either way – there are lots of ways to get in some activity while there no matter what your situation.

It doesn’t have to be a full on pool side 45 minute workout – but thinking of little ways to stay active while there all afternoon can pay off.

pool side workouts

Baby Pool Ideas

Get in 30 tricep dips on the side with feet in the water. Put your kiddo on your legs and boom – playtime!

Any section

Bicycle abs
On side of the pool – place elbows up on the wall, raise your legs parallel to pool floor and bicycle your legs in front. Do that for 30 reps and then reverse.

Double leg lowers
Same position – spread the arms out wide along the pool wall (instead of leaning on elbows) and double leg lifts. Bring legs all the way up and then hover down.

Same position but this time instead of leg lifts – change it to scissor kicks (switching one leg up and down – alternating)

Flutter kicks
Flip over so your hands are on the wall and your are suspended out legs up (belly parallel to the floor). Now flutter kick your feet up and down. Work on moving your feet faster without a lot of splash.

Not too deep

Noodle plank
Put your hands on the noodle and push down until you are in plank position (with head above water) and toes are on the ground. Hold!

Just like on land but this time – UNDER WATER. Jump out to a side lunge and place the opposite leg behind you, just like a speed skater or bowler. Jump up and repeat on opposite side.

Ski jumps
Jump side to side under water with a slight bend in your knees to power you up from the ground.

Deeper end

Jumping jacks
Jump your legs out as you normally would but don’t let your feet touch the bottom when you bring them back to the center.

Frog jumps
Put your heels together and toes facing out (heels together, knees bent outward, and bottom tucked under), jump as high as you can out of the water, returning to the pliƩ as you land.

Tire runs
Jump from side to side moving forward as if you are jumping your feet into large truck tires…pick your knees up high as you do it. Try going forward and backward.

Push up
Put your hands on the pool wall with arms close to you. Push up until you are all the way extended and then lower back down slowly. No jumping!

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