Celebrating Kids Birthdays

Their birth day was one of the most significant days of your life. The day your child took their first breath in this world. It definitely bears celebrating, but how? Let’s chat about celebrating kids birthdays.

celebrating kids birthdays

The good news is that there is not just one way to celebrate kids birthdays. The better news is that there is no wrong way to do it! Here are some ideas from our amazing community on various ways to celebrate the little one(s) in your life.

Keep it Simple.

Celebrating kid birthdays do not have to be a big ordeal. This is your ticket to let yourself off the hook! AmIright?! Ordinary celebrations are good, fun, and fine! They can be small family celebrations at home or invite just a few neighborhood friends over for cake and ice cream. One family filled their birthday boy’s room with balloons and tied a small note to each one with a trait they loved about him written on it – and gave some of his sweet candy treats.

Keep it Traditional.

Many families have long standing traditions for kids birthdays. In one family, mom makes a home made cake every year for each kiddo. Traditions can also be new! Start one with your family. Another mom started a tradition with her kids. They have donuts and balloons ready for the littles when they wake up on their birthday morning.

Keep it Homemade.

Some families love doing parties in their own home when celebrating their kids birthdays. It allows them to customize the party to fit their little ones needs, makes it easy for school and neighborhood friends to come on by and often keeps the cost down. Need some ideas for celebrating? Check out this companion blog for some fun ideas!

Keep it out of your House.

Others, due to size or sanity, choose to keep the party at bay and rent out a facility like SkyZone, Flight Trampoline Park, Rec Centers, Game Trucks, Laser Tag, Pools, etc. The options are endless! This keeps the mess away and can allow for some fun experiences. One family in our community chose to really get out of the house and took their kids to Great Wolf Lodge for the night. Another family did the same but allowed the birthday girl to bring a friend.

Keep it Creative.

There is no one “kind” of party so you can get creative and make up a party that is uniquely your kid. Some ideas include a pedicure/spa party (either at home or at a store), pottery painting, cake decorating or a crafting party.

Keep it Small.

Celebrating kids parties can also be combinations of all of the above! Maybe an out of the house party is what your kiddo wants but 20 passes to laser tag is out of budget. A big experience with 1-2 friends could fit the bill. One family went to Medieval times and their birthday boy invited 2 friends. Another family chose an escape room with 2 friends.

There is not a magic recipe to an amazing party but one for sure ingredient is fun and there are a million varieties of that.

Celebrating kids birthday parties can be as varied as the kids they are thrown for. There is not a magic recipe to an amazing party but one for sure ingredient is fun and there are a million varieties of that. Find what works for your family, your budget, and your sanity level and fun will follow!

What are your favorite kid party traditions? We’d love to hear your ideas!