At Home Party Food Tips

Throwing a party in your home for some is a stress reliever.

No need to be somewhere on time. YAY!

For others is a stress maker.

AHHH! I have to clean everything!

Whatever camp you are in, our amazing community has some great ideas for your menu to help reduce stress and make it a great time for all!

at home party food tips

Keep it simple.

Keep your at home party simple with these tasty treats. Veggie plate, chips and guacamole, cheese and crackers. Boom. Done! Want to fancy it up? Place the items on a fancy cheese board!

Make it a group affair.

Why not make it pot luck style! Tell everyone what you’ll have on hand and suggest everyone bring something they’d like to share or assign a category to each person. We love using Sign Up Genius to make this super simple!

Timing is everything.

Host your party at home at 1:30 or 2 pm and end by 5 pm. This time frame is ideal because it is after lunch, but before dinner. You can serve snacks and feel fabulous for doing so!

Go to the Bar!

J/K 🤣How about a Food Bar? Seriously, these are fun and everyone can customize their plates to a fit them to a tee! Why not try a hot dog or nacho bar?! Add some tradition toppings at the table or offer some unique custom toppings for a yummy twist. These are especially popular because they are easy and customizable to a lot of different ages and groups.

Pre-Prepped dishes are a gals BFF.

At Costco, get the big thing of croissants, their giant strawberry jam, cured sliced meats and party sliced cheese tray and guests can make their own croissant sandwiches. Trader Joe’s also has a great selection of pre-prepared snacks, apps, and even main dishes. Just heat and go!

Whatever your party style is, these tips can help make the overall event more successful by reducing the stress, clean up and maybe even get you out of the kitchen to enjoy it yourself!

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