Diastasis Recti Workout

This is Part 2 of a 2 part series.

This is the second post in our series about Diastasis Recti by Guest Blogger Jennifer.  Make sure you caught the first post here!

In the first post in this series we talked about what is Diastasis Recti and how to diagnose yourself at home.  Today, we talk about how to heal it. One of the things we discussed was doing different ab work.  Here it is!

Diastasis Recti Workout

Heel Drop – 2 rounds of 10-25 reps. 

Heel Slide – 2 rounds of 10 – 25 reps.

Bicycle – extend each foot 25 times.

Reverse Bicycle – not videoed, but an option if you so choose.

Lying down Weight Pull – 10-25 depending on your strength and weight you choose to lift

Side Slide – 5-15 reps each side.

Pelvic Tilt – 3 rounds of 10 reps

Heels to Heaven – 5 reps

Overhead Standing weight pull (triceps pull) – 10-25 reps.

Contractions (repeatedly pulling belly button to spine while holding in pelvic floor) – 4 rounds of 25.

Elevators (pulling belly button to spine while holding in pelvic floor ) – hold while counting out loud to 10 , 20, or 30.  3-5 rounds



Download your copy of the workout here.

Follow along with me here to complete the workout together!

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