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Hello PowerFull Fitness Community!  Welcome to our first every Podcast!  We are excited to share this great episode with you.  I think it is something that a lot of women can relate to: self care for care takers.

This is Amanda bringing you your Powerfull Podcast today. As you all know we are in the month of care taking and we thought we would take a little deeper look at the mental health aspects associated with being a caretaker.  Lucky for us in our #specialkindofcrazy crew we have a Licensed Professional Counselor. Many of you may know her – she is one of our participants who tends to float between all the different classes in our early morning, evening, and some of our midday classes – Brynnan Reddy. 

Brynnan is going to talk to us today and guide us through a discussion on a lot of the mental health aspects of being a care taker – not only for small children, but perhaps aging parents. Welcome Brynnan!

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