2 Fun & Quick ideas for Dinner: Snack Trays!

Check out this awesome #reallife tip from our instructor Leah on how to get dinner on the table, despite the crazy going on!

About once every other week we have a snack tray dinner.

The sky is the limit here! It can be a great “clean out the fridge/pantry” meal or more thoughtful.

Basically, here’s the plan…take a sheet pan that has sides and cover it with foil (easy clean up!). Fill tray with yummy things. Put tray in the middle of the kitchen table and let people serve themselves and snack away.

We often play a game together while having our snack tray meal.

Games with a game board don’t work well (tray is in the middle of the table) but we’ve found Zingo, Go Fish, Obstacle, and Splat are family favorites (my kids are 8, 6, and 4).

Two example trays:

Sliced turkey, roasted chickpeas, trail mix, tortilla chips, apple slices, carrot sticks, chocolate hummus, Triscuit crackers, avocado, steamed green beans, hummus, oranges, cherry tomatoes

Mandarine oranges, edamame, baguette, persimmon (a new food), breaded and baked ravioli, crackers, carrot sticks, cashews, and dried apricots