The Quick Tidy for Sanity

Stop what you are doing and tidy.  

With Netflix’s recent show, “tidying” has become all the rage. If it doesn’t bring you joy, it’s gotta go! PAUSE. Deep breath. This is not the tidy we’re talking about right now. Good news is, this tidy takes literal minutes and has a lasting effect!

First, look around the space that you are in and look for clutter or trash around you.  

Next, evaluate.

  • If it’s trash take a few items and throw it away.
  • If it’s clutter take a moment and put it in its space.  

You’ll be amazed how this tiny action to tidy quickly can completely change your perspective.

With it gone or put away, you will think more clearly, increase your productivity, and most importantly, feel better in the space that you’re in.  

Don’t commit to cleaning the whole room, the whole house, or the whole office. Just look at where you are, your immediate space, and tidy.

What can you put away? It really makes a big difference.

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