Myth Busting with Hannah – Bouncing Back Post Baby

“Why don’t you just bounce back? Ready to get your pre-baby body back? You had the baby four months [insert your own: six weeks… a year… three years…] ago.” Have you heard these words? Maybe no one has said them to you, but you tell them to yourself on the daily.

It is so hard to be a woman. Pull up a chair, because y’all. This is SO IMPORTANT.

Myth: It’s possible to bounce back AND it’s impossible to bounce back after having a baby.

Confusing, yeah? See how I put both sides in there?

We need to stop using these terms altogether.

Your body is changed through pregnancy. Not better or worse, just different. Some women hold onto weight postpartum, others shed it like crazy. Your job is to take the best care of yourself and your baby. Honor your cravings, enjoy your movement, and honor your body for all that it can do and has done!

Soap box add on from Laura:
I recently heard something and I think it is key. The way we stay above all this worry – is to “eliminate comparisons with our old body.”

Stop looking at pictures from high school or pre-baby or whatever.

Honor where you are now.

Your old body was a product of a different life stage. Look at what has changed around you. Think about it: you don’t get mad when your life changed with the addition of a new, awesome job. You don’t get mad when your life changed and brought you a new, comfortable home. You don’t even get mad when your life changed and brought you a new, precious miracle.

All of those things changed as your life stage changed.

Your body changes too.

It is natural for your body to change, just like it is natural for our situations to change in life. So stop getting mad at your body for doing what it was created to do.

Yes moms. We have to lose these words “bounce back”.

We must. STOP. worrying about bouncing back.

Embrace. Your body is SUPPOSED to change as you age. It will happen. It is okay. We are not meant to look like we did when were 18. That is just ludicrous. Together let’s bust this myth!

myth busted bounce back after baby


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