Interval Run for Strength and Speed

Want to work on your running? Do you just… well… run? Nope! Add in strength and endurance interval training to up your running game.

Here’s a great interval workout you can do to bring in strength and work on speed for your running rhythm!

To begin you’ll need to measure out a 1/4 mile track.  If you are using your GPS or phone you can just watch for when you hit .25 then do the strength section.

Run ¼ mile.  Do 50 walking lunges (count each leg)

Run ¼ mile.  50 push ups (complete in groups of 10!)

Run ¼ mile.   50 squats to calf raise.

Run ¼ mile.  50 v push ups

One mile done!

Run ¼ mile. Do walking lunges (count each leg)

Run ¼ mile. 50 tricep dips (off bench or on ground)

Run ¼ mile.  50 jump squats

Run ¼ mile. 50 jumping jax.

Two miles done – all in a quick interval run! Fast. Quick. and Effective! Great job!

Let us know what you think of this workout!