Interval Run – Strength and Speed

Here’s a great workout you can do to bring in strength and work on speed as well!

To begin you’ll need to measure out a 1/4 mile track.  If you are using your GPS or phone you can just watch for when you hit .25 then do the strength section.

Run ¼ mile.  Do 50 walking lunges (count each leg)

Run ¼ mile.  50 push ups (complete in groups of 10!)

Run ¼ mile.   50 squats to calf raise.

Run ¼ mile.  50 v push ups

One mile done!

Run ¼ mile. Do walking lunges (count each leg)

Run ¼ mile. 50 tricep dips (off bench or on ground)

Run ¼ mile.  50 jump squats

Run ¼ mile. 50 jumping jax.

Two miles done! Great job!