Grace and how to find it with older kiddos

What does grace look like as your kids get older? It looks like real tough, real honest, real life. Check out what this awesome PowerFull Fitness mom shares about life with teenagers and how to find grace.

Being graceFULL. This is something I have strived to be with others my whole life. But I am rarely if ever graceFULL with myself. Powerfull Fitness is one of the most grace-filled gifts I have ever given myself and I am GRATEful for it every day.

finding grace as a parent of teens
Because so many days lately are filled with tears.

Tears about how I have failed as a parent. Nothing brings you to your knees faster than the scorn of a teenage girl. While I strive to be a fairly cool, or at least not an embarrassing mom, teenage girls will let you know just how cool you are NOT.

And tears about my oldest leaving for college in a hot second.

Or tears about how my life isn’t really how I thought it would be before I realized just how dang hard life is.

What builds me up, and gives me confidence, and brings me JOY is my friends and time spent in PFF classes. They give me the strength to go back into the fray that my life so often feels like.

It’s a battlefield most days. It’s just that the battles aren’t over food or sippy cups; outfits or bedtimes. They are over much deeper, emotional battles.

But back into the battle I go, because my kids are worth it, and I believe will come to be grateful themselves, someday. (Just not today. Or tomorrow either.)

PowerFull Fitness, and my friends there, give me just what I need every day. I at least know that I can start my day with laughter and smiles – even if the teenagers do their best to destroy that when I wake them an hour later. (Boy are they grumpy in the morning!)

But then they do something amazing and just like that I forget their morning attitudes – until the next morning. Thankful that I am buoyed by my morning PFF class which has given me the GRACE to begin another day.

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