Goal Setting for a FULL Life!

I am super excited to dive even deeper into our discussion on goal setting with Tracy Spiaggia.  Join us LIVE on Facebook on January 14th with Tracy to chat Goal Setting for a FULL Life.  Tracy is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a certified Personal Trainer, and so much more!  She is passionate about women’s health but also about women’s MENTAL health and how we balance the two. She will be walking us through setting goals that empower our choices instead of restricting them!  Her action step presentation will help us figure out what our goals should be, plan for them, and successFULLY execute them.  And if you want more information before the seminar – you can check out her website here!

She is also leaving room for questions and answers so we can get SUPER personal with this thing!  So you can go here to this google document and type your question right on it – no name required. That way we are sure to include and answer your question during the seminar!

Here is an awesome blog from Tracy that really gets you thinking as you are prepping for goal setting.  When I first read this, I had to pause and consider what am I looking over in my life. I think having this fresh on my mind before our seminar is going to help me really find the best goals for me in 2018!

Be sure to also check out her book: From Chained To Changed: Break Mental Strongholds and Transform Your Life Through Faith.

Happy New Year friends!!